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Diary of Nellie (Helen) Converse Carr, 1878-1968 (cont'd)


Diary of Nellie (Helen) Converse Carr, 1878-1968 (cont'd)


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The final three years of Nellie Converse Carr's diary. See first entry for full description and attached files.


Nellie (Helen) Converse Carr


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Copy of 1965 Diary, Age 87, 88

1 Jan Fri. New Years Day. 16 degrees. Cold all day. Sunny. N cleaned with cleaner. I mended stockings and worked on rug. N cooked chickens. Rita & family came over to supper. Rita bro't a nice fruit salad. They will take Henry home and leave David for a couple of days.
2 Jan Sat. About 25 degrees all day. G & N went to Sidney. Geo to Dr Stacey and to get gro. Began to snow before they started and kept increasing. So there is quite a snow fall. Geo has plowed some. He & David have worked in garage, making bird feeders. David will take his home. Worked on rug some. N is getting some of the decorations put away.
3 Jan Sun. Cold 14 degrees in a.m. A few snow flurries. Sun shown some. Cold, wind. No one went to church. Norma made a spaghetti & meat balls. Rita & family came in about supper time. David went home with them. Rita has work and schools begin. I wrote two letters and read a little.
4 Jan Mon. Temp 20 degrees. Snow flurries. Geo working. We washed. N hung clothes in basement. N finished taking down decorations & took tree out. I washed, made apple sauce. Worked a little on rug. Betty came over and talked about dieting. I got some letters off.
5 Jan Tue. 3 degrees but moderated to 32. N got down the quilting frames and we tied the afghan she has been making. Expect to tie the quilt to morrow. Worked on rug in evening.
6 Jan Wed. N put the quilt on frame and we made a good start tying. Jessie came over to lunch and stayed a while after Geo worked to-day. I worked a little on rug. Jessie bro't us some peanut brittle she made.
7 Jan Thu. Geo did not work to-day. He & N went to shop in Sidney & U. In p.m we finished tying the quilt. N is working on the edges to nite. Quite a comfortable day. Mostly sunny. Wrote to Adelia to nite.
8 Jan Fri. Geo did not work. We had a phone call from Rob't that Alice has a boy born this a.m. N & G went to Sidney & U to shop. I did some odd jobs like getting mail off dismantling the Christmas wreath etc. Worked some on rug. N & G went to Walton in p.m. Fred & Danny came in a while in a.m. Rained off & on all day. Geo went to Union meeting to nite. About 36 degrees all day & evening
9 Jan Sat. Thawed all nite. Snow has disappeared fast. Rained during the nite. And some this a.m. Geo went to Sidney early and did not come home till noon. I cleaned up stairs and N down to the kitchen. Jerry Brooks, Lena and the children called in p.m. Geo bought a lamb (dress) of them. A little cooler toward nite.
10 Jan Sun. Cooler. Below freezing. 26 degrees about all day. Some snow. Ground rather white. N & G went to church. We all rested and stayed home. I wrote some. No one came. P.S. Helen & Richmond are on their way to Sidney Hosp to see R's mother there. Are waiting for the evening hours. Rita & family came over. Were here for supper.
11 Jan Mon. We washed. About 18 but moderated. N hung some outside. Geo went to O but there was no work.
12 Jan Tue. Not very cold. Pleasant. No much snow on ground. G & N went to Sidney then So N Berlin to the Brook's to get honey. I rode along to Jessie's and stayed while they were gone. They came around 3, I think. They also called at the Savorys. G had headache when we got home.
13 Jan Wed. Below freezing. A few snow flurries. Toward nite it snowed so whitened ground quite a little. Geo went with Geo & Betty to Syracuse to get roofing for his house. Got. Home in time to attend a family supper at Bap church. A missionary medical spoke. Dr. Seymour.
14 Jan Thu. About 14 degrees this a.m. But kept getting colder. Some storm.Windy. Geo worked at O. N went up twice to see to Mrs. Chapman. I cleaned cupboards in kitchen. N did straightening in pantry. We both did writing and got mail off. Nearly zero at 5 o'clock. N sewed & mended some. I worked on rug and sewed.
15 Jan Fri. 5 or 6 degrees below zero. Warmed up some. Will be cold nite but not as cold as yesterday. 10 degrees at supper time. N cleaned but not felt very well. Had sore throat etc but kept busy. Worked on rug and mended.
16 Jan Sat. Not quite to zero. G & N went to Sidney. Geo to Dr. Stacey.Traded. Got my capsules at U. I dusted, cleaned up stairs, etc. Worked on rug. Snowed a little during last nite.
17 Jan Sun. -12 degrees. No more snow. G & N went to church. No one came. We had a a restful p.m. & evening. I wrote two letters and read some.
18 Jan Mon. Not as cold. We washed. It was a cold day. A very few snow flurries. I finished my writing & got it off with a p'kg to Emily. Geo worked.
19 Jan Tue. Above zero but cold. Geo did not work and does not expect more work this wk. N ironed and worked at her quilt blocks. I worked on rug, am on the last 2 rows. Wrote a letter this evening. Karen came over as Tuie planned to go to Indiana, but plans were changed.
20 Jan Wed. Karen was sick all night. Has been in bed most of the time to-day, a cold & high fever. It has snowed quite a lot. Below freezing. N sat by Karen a good deal and worked at quilt blocks. I worked on rug. Mr. Dent called this evening.
21 Jan Thu. Not as cold. Karen much better. Is up around and eating some and very smiling. N went up to see Mrs. Chapman while Madelyn went to Bing to see her husband. N busy at quilt blocks. And starting sewing for Rita's girls.
22 Jan Fri. Thawed all nite and much snow melted. Mostly cloudy. Temp up to 40 in p.m. N did some washing. No storm. I finished my rug and cut a few garments of corduroy. Coughed some during last nite and keep at it some during to-day. Do not feel as tho have much cold, but not too good.
23 Jan Sat. Ground white with snow and still snowing.Below freezing. Geo went to Dr. Stacy's and did errands. Karen not as good. She fought and has temp. I slept very well. Did not cough but have some too-day and have backache. Worked around same. Cut material for corduroy rug.
24 Jan Sun. Moderated. Snow covers ground. Geo plowed snow with new tractor. Sherry isn't very good yet. Coughs some fever. Hoarse. I feel better, tho not as usual. Karen was not able, so they didn't go to church. No one came. A very quiet day. I wrote letters, read and helped about work. Just below freezing.
25 Jan Mon. Just below freezing. N washed one load. I did mine. Karen not too good yet. N doesn't feel real good. She is working on her quilt. I finished cutting corduroy for rug. We washed them. The paper tells of Churchill's death yesterday, I think.
26 Jan Tue. Above freezing so thawed some. Geo went to Sidney t do errands. N isn't very good. Aches and has bad feelings in chest. Karen much better. I feel pretty good except back if I do not rest often. I did quite an ironing for me. 2 dresses, etc. I spent some time with the corduroy, brushing lint off. N finished top of quilt and started a jumper for Sherry. Snowed quite hard the latter part of p.m.
27 Jan Wed. Around 30 degrees. Blizzards more or less all day. N went up to McGills to get lunch for Mrs. Chapman & the Mister and Madelyn & Jane went to Albany in a.m. Geo took N up and went for her. N has headache and not very good all day. I feel better. Sleep well. Do not cough much. But have to lie down rather often as my back & hip ache. Lying down helps. I worked on rug pieces. Cold nite.
28 Jan. Thu. Below freezing. Windy. But fairly comfortable and bright in a.m. During p.m snow like a blizzard but did not last too long. N has a cold and doesn't feel too good. Cut blocks etc. I got a start on corduroy rug. Braided some. Cleaned up stairs. Feel better than have lately
29 Jan Fri. -4 degrees this a.m. Cold, windy at times. N hasn't felt very good. Started to clean but didn't feel able. So worked at her quilt blocks. Karen feels OK. Tuie came over for her in a.m. Stayed for lunch and part of p.m. Going down towards zero towards night. I got a good start on rug. Put clean papers on kitchen shelves.
30 Jan Sat. -14 degrees in a.m. Moderated up to 11+. But is a cold day. N doesn't feel very good yet but no worse. She did some cleaning & worked with quilt blocks. I worked on rug, dusted, etc. Geo went to Sidney for groceries and U for my capsules. Cold to nite.
31 Jan Sun. The telethon is on this a.m. N did not feel like going to church. We listened to TV. I could not hear much of course. Rita & family came over to supper. We had chickens. I did some writing.

1 Feb Mon Cold. Geo went to Oneonta or somewhere, took Jonesie but they didn't get work. N slept late to make up what she lost, I guess. She did a load of wash. We got off mail. Had quite a blizzard in late p.m. Windy. Cold. Still at nite about 20 degrees.
2 Feb Tue. Quite a lot of snow fell during the blizzard yesterday. Geo was out with his snow plow, then went to Sidney to the unemployment office. N feels better. Got her quilt on frames, and got a good start tying. I helped some. Worked on my rug. Fair all day. Around 20 degrees.
3 Feb Wed. Cold. Bright. N finished tying her quilt and this evening is binding the edges. Geo found trouble with bulbs burst in garage and sent for Mr. Campbell also got new bulbs. Guess it's all right. I did quite a lot of writing. Cold to-nite.
4 Feb Thu. Cold. Mostly sunny. N ironed, mended and sewed on Sherry's clothes. Mr & Mrs. Fitzgerald called to nite.
5 Feb Fri. A little above zero. G & N went to Sidney to trade. In early p.m it started snowing & blowing. N is finishing mending for Rita's family as we expect Sherry is coming to try on dresses that have been given her. I cut strips for rug. N cleaned with cleaner. G worked up stairs. Joyce Shields died this a.m at a hospital in Boston.
6 Feb Sat. Milder. Up to 40 degrees. No storm. N worked on Sherry's dress. I haven't felt real good. Worked at rug. Geo used up his material and really finished up stairs.
7 Feb My father's b day. N G & Sherry went to church. I did not feel very good. Did some writing. In even G & N went over to funeral home as from 7 to 9 friends could go as relations were there to meet relatives of Joyce Shields.
8 Feb Mon. Thawed all night. Much snow disappeared. A little light rain. Geo went to Oneonta to see about work. Came early. They went to Joyce's funeral at 2:00. In Bap church. Temp up to 48 degrees.
9 Feb Tue. Below freezing but moderated. Geo went to Oneonta again. Expects work tomorrow. I haven't done much to-day. G & N did some straightening down cellar. Jessie came over a while in late p.m. And stayed to supper. I peeled what apples were left and made sauce. N made pie, elderberry and cookies. Worked a little on rug
10 Feb Wed. Cooler so is icy. Rained during night. Geo worked. I had a date with Dr. Joseph but we canceled it on acc't of weather. N worked on sewing blocks for quilt. I wrote. N did too and got mail off. I worked on rug. Above freezing. Rained some. Snow about gone.
11 Feb Thu. Above freezing. Snow pretty well gone. Geo worked. Some sunshine. N ironed and worked on quilt. I cleaned up stairs. Worked on rug.
12 Feb. Fri. Still thawing. Cloudy. Foggy. Geo worked. They went to Sid Ctr to vote at a meeting to decide about buying a fire truck. Then Geo goes to Union Meeting. N finished Karen's quilt top. Cleaned. I worked on rug.
13 Feb Sat. Still thawing. Mostly bare ground. Tuie came over and helped Geo. Was here to dinner. We all went over to Walters. Stayed for supper. Cold Nite.
14 Feb Sun. Colder. Below freezing all day. Partly cloudy. G & N went to church. Walter & Bev came over for dinner a little late. I did some reading.
15 Feb Mon. Below freezing but moderated to just above freezing. N washed and hung outside. Geo worked. I worked some on rug.
16 Feb Tue. A little below freezing, but warmed up to 36 degrees. We ironed. Norma started a blouse for Sherry. I worked on rug.
17 Feb Wed. Below freezing. Colder than yesterday. But moderated to 34 or so. Norma took me to Dr. Joseph and did errands. I worked on rug. N is working on blouse for Sherry.
18 Feb Thu. About the same temp as yesterday tho a few snow flurries. Ground white with snow in a.m but melted. N started on income tax. I did some writing. Worked on rug.
19 Feb Fri. Colder. About 10 degrees above and grew colder. Windy. A very few snow flurries. N cleaned with cleaner. I worked on rug. N went up to Madelyn's around 10:30 to see Mrs. Chapman as McGills went to Bing.
20 Feb Sat. Around zero. Moderated up to 20 degrees or so. S & N went to Sidney to shop. N did some cleaning and other jobs. I did some writing. Worked on rug.
21 Feb Sun. Not as cold. Around 30 at church time. G & N went to church. I rode along to Jessie's and stayed there till they came back. After going from church up to Trasks. Ethel Rolfe called while I was there. Rained on way home.
22 Feb Mon. Cold & Windy. We washed. I'd did some writing. Worked on.rug. Geo worked. N worked on clothing for overseas.
23 Feb Tues. around zero. Bev brought Mark here in late a.m. To stay while she went with others to Bing. Had others with her. With various errands. Quite.a cold day. I did some writing. Worked on rug in evening.
24 Feb Wed. Not as cold. Got up to 34 degrees. Much snow thawed off. N put Karen's quilt on and we tied it. I helped.
25 Feb Thu. Raining this a.m. And heat it up. More or less all day. Temp got up to 50 degrees. Then a thunder shower & cooler. N put a baby quilt on frame and worked some at it. Is binding the quilt we tied yesterday. I worked on last row of rug. N cooked several small squashes to freeze. Rob't Rolfe died to-day. Funeral Sun. Cold nite.
26 Feb Fri quite cold. Some storm windy. N finished Karen's quilt and made a baby quilt. Besides cleaning with cleaner. I cleaned upstairs and am working on last row of rug. Rita bro't David over this evening for the weekend.
27 Feb Sat. Cold Not up to freezing. N & G & D went to u to shop. I finished rug. N mended for Rita.
28 Feb Sun. Not very cold. Bright. No one went to church. I did not feel well. Slept most of a.m. Rita & family are over this evening and Helen & Rich are expected. I got mail ready for tomorrow and read in evening.

1 Mar Mon. Very cold but moderated to a little above freezing. Bright. N washed. N worked on small quilt. I cut pieces for rug. Geo worked. N baked pies. Tuie was over in even to get David's shoes he left here. N gave him a pie.
2 Mar Tue. White frost. Warmed up to 44 degrees. N worked some on a small quilt. Washed clothing for overseas. I did some writing. G & N went up to McGills a while in evening. Had a letter from Adelia.
3 Mar Wed. Another frosty morning. Not quite as cold. Moderated 59 40 degrees. I think. N ironed some things to send overseas. I worked at cutting rug material. We went over to call on Adelia in early p.m. She is very lame. Uses a cane all the time.
4 Mar Thu. Quite cold. Frosty but warmed up to 54 degrees. N cleaned washed & Ironed. I worked a little on rug. Cleaned up stairs. Jessie came over a while this evening..
5 Mar Fri. World Day of Prayer. Threatening rain all day. Did rain some in p.m. McGills went to Bing and Norma looked after Mrs. Chapman. Went up several times. Got lunch for her etc. Geo came home early. Drove up for N as it was raining, but so far hasn't amounted to much.
6 Mar Sat. Not Very Cold. Moderated to 40 degrees. N & G went to Sidney early as Geo went to Dr. Stacey. I worked on rug pieces. Went out and walked on walks in p.m. We read of Lee Sargent's death Feb 23
7 Mar Sun. Above freezing. Snow practically gone. N & G went to church. As I was finishing dinner dishes Rita & family came. Bro't some things for a meal. Rita a got lunch and they staid for supper. N made a barbecue dish. They didn't stay late.
8 Mar Mon. Above freezing. N washed some, hung outside. I did quite a lot of writing. Worked some on rug. N put her small quilt on frame and is finishing the bonding this evening. Geo isn't working. N went over to Betty's to get her. Hair cut.
9 Mar Tues. Geo & N went to Sidney to trade & do errands in a.m. I worked on rug. Got a start on braiding & lacing. Bev & Mark came in late p.m. Here for supper and part of evening. Above freezing. A few snow flakes. Mostly cloudy. We sent a card of sympathy to Nina & family..
10 Mar Wed. Mostly cloudy. A very little snow during the nite and more to-day. Just above freezing in p.m. N worked up stairs with the big boxes the Palmers gave them. Made a play house for the little girls. Orrin Belden & Mildred came in late a.m. Stayed for lunch. She has to go to work at Scintilla about 3:30. I worked on rug. have a good start.
11 mar Thu. Geo's b-day (62). Snowed some during the nite and a little in a..m. Colder toward nite. N did. Not sleep well or feel well but better later in the day. Made a b-day cake for Geo. Fred was here and Rita & family for dinner to nite. Rita brought some food & Fred ice cream. I worked some on rug. I cleaned up stairs.
12 Mar Fri. Rather cold. 16 I think. Moderated. Snow melting. N cleaned. Worked up stairs. Geo helped move furniture. I worked on rug. Geo went to Union Meeting. N went along. Rena (family cat) is some better Did not come to supper last nite, and did not come till this p.m. Seems lame and hurt somewhere. Not hungry.
13 Mar Sat. Rather cold in a.m. But moderated some. Snow melted mostly. G & N went to Sidney to shop. N worked up stairs some. Madelyn bro't clothing to be disposed of. Rane is some better. Slept all day. Ate some. Bunny (family dog) does not act right. They took to vet to night for shot & medicine. I worked on rug.
14 Mar Sun. Bright early. Later outlying cloudy. N & G went to church. Walter came during a.m. Mark came with him and went to church with G & N. Beverly came some after one. They stayed until eight or nine o'clock. Jessie called briefly in early evening. I read some.
15 Mar Mon. Ground white this a.m. But melted off. Just above freezing. Geo has a few days work. We washed. N is working at cleaning and straightening up stairs. I worked on rug. Rena does not feel as well (quite). Lies & sleeps. Walter says it will be some time before she recovers. it's her stifle. G. & N went to Sidney to take the truck to be repaired. Leaks gas.
16 Mar Tue. Above freezing, snow flurries then sunshine. Chilly & windy. N did odd jobs up stairs & down. Bean some better. I worked on rug. Very blustery at times but snow melted. G & N went down for tuck after supper.

17 Mar Wed. Bright a.m. And soon clouded up. Windy. We ironed. N washed and pressed some clothes for overseas. Kitty much better. I worked on rug. N crocheted. Cloudy & looks like rain or snow to nite.
18 Mar Thu. Ground white with snow. But thawed during the day. Mostly sunny. Around 38 degrees in p.m We ironed some of the clothing for overseas. N finished repairing them. She is crocheting a baby sweater. I'm working on rug. N made rolls & did other baking. Started tomato & pepper seeds.
19 Mar Fri. Ground white again but thawed off. G & N went to Sidney to trade etc. Took the used clothing we had ready to go. Geo did not work. They got home about noon or just before. I finished rug center & cut up pieces for the next row or two. We hear robins have come over Unadilla. But we haven't seen or heard any. Quite spring like which starts to morrow.
20 Mar Sat. First day of Spring. Bare ground. Cold. Did not get many degrees above 20. Windy. G & N went to Sidney to do errands. N crocheted, made soup for Rita. I worked on rug. Kitty much better, not well.
21 Mar Sun. White with snow. Cold Some snow melted off. 14 degrees in a.m. G & N went to church. While they were gone, Joan, Ruth and Joan's friend, a 5 ft fellow, called. They plan to marry this week. Sat. (Manuel Russo). Rita and family came over to supper. Rita made cake & salad. Rita appears to be tired. Is still working at bank.
22 Mar. Mon. Only 4 degrees above zero but slowly warmed up to above freezing. Snow that same in nite thawed. Much of it. Geo isn't working. We washed. I got mail off. N crocheted. Geo went to Oneonta to attend a no-smoking clinic.
23 Mar Tue. Geo is following directions about everything. Began being nauseated in early p.m. And threw up what little lunch he ate. He's a bad headache-perhaps migraine. It has snowed more or less all day. More toward nite so there is quite a body of snow on ground. G & N went to Sidney in a.m especially to get fruit juices, etc that Geo is supposed to eat. N has crocheted and I have mended & worked on rugs. Snow very damp. Trees & bushes covered with it make a pretty sight.
24 Mar Wed. Temp high so snow melted off. Bright. Geo had a good nite and feels much better. No bad headache and no nausea. Eats lightly. Beverly bro't Mark down to stay while she went to Sidney to shop. Stayed here a while in p.m. Came back the middle o f p.m. Stayed to supper. G & N went up to Oneonta this evening to the Meeting for those who want to quite smoking. I worked on rug. I cleaned kitchen paint. N straightened and cleaned some.
25 Mar Thu. No snow during the nite. Cold wind. Not too much sun. Geo feels better. Had a good nite and is eating more but felt sick and had headache after lunch but did not vomit. They went up to the meeting to-nite. I worked on rug. N cleaned with cleaner up stairs. Jessie was over a while in late p.m.
26 Mar Fri. Rained a little. Cloudy. N & G went to Sidney to trade. Geo is dizzy but in every way seems better. N went with Betty to shops in p.m. G & N went up to McGills this evening. I worked on rug. Walter's (Cope) I sent him a card 2 or 3 days ago.
27 Mar Sat. Partly. Cold. Windy. Geo seems more uneasy to-day but no nausea or headache. I think N did more washing & some cleaning & ironing. I finished my rug. Kept busy at this & that. To-day is the day Joan said they were to be married. Adelia's b-day.
28 Mar Sun. Partly cloudy. Mostly bright. G & N went to church & a meeting following. In the evening I wrote letters. Rita & family came over a while in p.m. G & N went to church in the morning.
29 Mar Mon. Cold. Ground pretty well covered with snow. I mailed a picture to France's Cope and sent some letters. Norma worked on a skirt for Rita. I cut up pieces for rug. N got b-day cards which day isn't til tomorrow.
30 Mar Tue. Norma's 53rd b-day. She had a lot of cards. Fred bro't her a _____ . some over a month old. G & N went to Sidney to shop. Also Bainbridge. Fred came in at supper time and stayed. Helen came down about 7:00 and she and N planned to go somewhere to supper. Geo seems to be pretty good to-nite or all day.
31 Mar Wed. Another cold day. Bright. Snow melted some. N worked on Rita's dress. In p.m G & N went to Francis Daniel's funeral. Rita came up from work in time for supper. N is finishing her maternity skirt. I think I worked on rug or rather started it.

1 Apr Thu. Cold but moderated to 38 or so. Geo does not feel was well but he & N started for Delhi to see the new little girl that Walt & Bev had taken and probably will adopt. Geo doesn't feel well tho. They started at 9:30 and got home about 2:30. Madelyn came down and made a long call and came again just as the folks arrived. I worked on rug.
2 Apr Fri. Geo seem to feel pretty good. H 7 N went to Oneonta this a.m to do errands. Arrived home around 12:30. Cold. N cleaned in p.m. I worked on rug.
3 Apr Sat. Cold. G & N went to Sidney to trade in a.m. N cleaned. Baked cake & cookies. Mostly bright. I worked on rug. Cleaned up stairs. This is the second day G has felt pretty good.
4 Apr Sun. Cold & windy. G & N went to church. Rita & the girls were over a while I p.m. Jessie called a short time in late p.m. G still feeling fair. I read a little. Rested twice. We saw a wood chuck yesterday & to day. Also 5 deer across the road in Palmer's Meadow. I wrote a letter.
5 Apr Mon. Warmer, tho cool. Wind. 50 degrees in p.m. We washed. N hung clothes outside and they dried. Geo still feeling better. I got letters off. Worked on rug material. N went up to MGills 3 times as they went to Bing.
6 Apr Tue. Rather mild. G & N went to Sidney to trade, etc. In p.m they went to Cooperstown on business. In evening to a banquet (church). I wrote a letter. Worked on rug. Lurene M called in p.m.
7 Apr Wed. Milder. up to 40 degrees or over. Not much snow to be seen. I washed my hair and dyed cord for rug. Geo went to see the doctor as he feels dizzy most of the time. N did odd jobs some crocheting. I worked on rug. Geo drove down to Mr. Hovey's in evening and N & I rode along.
8 Apr Thu. Temp about the same as yesterday. N isn't feeling well, bowel trouble, pain in side. She is taking it easy. I made mixed up cookies. I got some mail off. Geo went to U to help G. P take down a building. Mr. McGill came down to see Geo. made quite a call. Visited with N.
9 Apr Fri. Moderate temp. Got up to 50 degrees or so. N doesn't feel any better. In bed quit a lot in a.m. Walter, Wilfred & Mildred came in late p.m. Were here for supper and over nite. Norma felt much better.
10 Apr Sat. Same weather. Bright. G & N went to U to shop for gro. N feels pretty good. Washed sheets & pillows from beds. She went over to see Palmer's new modern kitchen. Cope's left about 9 o'clock. Geo went over to help G P. N baked cookies & made ones for me. Feels spring like but cool wind.
11 Apr Sun. Palm Sunday. Mildest day we have had 56 degrees in middle of day. G & N went to church & S. S. We were alone all day. I wrote letters and read. N & G called at McGills toward nite.
12 Apr Mon. Rained during the nite.windy Around 50 degrees. We washed. I hung out my clothes for the first this Spring but it sprinkled & was windy so I bro't them in to finish. N did hers too. Geo went to Oneonta looking for work. I got mail off. Cut strips for rug.
13 April Tue. Rained (thunder shower) during the nite. G & N went to Sidney to do errands. I mended and worked on rug. Colder toward nite. Oranges came from Alicia.
14 Apr Wed. Pleasant a.m. B & N took me to Dr. Joseph's. In evening they attended their monthly service. It was a missionary meeting an supper. Missionaries (Hobarts) were speakers. I rode along to Nell's and stayed while they were gone. Jessie came over and stayed a while.
15 Apr Thu. Cloudy. Began raining in p.m. (Gently). N went over to Madolyn to check on Mrs. Chapman. N did not sleep well and is quite uncomfortable but felt better as time went on. Better at supper time. Probably ulcers. Rained hard in evening.
16 Apr Fri. Mostly cloudy, windy. N does not feel at all good but baked angel food cake and banana bread. I cleaned up stairs. Worked on rug. Mr. Dewey called about noon. Had quite a few Easter cards yesterday & to day. We expect Sherry to nite to stay three days.
17 Apr Sat. Cloudy. N feels better. They went to U for groceries. In early p.m. Betty, Mary, and her two younger children, Scott & John, called. I cleaned with dust mop & broom down stairs. We all had Easter cards. I had 12 besides to letters. N is getting ready for dinner to morrow. Angel food cake, chickens, banana bread, etc.
18 Apr Sun. Easter Sunday. G, N and Sherry went to church. There was a cantata instead of sermon. In early p.m. It began to snow hard. At :30 it stopped. We had a good Easter dinner. Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, squash, biscuits, banana bread, angel food, ice cream. Late in p.m. Walter & family came. For the first time Heidi came. We were glad to see her. It began snowing soon after dinner and about 7 in fell but stopped before the folks came.
19 Apr Mon. Thawing. Up to 40 degrees or so. Much bare ground. N did not feel like washing. I worked on rug. Wrote a letter in evening.
20 Apr Tue. Still thawing. I did my hand washing and hung outside. Dried well. N feels much better, but not like washing. Geo went to Sidney to unemployment, O and errands. Took Sherry along. In p.m. Rita & Tuie, Henry, Karen came over. Took Sherry & left Henry for a while. I cut pieces for rug.
21 apr. Wed. Cloudy. Mild temp. 63 degrees middle of day. Geo went to Walton in a.m looking for work. N feels better and washed. Clothes dried nicely. In p.m. G & N went to Oneonta on various errands. Began raining around 5:00 p.m and rained quite a while. Over an hr anyway. I worked on rug
22 Apr. Mostly fair. N went up to McGills to get lunch for him & her mother. I cleaned up stairs, worked on rug. Temp a little over 50. N ironed. G went up to McGills in p.m.
23 Apr Fri. Not as warm as yesterday. G & N put in 2 rows of peas. N cleaned with cleaner. I did my ironing. Worked on rug. Geo went to Union Meeting. Some cloudiness.
24 Apr Sat. Partly cloudy. Ten in 40s. N, G & David worked in garden. Cold wind. N got the first d greens. They traded in U . In p.m they went over to Rita's and did some rolling with the small tractor. Stayed for supper.
25 Apr sun. Partly cloudy. Cool. G,N & David went to church. I wrote a letter & read. Rita & family came over to supper. G & N went up to McGills I later p.m. David went home with his folks.
26 Apr Mon. Rained during the nite. Geo went somewhere looking for work. I worked on rug. Got mail ready to send. Jessie called in late p.m. Rained more or less. Cloudy.
27 Apr Tue. Cloudy. A little rain this a.m. G & N went to Sidney in a.m. I worked on cutting rug strips. N cleaned with cleaner up in my summer room. Sid. Mang called in later p.m. One bunch of daffodils is in bloom.
28 Apr, Wed. Cloudy early but cleared off. I did my hand washing then worked on rug. Geo went over to Walters's Took the small tractor to do work with it. N worked in my old room.
29 Apr Thu. A bright lovely day. 50 degrees. Quite a wind. N washed & ironed. I cleaned paint in kitchen cup boards. Worked on rug. N transplanted tomato plants.
30 Apr Fri. The most Springlike day yet 72 degrees in middle of day. Geo worked at Walton. I cleaned up stairs. N cleaned down stairs and did various small jobs. I worked on rug.

1 May Sat. Not quite as warm but Springlike. Bulbs are showing and hyacinths showing color. Grass so green & pretty. N & G went to Sidney to trade in p.m. They went to drive-in theatre to-night. I helped about house work and on rug.
2 May Sun. Warm & fair. G & N went to church. In p.m. We went over to Dale Mott's partly to see the pony that Tuie has bought of Ruth & Helen. We had a nice outing. I wrote letters & read.
3 May Mon. Very warm 84 in middle of day. Geo worked again at Walton. N washed. We cooked dandelion greens ready to freeze to morrow. I finished my rug. Got three letters off. N went up to Madelyns three times I think to see to Mrs. Chapman. Daffodils & Hyacinths are blooming.
4 May Tue. Quite warm early, but got cooler in the 60s. Cloudy. N ironed. Went up to see to Mrs.. Chapman. We find quite a lot of d greens to freeze. Geo worked at Walton. Rita, Tuie & Karen called in early p.m. Cut strips for the next rug.
5 May Wed. Cooler. 64 degrees in middle of day. N got greens and got them ready for freezing. Geo worked. I worked a little cutting strips for a new rug. It is for Karen's b day in Sept. Wrote a letter this evening. N baked cake & cookies. They got in a few more seeds in garden.
6 May Thu. A cool night. I did my washing. Wrote letters. Looked over greens. Worked on rug. N cleaned her room, used cleaner up stairs. Geo worked. N went up to Madelyns a while in early evening. Up to 68 degrees.
7 May Fri. Rained during nite and has been a real rainy day until late p.m. Geo worked. n cleaned with cleaner. I started lacing the new rug. cooler around the 40's. Trees begin to show leaves.
8 May Sat. Mostly cloudy & cool. Walter phoned for Geo to go with him to an auction in Gilbertsville with the truck. They came and stayed here. Bev & N went for groceries to U in p.m. Rita & girls came over in late p.m and stayed most of the evening.
9 May Sun. Mild. Temp reached the low 70's. G & N went to church. Mother's Day. G & N offered to take me where I would like to go as a gift so we went up to Helen's. While we were there Philip & family came. Later the Coons came. I was glad to see them. Had not seen them in years. It was such a pleasant comfortable day and everything growing so fresh & green. We were sorry to hear from Mrs. Morey that Paul Hovey's called while we were away. I had 7 Mother's Day cards, all very lovely.
10 May Mon. Thunder & lightening but very little if any rain in nite here. Very warm. Reached about 80 degrees. N is feeling better. Baked a pie and did some cleaning. G had half a days work. Jessie bro't Maude McCabe order about 2:00 p.m. They were here till nearly 4:00. She had her little dog. Ours were put in truck.
11 May Tues. Began the day quite warm, but a breeze came up and it didn't get warmer than 66 degrees I think. N washed. Good day to dry. I changed from Winter quarters to Summer. Geo worked at Cooperstown.
12 May. Wed. Rather cool a.m. But warmed up to nearly 70 degrees. Hot sun. Cool air. I worked some I my room. N cleaned in. Living room. Geo has some work now in Cooperstown. I made cookies. Worked on rug.
13 May Tue. Not as warm. Bright. Cool wind. Around 50. Rita has some symptoms so Tuie bro't Karen over about noon. I worked on my rug and did more work in my room. Quite cool to night. N ironed.
14 May Wed. 28 degrees this a.m tho nothing shows signs of frost. Fair cool wind. N cleaned dining room. Windows, curtains, etc. I worked at rug. N went up to Madelyn's several times, as John is at Cooperstown for tests and she goes often.
15 May Fri. Cool a.m but we think no frost. Geo went to Dr Elliot for eye testing early. In p.m they went to Sidney for gro. N went up 2 or 3 times to MGills. Fred came up about supper time and offered to take G & N to a barbecue supper put on by the firemen in Sidney.
16 May Sat. N baked a birthday cake for Sherry as it's her b day Mon and we get together to-morrow. I worked a while in my room. Worked on rug.
17 May Sun. Both bright & cloudy by spells. Windy day by spells. The folks went to hunch. Rita & family came over about 1:30. We had a picnic dinner out doors. It was comfortable & pleasant. Got up to 80 or so. Jessie called briefly in late p.m. Rita & family stayed for supper. We observed Sherry's 6th b day. Warm evening
17 May Mon. Quite a hard shower between 6 & 7 a.m. Warm. Some sunshine but mostly cloudy. In p.m began to be cooler and windy. Quite cool to nite. Geo continues work at Cooperstown. N is working on pajama's for Rita's boys. I worked a little on rug. Wrote letters in a.m.
18 May Tue. Cloudy & cool. N sewed on pajama's. I did some writing. Worked on rug. N baked pie and suet pudding. Jessie & Nell called in p.m. Jessie got potatoes for Ethel Rolfe to plant. Betty came in a while in evening.
19 May Wed. Bright in a.m. N wash. Later it clouded up. Sprinkled a little. Clothes got dry. N spent some time transplanting pepper plants. I wrote a letter. Cleaned greens. Worked at rug. Quite cloudy. Cooler to nite.
20 May Thu. Quite a frost. But nothing in garden seems to be hurt. N & K went to town for groceries. N went up to McGills in p.m. I worked at rug material and did my ironing. Rather cool to nite. I wrote a letter.
21 May Fri. Cool nite. Frost. Warmed up but a cool wind. n cleaned with cleaner. I did my washing. Wrote some, dyed rug cord, etc. Glen Hoyt, wife, her daughter & 5 yr old boy called this evening. N went to Sidney for groceries, etc.
22 May Sat. Cloudy, threatened rain. And it did come quite a little I p.m. Geo worked in Sidney on a house being built for a cripple. N & G went to Sidney after G got thru work. I wrote a letter. Cleaned up stairs, dusted, etc.
23 May sun. Bright a.m. But soon clouded up tho bright by spells. Cool air. G & N went to church. About 4:00 we went over to Flax Is cemetery. Took lilacs, tulips & flowering ___ to put on graves-Will's, Aunt Rose and Pearl. Cool evening.
24 May Mon. Bright lovely day. N washed. I washed kitchen paint. Emily called briefly this p.m. After being in G-vile & the farm. She had two ladies with her. Ruth Sharp for one. Rita was here a few minutes in p.m.
25 May Tues. Cloudy early but cleared. Was 70 degrees or over. Toward night clouded up and seemed like rain. Mr. McGill came home Sat and is feeling better. G & N & K went up to call in early evening. N ironed and made pajama's for David's birthday. I straightened up my letter box. Worked on rug.
26 May Wed. Warm night and morning. Got up to 85 or so. N did some mending for Rita. Tuie phoned that Rita had a little girl- born just before mid nite last night. N & K went to hospital in p.m. Met Tuie there. Found everything OK, we hope. Baby in incubator a while and they seem (nurses mostly) to be spending some time with her. Warm evening.
27 May Thu. Very warm night & morning. Madolyn too N & K down to Sidney. N went to hosp. Madolyn took care of Karen. Chas & Myrtle called briefly on way to G-Bill cemetery. They left lovely lilacs here too. I worked on rug. It rained quite hard in p.m. Thunder showers, two separate ones. Was needed.
28 May Fri. A little cool this a.m. Warmed up to between 60 and 70. Some wind. Air cool. I did my washing, cleaned with dust mop & dusting up stairs. N cleaned with cleaner down stairs. I worked on rug. G & N went to Oneonta Union Meeting. Rather cool to nite.
29 May Sat. Cloudy & cold. N kept busy getting ready for guest to-morrow. The speaker at church & family. After lunch she & G went to Sidney. She went to see Rita, then got groceries. As we finished supper Walter & family came. They had had supper. Came for tractor. Did not stay late. Cold 48 degrees now in early evening. Young plants protected in cold frame.
30 May Sun. There was a frost. Do not know what damage was done. Cool air all day. some cloudiness. G &N & Karen went to church. The speaker, Mr Cutting & family came home with them for dinner & lunch (two children also). Norma went over to church in evening, slides are being shown. Mr C is preparing for missionary work in New Guinea, Africa. Cool even. 52 degrees at 8:00 p.m.
31 May Mon. Another frost. Geo did not have work. We went up to Milford. Took flowers, lilacs and bought 2 geraniums. Took our lunch and ate at a picnic place. One beyond Oneonta. Rather cool, windy at cemetery but comfortable in car. Got home about 2:30.

1 June Tues. Frost. N washed. Worked on rug, etc. Helen, Larry & Richmond called this evening. Cool day. Quite a shower in evening.
2 Jun Wed. A rainy day, all day. Cool. N went over to Rita's. Took several articles of food. Could not find keys to car so rode with George P as he was going farther. She drove Tuie's car home. I worked on rug, etc.
3 Jun Thu. No frost. Some cloudiness. I did my washing. N does not feel well so not doing too much. I worked some on rug. Cold wind. We feared a frost but it is 50 at 8:00 and has moderated. So we do not know. We had the last of the old potatoes to night.
4 June Fri. Milder. Quite a comfortable day. N feels better. She cleaned with dust mop. I dusted and worked on rug. N went up to see to Mrs. Chapman. The McGills were down a while after supper. N baked cookies for Geo to take to morrow as he plans to go to work at the Baptist Camp.
5 Jun Sat. Some frost. quite warm. Geo went with others to work at the Baptist camp. Started early and will no doubt be late home. N doesn't feel too good but baked rolls & 2 pies. I worked at rug. Kept dishes washed. Geo came home late.
6 Jun Sun. No frost. They did not go to church as N doesn't feel too good and G is tired from yesterday's work. They had a lot of things to get over to Rita's. Crib, car, etc. So we went over about 11:00 a.m. Got back at 2:00. had lunch (outside). About 6:00 they went over to Mr Hovey's. Very warm night.
7 Jun, Mon. Warm. N washed. She isn't feeling well so rested when she could but feels better to-nite. Very warm. 85 or so I believe. But a breeze helped out quite a bit. I repaired 2 rugs for trial spent all my spare time. Lurene Murphy called this a.m.
8 Jun Tue. Warm. Some cloudiness. 85 or more. Humid. Threatened rain. Sprinkled a little. N does not feel as good as last nite. Rita and baby came over. Were here for lunch and part of p.m. We both ironed.
9 Jun Wed. Warm a.m. About like yesterday am but cool breeze. Threatened rain and we had a thunder shower with hard rain in latter part of p.m. Jessie called a while. Went home in the rain. Norma took me own to Dr. Joseph. Did a lot of shopping & errands. Rainy evening.
10 Jun Thu. Rained a little early in a.m. Then gradually cleared off. Around 70 degrees. But cool wind. N picked spinach and froze 6 p'kgs. I mended. Washed my hair, worked on rug.
11 Jun Fri. Much cooler. N cleaned down stairs. I did up stairs, dusted, etc. In p.m N froze 8 p'kgs spinach. They all went to Oneonta. G had to go to Union meeting. I worked a lot on last row of rug.
12 Jun Sat. Rather cool a.m. But moderated. Geo went to Dr. Elliot early for his glasses. N & G went to Oneonta late in a.m. Got home at 1:00. They got dirt for porch box. ( G did). Norma set out the plants. I didn't do much. Finished a letter to Emily. Worked a little on rug. We ate supper at picnic table. It began to loud up and we had a little rain but at bed time is thundering & light'ning.
13 Jun Sun. Cold nite & a.m. Got up to 54 degrees once but mostly 50 all day, and a cold wind. The folks went to church. Rita & children came over a while in p.m. I wrote several letters. Jessie phoned over that Carolyn Teed & family were there for only a short time. As I wanted to see Carolyn, especially, we went over for a short time. Geo & N covered tomatoes & pepper plants.
14 Jun Mon. It rained during the nite temp around 50 degrees. Did not warm up during the day. Cloudy, 56. Looks more like rain than frost to-nite. Geo went down to Mr. Hovey's and Norma went to the funeral parlor S. Mrs. Heimer died and funeral tomorrow.
15 Jun Tue. Cloudy. N washed. I finished Karen's rug. Took care of old newspapers, etc. N is feeling much better. Rita worked half a day at the bank--the first. Still cloudy to nite 64 degrees or so to-day.
16 Jun Wed. Fair mostly around 50 degrees in a.m. Got up to 72. N sorted clothing that Madolyn brought. I ironed. N washed corduroy things that Mary gave us for rugs. I started cutting them. N & G went down to Mr. Hovey's after supper.
17 Jun Thu. Quite cold but no frost I think. Cool all day. N ironed. And worked in garden & flowers. I worked at getting strips ready for corduroy rug. Cloudy all day. Sprinkled a little once
18 June Fri. Around 50 degrees in a.m. Moderated some but cloudy & rather cool. N baked rolls. Worked outside. I finished cutting strips for corduroy rug. Did my washing etc. Rained once a little.
19 June Sat. Around 50 degrees or so. Moderated but cool. N winds. Geo went with Geo P to a sale and got home between 2 & 3. N went to U for groceries in p.m. Then they went to Sidney to animal hospital with dogs for rabies shots. I haven't felt like much to day, but N helped me and I started a corduroy rug for her. N busy getting ready for Father's Day dinner tomorrow.
20 Jun Sun. Father's Day. A perfect day as to weather. Walter & family, Mr & Mrs. Trask, Sherry & Michele, Fred were here. We had a good dinner. All contributed to it. N & G went to church. We planned to have dinner around 1:00. It probably was some later. At supper time. We put food on kitchen table and those who wished filled our plates & ate at picnic table. Moby called in late p.m. And they all talked, children too. Cooled off a little at night. Was 75 or so. Very comfortable. Mr. Ruland called outside with the dog before the folks came from church. Don & Regina called in p.m to see Walt & Bev. Walt isn't feeling well and he slept in late p.m. And they did not go home till late.
21 Jun Mon. Warm morning and kept getting warmer. Up to 84 in shade. N washed and got clothes dry tho it kept looking like rain and is sprinkling this evening. Geo worked to day. He bro't petunia plants home and N is setting them out. I wrote a letter. Helped get spinach ready to freeze etc.
22 Jun Tue. 70 at 10:00 a.m. 80 or over later. Bright all day. G finished at Cooperstown & went to Oneonta for the rest of the day. N worked in flower bed. Betty gave her little plants too which she sent out (flowers0. The Hovey's have their wedding anniversary celebration this evening. I did not feel equal to it but Jessie went (I think..) Norma froze asparagus. We cooked weed greens.
23 Jun Wed. Mild in a.m. Warmed up to nearly 80. I think. Clouded up and seemed like rain but it didn't come till late p.. Then thunder showers. Quite a good shower. The Syracuse people came about 12:00. had lunch with us and left about 3:00. We were busy. N getting things ready for lunch. I helped some. We enjoyed their being here. I worked on rug.
24 Jun Thu. Cool in a.m. Warmed up to 70 or so. Cool air. I cleaned up stairs. Did my washing. N went up to Madolyn to give her mother lunch. It rained this morning as Geo was leaving, but cleared early. I worked on rug.
25 Jun Fri. Cool a.m. Moderated tho cool air. N cleaned. We froze weed greens. I worked on rug and kept busy. G & N went to Sid Center. G had a hair cut. The garden is coming on good, esp since the rains..
26 Jun Sat. Cool. Frost in some place. No damage here. Geo went early to Oneonta to dentist. In early p.m G & N took Karen home then did shopping. I helped about house work. Worked on rug. Comfortable day. UP to 70 degrees or so. Cool evening.
27 Jun Sun. Cool a.m. Comfortable day. N & G went to church. I wrote letters & read some. The Daniel Hovey's with their daughter and her little son (7-1/2) called outside briefly about the time the folks got back from church. G & N went over to Rita's after dinner to take Karen's tricycle especially.
28 Jun Mon. Warm a.m and was a Summer's day. 84 or so. Vacation Bible School began to-day. N is to take the children from the 3 neighbor's & bring them home. There were 50 present. Geo still working at Oneonta. N washed. Threatened rain but none came. Very warm evening.
29 Jun Tue. Alicia's 36 Very warm all nite & this a.m. But not quite like yesterday. We ironed. N got peas to freeze an a nice lot for supper. I worked on rug. Fred came in for supper. G & N went over to Unadilla this evening and I rode along & stayed at May Clifford's Very warm to nite. N has weed greens ready to freeze. Garden getting pretty dry. Heard of D Chambers death.
30 Jun Wed. A little cooler. Cloudy and threatened rain all day but very little fell. Clearing in p.m. G did don't have work to-day. Norma took the children over stopped at Jessie's a short-time. She got beet greens in p.m. Froze the weeds. Worked in garden. Both did all evening. I worked on rug my spare time. We had a letter from Helen.

1 Jul Thu. Fair and rather cool. Up to 72 or over. Cool wind. We froze peas. N took her children over and back. I worked on rug. N & G did shopping at Sidney in p.m. In evening they went to Joyce's funeral parlor. Mrs. Chambers funeral is to morrow.
2 Jul Fri. Cool. Moderated. Comfortable day. But strong winds. N baked rolls. Norma took me over to Jessie's especially to meet K Teed who is up from Fla for a few days. There were nine of us. Mrs. Feider barbecued chicken. Others contributed to the meal. It was an out of oOr picnic. Nell Myers, Mrs. Feider, Alice Palmer, Miss Marble, Mrs. McWhinney, Ruth Phetteplace, Jessie & I. The Todds who are visiting from Canada were there unexpectedly. We had a nice time and fine meal. N took me over and brought me back.
3 Jul Sat. Rained a little during the nite. Cloudy. Geo worked a while in Oneonta this p.m. A little rain during the day in late p.m. A heavy thunder shower. Again after supper wind & more hard rain. N has a cold and not feeling very well. Better at night. They went to out door movies but no lights so they got tickets back and came home.
4 Jul Sun. Cool a.m. G & N went to church. In p.m. They went for a ride and G perhaps to look for a job. Betty and a 3 yr old boy from the Home came soon after supper. N got lunch for them. They stayed a while, not late.
5 Jul Mon. Cloudy. Warm. Some rain. Most showers went around. Joan & Mannie came in about 12:00 and ate lunch with us. Fred was here too. G & N went over to Walter's about 3:00. N went up to see to Mrs. Chapman who isn't a bit good. Rita & family stopped in late p.m from her father's. Left Henry to stay a few days. N froze 5 p'kgs peas.
6 Jul Tue. Cold & cloudy. N picked peas & pulled beet greens. Cleared off but very cool wind. N baked cookies & cake. Rolland Leonard and grandson 6 ft 6" called after supper. the grandson is 14 yr old. Doris' Leonard's son. I worked some on rug.
7 Jul Wed. Bright for a while in a.m. Then clouded up and the wind blew very strong. We washed but bro't clothes in to finish drying. Threatened rain, but just a sprinkle came. Warmer to nite. Geo worked on outside of house. Painting around Windows etc. Worked on rug.
8 Jul Thu Quite a pleasant day. I believe it rained some during the nite. We froze peas. Fred was up to help eat the rest of the left over spaghetti & meat balls and brought a boy with him. He took Henry to his apt. Bro't him back at supper time and he stayed to supper. N went up to Madolin's in early evening. Helen called while she was gone as she wanted us to come up for picnic dinner some day this week but couldn't for some reason.
9 Jul Fri. Very warm 85 degrees. I think Geo went to Oneonta early. N picked peas for supper and has some ready for Rita when she comes for Henry to nite. Geo went to Union meeting I think. I worked on rug, etc. Jessie brought over some little turnip plants & broccoli or some of cabbage family.
10 Jul Sat. I got all mixed up. They went to Sidney to shop and got back a little after 12:00 after lunch they went up to Walter's and got back around 5:00. Quite warm. 75 or so. Cleared, after rain during nite, then clouded up. I am running short of material for corduroy rug so am cutting strips for Henry's rug for birthday. Bright by spells. May Clifford had a stroke. Was taken to Hosp.
11 Jul Sun. We hear that May Clifford fell in her back yard yesterday and lay there from 7:30 to a.m to 4:00 p.m. Seems paralyzed on one side. Is in Hosp. Around 70 & more or less cloudy. They went to church. I wrote a letter & read. They went over to Mott's to supper. Asked me but I didn't feel like it. Sherry came home with them to stay a while.
12 Jul Mon. Cool a.m. We washed. Bright all day. N gathered weed greens also picked peas. I got the greens ready and did things about the house. G worked in Oneonta. Went to church to board meeting in evening.
13 Jul Tue. Rather mild a.m. And was a real hot day 80 or so I think. Geo worked at Oneonta. N gathered weed greens. Will freeze part of them. Also picked peas in a.m. This p.m. N Sherry &. I went to U. Norma to trade & get Sherry shoes. I called at Cole's meantime & N stopped a while when she called for me. When G got home they went to Sidney to get paint. N & Sherry went across the road to call.
14 Jul Wed. Very warm night & morning. N picked peas in a.m
and froze them. No doubt the last. I ironed. Wrote a note to May C. G worked. Finished. Came home early. Warmest day yet. 80 or over. Sunny. Clouded up toward nite and rained a while. Rained hard in evening. Philip & family came in for quite a call this evening. A little cooler to nite.
15 Jul Thu. Geo worked at Sidney to day. Norma picked peas. Froze them. Pulled beet greens. Ironed. I kept busy. Worked some on rug. N & G & S went to an auction at Sid Curtis after supper. A comfortable day.
16 Jul Fri. Cool a.m. But warmed up to 80 or so. N had errands at U and I rode along to Nell's. We got home at noon. N got weed greens. I looked them over. N finished the ironing. I dusted. Started bday cards in evening.
17 Jul Sat. A little cool early. Warmed. Got up to 80. Clouded up toward nite. N baked cookies. G worked at Sidney. I got off mail. Washed baking dishes, etc. Rita, Karen, & baby were over in p.m. Cloudy and threatening rain but only a sprinkle at bed time. But at 10:30 or so there was a hard thunder shower.
18 Jul Sun. Cool and cloudy early but cleared and the day was perfect for a picnic. We went up to Glen Saunder's to a picnic especially to meet the Willy Beasterfelds (Here from Kansas. AP). All the Goodspeeds were there but Gordon who is sick. Some of the children of each. Orrin & Mildred. Two of Eunice's children and others. had a pleasant time. On the way home stopped at Florence S's for.a half hr. Had been home a short time when a thunder shower came up. Rained hard for a short time. Soon after lunch Walter & family came. N got lunch for them. Still quite warm in evening.
19 Jul Mon. Cool in a.m. Moderated some but cool wind all day. We washed. N took cookies over to church to be used at camp. Did errands, & stopped at Jessie's. G worked at Sidney. N baked cookies. Picked black caps. Made a pie and froze some. Quite cool in evening.
20 Jul Tue. Cloudy & mostly cool. A little sunshine. N & G went to Bainbridge and had lunch with Rita. I cleaned kitchen paint. Worked some on rug. This evening Walter & family came over and they all went to masters. Geo worked at Oneonta (& Coop?) to day.
21 Jul Wed. Cold. Nearly or quite cold enough for slight frost. Cold air & warm sun all day. G worked at Oneonta. N ironed & baked for Rita. I worked on rug. Got it started to lace. Geo went to U after supper. We all rode along.
22 Jul Thu. Not as cold. G worked. N S & I went up to Helen's to dinner which we ate out. Of course had a good meal. Helen drove us around to the college buildings and others that were being built. (George is working on these. AP) We got home at 4:30. Partly cloudy. Cool air. We kept comfortable. Geo worked.
23 Jul Fri. Fairly mild a.m. Much cloudiness. Up to 82 degrees. Geo worked. N did some cleaning. I cleaned up stairs. Washed my hair. Worked on rug. N worked in flower garden.
24 Jul Sat. Warmest day we have had. 88 or so. Mostly cloudy. Sun did not shine out real bright. Phil & Pat brought their baby Timmy to be cared for while they shopped in Oneonta. He was very good. Seemed to think Norma was his mother. Geo worked at Sidney. N went to U to shop. 80 at 10:30 p.m.
25 Jul Sun. 70 at around 8:00 a.m. They are celebrating Fred's bday which was the 22nd. N made a bday cake. The men barbecued chicken out side. It wasn't as hot as yesterday. Not humid and a nice breeze, 80 or over. Rita & family were here and Fred. I did some writing and reading. Sherry went home. David is staying a few days.
26 Jul Mon. Cooler. We washed. I got mail off. Dyed cord for rugs. Jessie came over with two of Barbara's children, Ritchie 11 and Kathy 7. N & David walked up to Clarks for milk & eggs.
27 Jul Tue.Cool a.m but warmed up. Sun hot, air rather cool. N ironed. Baked. She & David went berrying. I mended, read, etc.
28 Jul Wed. Cool in a.m. Mostly cloudy. 75 or so.N gathered beets and froze them. Cooked leaves for greens. She & David gathered pea vines. I mended, worked on rug, etc. Geo worked at Oneonta.
29 Jul Thur. Cool a.m. Warmed up to over 70. N & D went to Sidney to shop. I rode along the to Jessie's and stayed while they were gone. N baked in p.m. I worked on rug. Cool to nite.
30 Jul Fri. Cool a.m. Not as warm as yesterday. Nearly 70 degrees. Cool wind. N cleaned. Baked a pie. Mrs. Terpenning, wife of the man who is doing the Palmer's chores while they vacation for 2 wk's, called. I dusted. did some writing. G & N went to Sidney in evening.
31 Jul Sat. Cool a.m. Warmed up to toward 80 but cool air, I think. Others think very comfortable. N cleaned with cleaner all up stairs. David swept all the rugs. N did more cleaning down stairs & washed some windows. I worked on rug. Philip & Pat brought their baby Timothy here this evening for N to care for a few days while they take one or 2 trips.

1 Aug Sun. Rained or sprinkled a little during the night. Cool. N & G went to church. I did some writing. Rita & family are over for supper. David will go home with them. Baby is making very little trouble so far. Rained during the nite.
2 Aug Mon. Cloudy mostly. A very little blue sky, but no clearing and quite a little rain during the day. N did some baking. I did very little besides house work. Worked a little on rug. Humid t-nite.
3 Aug Tue. Cool. Rain during nite. Some of it electric shower. Cloudy. Some rain to day. N froze beets. Picked the firs string beans. I helped where I could. Quite cool all day.
4 Aug Wed. Mostly bright. A good drying day. We washed. Phil called this a.m. To enquire how Timmy was making out. Some cloudiness toward nite.
5 Aug Thu. Over 70 during the day. Mostly bright. We ironed. N baked pie, We both kept busy. I did some mending. Worked on rug. Geo worked at Cooperstown.
6 Aug Fri. Very warm a.m. Temp reached 87, 75 at 8:30 p.m. Phillip & Pat came for Timmy about at the. middle of p.m. Geo at Cooperstown. Janie bro't two boxes of clothing for us to do as seems best. A boy by the sir name of " Lawless" stopped in expecting to meet a boy. They were going hunting. But the boy didn't show up. N gave him a lunch.
7 Aug Sat. Another hot day. 87 or more. More breeze but hot in sun. N & G spent a good deal of the day putting storm windows on. They went to U to shop and again this evening. Fred called to get clean clothes.
8 Aug Sun. Hot up to 80 but more breeze and a few little showers cooled the air some. N & G went to church. Went up to Trasks to dinner. Got home a little after 5:00. Rita & family came just before G & N returned. They said it rained hard at Trasks.
9 Aug Mon. Carrie's 89th b day had she lived. Another hot humid day. Had hard rain during nite. I worked on letters & family history for Alicia. Geo came home because it rained. In p.m they went to Sidney on errands. Geo isn't feeling well. Dizzy spells. Could. Not make appointment with Rapp so has one with Dr. Philip Hust this even. Had our first sweet corn.10 Aug Tue. Warm a.m. Partly cloudy. We washed. Quite warm. Nearly 80 I think. Geo worked tho we all tho't he shouldn't. Stood it fairly well. I think N ironed. Went up to McGills a while. Lois & Chas Teed and Johnny called in early evening. Cloudy this evening.
11Aug. Wed. Cool a.m. Got up to 70 or so. Norma & I went to Sidney. She shopped and I went to foot Dr. We got the rug off also the family history that I've been working on for Alicia. Geo worked at Walton. N got 1/2 bush of apples. She made apple pie. We had scalloped potatoes, sweet corn, fried green tomatoes for supper.
12 Aug Thu. I did my ironing. We froze st beans. Betty and Timmy came in p.m. Phil & family came in early evening for Timmy. Betty stayed over nite. Helen came at 7:30 and she & Norma went to Morris. N did some cleaning.
13 Aug Fri. Betty's 35th b day. She went back home between 11:00 & 12:00. N sent some veg up to Helen. Quite warm & mostly cloudy. Geo worked at painting around Windows. They went to Union meeting. A very light rain in late p.m.
14 Aug Sat. Rather mild. Some cloudiness. Got up to 80 or so. Geo worked at painting around Windows. N filled nail holes. Did some cleaning. Baked 2 apple pies. I dusted, etc. Worked on rug. N & G went to drive in theatre.
15 Aug Sun. Warm a.m. Very hot day around 90 I think. N & G went to church. Walt & Bev came over and went to church. Then stayed to dinner and p.m. They bro't pork hops and N furnished vegetables, rolls & apple pie. Rita & children came over in p.m.
16 Aug Mon. Hot again. Perhaps not quite so hot as yesterday, but in upper 80's. N washed. We froze corn and string beans. Geo did not have work to do. Chas Teed and Catherine and two children came over a while in p.m.
17 Aug Tue. Cool nite and a.m. Warmed up to 90, 92. In evening the weather changed and it seemed like rain, then some cooler. Philip's little girls and Timmy came at 12:30 to be cared for till late evening as Pat & Phil are at Walton Fair. They were all good. I wrote a letter. did not do much but house work. Fred was up at supper time. Bro't chicken to be barbecued to morrow for supper. Geo didn't work to day. Jessie & Nell called for a short time to nite. Jessie bro't some thing green beans I think to put in our freezer.
18 Aug Wed. Not quite as cool nite & morning. There was thunder & lightning during the nite but not rain enough to help except relieve squash & corn leaves. Fred came up to eat barbecue
Chicken to nite with the three boys that live in the apt he rents. N has been busy as she baked pie & rolls, made tossed salad and salad. Had sweet corn also. Geo came home early & helped with the chicken. Heat about like yesterday.
19 Aug Thurs. Some rain during the nite but not enough to help garden much. Not quite as hot. A good (short) shower in late a.m that N thinks really will help some. Mostly cloudy. We froze carrots & got beets ready to pickle later. Betty & Mary's Kathy called in p.m. She was on her way to Walton Fair then on to Mary's home to morrow. Vacation over. N was taken sick about middle of p.m. Kept getting worse, Cramp in abdomen and severe pain. Could not get any relief till 6 o'clock or so.
20 Aug Fri. Norma much better but careful about much work and her eating. I dust mopped living & dining rooms, wrote some and did some housework. Cooler. A real comfortable day. Seems like the heat wave may be over. N went over and got Mrs. Chapman's supper, then went back up to put her to bed and stay a while with her. Geo went up about 8:00. Cool to nite
21 Aug Sat. Cool a.m. mostly cloudy. About 72 degrees. N better tho not really well. Rita & family stopped in during forenoon. Left Michele here while they shopped in Oneonta. They came back about 1:00 and picked & froze a bu of corn. N & G went shopping in Unadilla.
21 Aug Sun. A lot of rain came in the night. Cool nite & morning. N did not feel like dressing for church. In p.m. Mrs Ruland phoned for them to dome down as Peewee is very sick. Tuie was over for canner & jars. Paul & Eleanor Tillson came for quite a call. Cool & cloudy all day. Old Home Day at Guilford. I didn't go.
23 Aug Mon. Cool a.m. Warmed up to 70 degrees or so. Cloudy early. Then clearing. We washed. N picked string beans early. Madolyn came and they picked the cukes. I worked some on rug. Cool evening.
24 Aug Tue. 38 in a.m. Did not warm up as it has been doing. N had an appointment with Dr. Rapp at 1:30. I rode along to Nell's and stayed while she was gone. We took vegetables to Nell. Norma appears to be better but not right yet. Jessie called this evening. Chilly evening.
25 Aug Wed. Cool a.m. Got up above 75 degrees, but cool wind. N feels some better. We both ironed. She gathered cukes and started pickling. I worked on rug. Wrote a letter. Geo worked at Cooperstown. Fred came up for his clean clothes and ate supper here. N feels better than she has in several days to-nite.
26 Aug Thu. Rained during the nite. Rather cool day. N baked rolls, cake, cookies for me, pie. She made dill pickles. Did some cleaning upstairs & down. We cooked up tomatoes, froze them. I helped in different ways. Kept busy.
27 Aug Fri. Cool a.m but warmed up to high 70s or low 80s. Vivian Cole died yesterday. We went to the funeral Home this evening then N & G shopped. Real warm evening. N cleaned with cleaner. I worked on rug, and did little else.
28 Aug Sat. Cool, for a while early then quite warm. Cloudy. In p.m temp dropped. Cool evening. Geo went over and got Henry early. He is going to stay a few days. Rita and 3 girls came over to supper. They are all gone to a drive in movie which is especially for children. N & Henry gathered cukes. N baked cookies & coffee cake. I worked on rug and kept busy washing dishes then preparing st beans for use. We are having sweet corn all the time.
29 Aug Sun. A cold cloudy windy day. N & G & Henry went to church. Rita was over in p.m. Tuie & children to get vegetables. N gathered some things from garden too as it looks like frost.
30 Aug Mon. It cleared off and there was a white frost. Not many things showed it. Squash vines and some things did. It was 30 or 32. We washed. N made dill pickles. Canned a few tomatoes. Phone call from Dorothy that they will be here Wed p.m. G at Cooperstown working. N & G covered tomatoes. Have gathered some of those turned some.
31 Aug Tue. No frost. Cool. Up to 60 or so. Some wind. N did some cleaning. Froze peppers. I washed kitchen paint. Worked some on rug. Fred was up a while in p.m.

1 Sep Wed. Rained during the night. N isn't feeling very good and is trying to take it easy. Dot & Frank arrived at about ___ and stayed till seven. It has been raining off and on all day. Tho not hard.
2 Sept Thu. A pleasant day. In the 60s. Norma is busy canning tomatoes, getting ready to make pickles to morrow. Word came that Alice & Bob will be her tomorrow night. Geo did not work to day.
3 Sept Fri. Quite a pleasant Sept day. N washed. Made pickles. Baked. Cleaned some. They went for gro. Henry got stung. His medicine wasn't here. After supper they took him home. I rode along. I helped along in kitchen and worked on rug. Geo had no work. Worked on house.
4 Sep Sat. Rob't & Alice & children came in at about 12:00 last night. We haven't done much extra to day. N worked at pickles some. A comfortable Sept day. N & G went to Sidney in p.m. On errands. N & Bob went up to Mr Lanes to borrow a combination crib & baby pen. Rob't and family went over to the Savorys to call in p.m. We had the last of sweet corn for supper. N, Alice & children went over to Mott's this evening to see Rita as she is there.
5 Sept Sun. Another quite pleasant day. Walter came over to breakfast. Bob & Alice went to church then to So N Berlin to dinner with her father. Walter N & G went to church. Beverly came in time for dinner. They cooked steak out doors. N got lunch. They go started a little before 8:00 took tractor with George's truck. I wrote letters and read a little.
6 Sept Mon. Another pleasant day. Philip & children came about 8 a.m to be cared for till about midnight. N and I kept busy at little things. In p.m. They had 2 sets of callers. A Mr. Palmer & wife and the Ruland's. Jessie asked me over there with the "gang" - Viz, Mrs. McWhinney, Miss Marble, Alice Palmer, Ruth Phettiplace, Nell Myers. it was a picnic supper outside. Weather perfect. Geo took me over and Jessie brought me back. Ruth & Mrs Palmer rode along. Warmer evening than usual lately. We washed.
7 Sep Tue. Another pleasant day. Geo did not work. I mended and wrote a letter. Bob & family came in late p.m. We had our last sweet corn to nite. It was pretty good. The skunks have found it. It's pretty good as is, badly frosted.
8 Sep Wed. Cool, cloudy. A very little rain. N & Alice went to Sidney in p.m to shop. Fred came up to supper. I worked on rug. Helen called briefly on way to Sidney. Really she & Larry were on their way to W. Palm Beach, Fla.
9 Sep Thu. Mostly cloudy, some wind. We did a canning of tomatoes. The Palmer's gave us quite a lot of sweet corn. We had some for lunch. A & B went down to her uncles the Hovey's this p.m and are staying for supper. Geo not working an Bob has helped some on the house. I have worked some on rug.
10 Sep Fri.Warm a.m Got up to 86 degrees. No breeze in evening and very warm. In the 70's humid. N finished up her pickles. I worked on rug mostly. N & A went to call on his sister Sylvia. Jessie's verse on HOT weather:
As a rule a man's a fool
When it's hot he wants it cool
when it's cool he wants it hot
Always wanting what is not
As a rule a man's a fool."
11 Sept. Sat. Much cooler. We hear there was rain in places. N & A went to Sidney to shop. I dusted. Worked on rug and helped in kitchen.
12 Sept Sun. Cool Rained some during nite and kept on drizzling by spells all day. W & B arrived during last night and are staying all say. Fred came up also for dinner. The men cooked Hamburg & hot dogs outside. We had a nice dinner. Bev brought some food. The Trasks called in p.m. Left Mark who had been staying with them. They all went to church but N who stayed with Bobby who had bowel trouble. N went up to McGill's to stay with Mrs. Chapman over nite.
13 Sept Mon. N is staying with Mrs C while Madolyn is in Boston a few days as Janie is starting College there. N is not there all the time but gets her meals and stays part of the time besides nights. Robert & family started for home in 10:00 this a.m. It has been a real rainy day. Cool. I have worked on rug most of the spare time. Geo has no work. N reminded me that it was her father's 99th b day.
14 Sep Tue. Cool. Cloudy but rain seems to be over. N straightened around in boy's room after company. I dust mopped all around up stairs. Wrote a letter, etc. Finished Henry's rug. N has been taking care of Mrs. C as usual. She seems good for her. N washed some. Geo not working. Bunny is real sick. Geo took him to doctor for medicine.
15 Sep Wed. Not settled weather yet. Cloudy. Cool and windy. We canned 7 qt tomatoes and have quite a lot to boil down. I been cutting corduroy garments to finish a rug I started some time ago. Geo isn' working. N goes up and spends quite a while at McGuill's.
16 Sep. Thu. Cloudy mostly. In the p.m. We washed. N is having her last day at McGills. Geo not working. I worked at rug material. Jessie called to-night.
17 Sept Fri. The phone didn't work so Geo did not get the message that he could work to day. Bunny had a very poor nite (as well as both G & N) So they had an appm't at 9:00 at Dr. Martins who thought he could not live, but a short time and would suffer. They had him put to sleep.
He is buried in the flower bed. G & N went to Oneonta. I dusted, dust mopped living room and all the way thru. Worked on rug material. It rained a while in a.m. Then clearing & windy. And N washed a lot of mostly spreads, bedding, etc. from Bunny's sickness. They went for groceries to Sidney in p.m.
18 Sep Sat. A heavy thunder shower during last nite. Warm a.m. Got up to 80. Much cloudiness. N did a lot of washing. Geo helped her fix the soil and she got the slips of plants all in dirt. She also ironed some. I worked on my material.
19 Sep Sun. Very warm. Got up to 84. I think. N isn't rested yet and had planned for a relaxation. They didn't go to church. Rita phoned over and suggested a picnic dinner. They would furnish fresh pork, the boys make apple pie. So we got salad, vegetables and bread & butter. Tuie wanted the tractor and came over for it and Geo went over & they used it. Very warm evening.
20 Sept Mon. Very warm. Up to 82 or so. Norma canned canner of tomatoes. We made chili sauce and boiled down tomatoes. We washed.
21 Sept Tue. Another hot day. N ironed. Rita did not feel like work. Came over with Karen & baby about ten and stayed a couples of hours. We had errands at Nell's so N took me over and I stayed till about noon. Nell gave me corduroy material so am going on to finish the rug for Norma that I started some time ago. N went up to put Mrs. C to bed as Madolyn is away this evening. Came home about 9:00.
22 Sep Wed. Same kind of weather. We canned a canner full of tomatoes and put up several cans of "cooked down" tomatoes. I helped about that. Worked on rug. Geo working. Karen's 4th b-day. Not observing it till Sun, I believe.
23 Sep Thu. Another warm nite and morning. Got up to 80 but not as uncomfortable as the past 5 days. In evening G & N went over to Rita's on an errand. Started for home and a tire was flat. So we were late. It began raining on our way over and rained quite hard while we were there. N did a little work on the outside of house. We planned for the next rows of her rug. Temp went down to in the 60s.
24 Sept Fri. Rained hard during last nite and again to-day in p.m. And some in a.m. N wrote several letters. I worked on rug. N baked pie. Not much extra done. They went to Sidney for groceries. Cooler. In the 60s.
25 Sept Sat. Cool night & a.m. G & N went to Oneonta early to shop. I cleaned a little up stairs, dusted, etc. Worked on rug. N baked b-cake for Karen and me. Very cool to night & they gathered the squashes.
26 Sep Sun. Cool. N has a cold and did not go to church. G did. Rita & family came over to dinner. Rita furnished roast beef (good). N made a lovely b day cake for Karen & me. Her b=day was last Wed. Rita & family gave me a card also N & G. Candy from the children and candy & stationery from N.
27 Sep Mon. Cold nite but no frost. Much colder to-day. In the 50's mostly. N canned canner of tomato juice and did one machine of washing. I worked at rug. Did not feel too well. N has quite a cold. There will surely be a frost to nite or maybe a freeze.
28 Sept Tue. The coldest nite we've had. 28. Got up towards 60 but cool wind. I did my washing. N washed some. Her cold a little better. She took some of the choicest geraniums up and put in the big tub & took upstairs as there has been some trouble about rooting. I finished Norma's corduroy rug.
29 Sep Wed. Not as cold. Cloudy. Began raining around 12:00. N & I went to Sidney. I to Dr. Joseph. N errands. The car stalled and it took us some time to get help to start it. We stopped on way to Sidney to ask Nell & Ruth to lunch to-morrow. Ruth isn't sure yet. Will know to-morrow. I helped N in kitchen about supper etc.
30 Sep Thu. No frost. Mostly cloudy and quite comfortable. Norma went over for Nell & Ruth about 11:00 for lunch. We had a nice visit. Rita also children and Eleanor & children came over in evening. Left David to stay a few days.

1 Oct Fri. My 88 bday. Rec'd quite a few cards. It was a cloudy day with some rain. G came home in p.m as he did not have work while it rained. David helped N make pumpkin pies and she made a nice cake and decorated it, also put 1877 on all with chocolate. So it was my b day cake. I moved into my winter quarters. Bed clothing & some needed things. Quite a hard rain about 6:00. Not very cold.
2 Oct Sat. Mostly fair. No frost. Geo went to Oneonta early. Came home around noon. N took care of tomatoes. David helped in kitchen. I finished getting most of my things in my Winter garden. N & G shopped for gro. late in p.m. Geo had an errand near Sidney and we all rode along. I made a small start on a corduroy rug. cooler to nite.
3 Oct sun. Cloudy & cool. Rained a small am't toward nite. G & N went to church. D didn't have clothes here. I wrote a letter and read some.
4 Oct Mon Helen's 55th b-day. It snowed a little early in a.m. And there was some snow in Bing and more in N part of state. Windy & cloudy all day and early evening. Rita took the baby to doctors, left the children here. They stayed for supper. David went home. School starts to-morrow.
5 Oct Tue. Ground white with light snow. During the day there was some sunshine and snow melted. We washed. N made cookies. I worked on rug. We both wrote letters. Geo working.
6 Oct Wed. A frost. Did not get up to 40. But some sunshine, quite pleasant. Beverly & children came about 12:00 and stayed till evening. Rita came over for a hair cut. Left ___ here for a couple of days as she is having her vacation and wants to get a lot done. We both ironed this a.m. I worked on rug.
7 Oct Thu. Cloudy Some rain in p.m N washed, baked a pie. I bro't down my hit & miss on rug and got a start on it. took my b-day cards (26) up and put them on my bureau. They about covered it.
8 Oct Fri. Rained during the nite and some in day. N was up to McGills 3 times to see to Mrs. C. I cleaned up stairs. Mended etc. Not very cold. Between 50 & 60 I think.
9 Oct Sat. Rather mild. Partly cloudy. Geo went to Oneonta early. N cleaned. I dusted. Worked on rug, etc. Jessie got home last night. Was away some over 2 wk's. I started a letter to Dorothy to night.
10 Oct Sun. Cloudy & a little rain about 50. The folks went to church. Jessie came over to dinner. G & N went over to Rita's this p.m. Jessie stayed for quite a while.
11 Oct Mon. Cloudy about 50. No rain. N washed some but poor drying. Sun shone some for a few min. Michele has quite a cold. N went to U to get milk, etc. Lurene called this p.m. I wrote all my spare time.
12 Oct Tue. Cloudy but clearing later. We washed. Good drying day. I finished up some writing. Did not feel very good but better later. Geo working. Worked on rug.
13 Oct Wed. Bright. Cool. Hardly up to 40. But clouded up just before dark. Michele has quite a cold. N had to tend her much of the nite so no one down stairs had a good nite's rest unless Karen. N took her to see Dr. Rapp this p.m. Karen & I went along and stayed in car. We ironed. I worked a little on rug.
14 Oct Thu. Bright, Cold. About 33 early. Got up to 60. Michele some better and all had a better nite. I got a letter off to Libbie G (late-bday). Worked on rug. N has to spend quite a lot of time with Michele. Mr. Dent called this evening.
15 Oct Fri. Rained in the night. Thunder around noon but not much rain. N went up to McGill's to give Mrs. C her lunch. I worked on rug. took care of M while Norma was away.
16 Oct Sat. Early in a.m. Bev stopped for Geo who went with her to Bing. Walter is in hospital and may come home with them. N took Karen & Michele home as Rita came back yesterday or day before. N baked cookies. Washed a little etc. I went along with N to carry the baby. Mostly cloudy. Comfortable. Walter, Bev & Geo came back from Bing about 7:30. They stayed all night. Bev & N went up to Trasks to get the children in evening.
17 Oct Sun. G & N went to church. Walter rested till dinner time. N & G went somewhere near Ninevah to get potatoes. Friend of W & B from Delhi called. I wrote letters & copied "family history" all my spare time. W & stayed overnight.
18 Oct Mon. Frosty a.m. Was a lovely day. W & B started for home at 11;20. We washed and it was drying. I got some writing off. Worked on rug some. In late p.m the Schaffers from Ohio phoned they were in U in a travel trailer. We hurried and got supper for them. A regular farmer's supper too salt pork & Johnny cake. They are sleeping in the house.
19 Oct Tue. Another lovely day. The Schafers left about 10:30. N went to Unadilla to get gro. I rode along and stayed at Nell's. She gave me a spool of cord for making rugs. I did some writing. Worked on rug.
20 Oct Wed. Indian Summer weather. Up too 70 or nearly. The furnace was not working early. They came and fixed it. Norma is cleaning her room to-day. Rita is sick and N went to Dr. Rapp and took a sample of urine. She has kidney infection. I wrote.a letter & worked on rug. Geo worked at Cooperstown. David is sick with virus pneumonia.
21 Oct. Thu. Another lovely day but clouded up in late p.m and started raining about dark. N made cake- soup and spaghetti & M balls. Took cookies a few and went over to Rita's about 9 a.m. Stayed with the children while Rita went to Sidney to shop. She is better so is David and baby has another tooth. N got home between 12 and 1:00.
22 Oct Fri. Part of the day seemed like Indian Summer but some cloudiness and in late p.m it rained more or less for some time. Rita came over in p.m with the children to stay, all but Henry who she was taking to the doctor. Sherry is staying here. I cleaned up stairs. N baked cookies & cake. I kept dishes washed etc.
23 Oct Sat. Some cloudiness & rain. A little sunshine. Geo worked on house. N helped some. I worked on rug. G & N went down late in p.m for groceries.
24 Oct Sun. Colder Cloudy. Some rain. They didn't go to church. Michele coughs Sherry had no church clothing to wear. G went after potatoes new Ninevah. Phil & Pat left their 4 children here when they went for a hay ride followed by a meal at the reservoir. A horse riding Club. They stayed an hr or so when they came for children.
25 Oct Mon. Michele is 5 mo old today. She coughs & chokes so much. N took her to Dr. Rapp this p.m. We washed. Cloudy. Cold. 33 in a.m. But moderated to 40 or so. Geo did not have work. I wrote a letter. Worked on rug.
26 oct Tue. 34 early. 40 later in day. N washed. Good drying. N made a pie. Did some cleaning and other jobs. She is kept awake so much with baby coughing & choking, tries to relax some. I finished the corduroy rug.
27 Oct Wed. Cold. Cloudy. We ironed. I wrote letters. Started cutting material of men's work clothes for rug. Geo went over to Mr. Hovey's this evening. Michele feels best she has still isn't well.
28 Oct Thur. Cold 32 degrees or colder. Cloudy. Norma went to Sidney to shop and bank. Came back by U to get my medicine & shop. I went along and held Michele. While we were gone there was quite a snow squall. Much of it melted. In p.m there was another. Rita, David & the girls came in about 12:00. Had lunch. David not good again. Rita better but not working yet. Michele pretty good. Our Rena was found dead near the road ( in ditch). We all feel badly including both our surviving kittens, I'm sure.
29 Oct Fri. Below 32. Got up to 40 or so. Cold at nite. Norma went up to McGills to give Mrs C her lunch and in mid p.m. I did some writing. Worked on rug material.
30 Oct Sat. Geo went to Sidney with truck early. It wasn't done so he wanted N to come and get him. I went along to hold Michele. N had trouble getting car started but did. Then we met. G with truck stopped as he had trouble with it. So we all went to gas station to let them know about the truck which they fixed and bro't home. N. & G took it and both drove down in car but I didn't understand why. We had late supper and just as we finished Richmond came in. Around 7:00 I guess. He stayed very late but wouldn't stay overnight.
31 Oct Sun. Bright & mild. Michele had a bad night. Coughing & choking. They didn't go to church but it was Henry's b-day. N had made a b cake for him and they went over to dinner. I sent over the rug I'd made for him. A hard shower in p.m. I spent the day reading and writing letters.

1 Nov Mon. cloudy & bright by spells. N washed some. I worked on rug material. Snow squalls in p.m. Rita, Karen & the boys were over in p.m. Both boys are not well and out of school
2 Nov Tue. 16 in a.m. got up to a little above freezing. Mostly bright. N cleaned windows in living room and put up old curtains, drapes. Pressed them. I worked at rug material. We went up in evening and voted.
3 Nov Wed. Milder. Got up toward 60. N went to Sidney Center to get a few gro we needed. I worked on rug material. N hasn't felt real well. May have a cold.
4 Nov Thu. Not freezing. Cloudy mostly. Very windy. N not feeling real well yet. Taking it rather easy. Michele pretty good. I worked at rug. We had a letter from Helen. Larry's knee better and she feels fine. Geo buried Rane in the flower garden.
5 Nov Fri. Not as windy. Bright. Above freezing. I cleaned up stairs. Wrote to Helen. N did too. Geo worked at Oneonta. I started rug for David.
6 Nov Sat. Milder. Geo went over to Walton early to take the mixer and is staying. N isn't feeling well but went up to get Mr. Chapman's lunch. I worked on rug. Geo stayed over nite.
7 Nov Sun. Very dark & cloudy. Began rain some time in a.m. Rained. Not very hard but steady for several hrs. Geo came home around 3:30. I wrote several letters. Read some. Around 50 degrees or so. Rita & family came over in even. Took Michele and left David who isn't feeling well.
8 Nov Mon. Mild. Some clouds. N does not feel well but did one load wash which dried very well. Geo worked at Oneonta. Fred and a girl he says he's going to marry next Sun came in and finally staid to supper. I worked on rug. N relaxed a good deal of the time. Played games with David.
9 Nov Tues. Mild. Not freezing. N doesn't feel much if any better, and had an appointment with the doctor, but couldn't start the car. It rained a little once to-day. N rested and relaxed quite a little. I worked on rug. Electricity off quite a while at supper time. We got candles & flash lights for a while. Then finally it is OK. Off from an hr to 1-1/2 hrs perhaps.
10 Nov Wed. 20 at 8:00 o'clock or so. Warmed up some. Bright. N feels better. David went out of doors a very little for mail, etc. I worked at rug. I got off mail. this black out we had last night affected states NY, City. During the night was very inconvenient. We were very fortunate. Madolyn was down. Helped N get her white dress ready for the wedding. Got milk for us.
11 Nov Thu. No mail. Not as cold. N feels better and has done quite a lot to-day. I worked at rug mostly. N baked cookies.
12 Nov Fri. Milder. Up to between 45 and 50. N feels much better. Washed. Went up to McGills to get lunch for Mrs. C. Cleaned with cleaner. Geo got home early so they went to Sidney to do errands. I cleaned u stairs. Worked on rug. Rita & family came, took David home over in evening.
13 Nov Sat. Mostly cloudy. G & N went to Sidney to do shopping. In early p.m. Myrtle, Winnie & Arthur J came for a couple of hrs. Walt & Bev came about nine to stay over nite.
17 Nov. Sun. Cold. 20 or so. Bright all day. The folks started about 9:15 for the wedding of Fred Collins & Mary Ravy at the church at or near Utica. Jessie & Nell came over after church. Were here for dinner. Early after p.m. Paul & Lenna Hovey came. Had been to Jessie's and found she was here. They stayed till between 4 and 5. The folks came between 7 & 8. Walter picked up their children at Trasks. They did not stay here long. Jessie & Nell left soon.
18 Nov Mon. Not quite as cold. Freezing. Windy. Geo at Oneonta. Norma washed. I worked on rug. Fred & Mary are planning to stay here 2 wk or so till the boys that are with him in the apartment leave. 2 wk or so. They came in to supper about 5:30. Norma worked up stairs in their room.
16 Nov Tue. Rained during the nite and kept raining off & on during the day. Norma took it easy as they didn't sleep good after having disturbing news from Moby. Is being sent to Philippines. N ironed. I copied some recipes to send to Helen and worked a little on rug.
17 Cold. Freezing or so. N & I got letters off. N did baking in p.m. Mary went down with Fred and they are going to Jerry's this evening. I worked on rug. Did writing in even.
18 Nov Thu. Quite cold. Freezing. Windy. Mostly cloudy. N is seeing to Mrs C until Sun nite as Madolin is on her way to Boston. N is staying up there most of the time. Mary helps about getting Fred's meals. I'm working on rug mostly.
19 Nov Fri. About freezing. N has spent most of her time at McGills. I did dust & mopping. Fred & Mary ate out to-nite. Geo came home early and went to Sidney for groceries. Richmond called this evening a while.
20 Nov Sat. A little above freezing. Partly cloudy. A little rain. N was over to Mc. Most of the day. Geo went to Oneonta in a.m. Got back at 12:00. N has her meals over to Mc. Fred & Mary have had no meals here to-day. Are going up to her folks at Clinton this evening to stay till Sun nite or Monday.
21 Nov Sun. Not freezing. Partly cloudy. N is more confined to her job each day. No one went to church. Rita & children were over a while this p.m. I wrote a letter and read some. N came over about 20 min while Rita was here.
22 Nov Mon. Moderate temp. N baked date & nut bread & banana bread. She went to U to get gro. Fred & Mary called a while this p.m. They went to their apartment and may be there now.
23 Nov Tue. Moderate temp again. Some rain. We worked some but had to bring in to finish drying. Fred & Mary haven't been here to- day, so they are planning to stay in the apartment now. N baked rolls, cookies, cake. Bro't in turkey & chicken. I did my washing. We both ironed.
24 Nov Wed. Mild. Bright. Jessie took me down to Dr. Joseph. Stayed for lunch. N washed some, cleaned with cleaner, waxed floor, etc. Geo came home early and they went to U for a few groceries.
25 Nov Thu. Thanksgiving. Moderate temp and very bright, the first part of day. Cloudy. Nearly 40. We had Thanksgiving dinner with Fred & Mary here. Expect W & B toward nite. I helped n in a.m then worked on rug. W & B stayed over nite.
26 Nov Fri. Geo did not have work to-day. He went home with Walter to help him. N & B went to town to trade in a.m. She went home about middle of p.m. Geo got home about 7:00. N went up to Mc to give Mrs C lunch and again in p.m. I worked on rug.
27 Nov Sat. George went to dentists at Oneonta at 9:00 a.m. It rained a good deal in nite and this morning too. Quite mild. Think it was nearly 50 at one time. N & G went to an auction at 1:00 p.m at U. Did not stay but called on Ruland's. I worked on rug. Cleaned up stairs in a.m.
28 Nov Sun. Mor or less cloudiness. Moderate temp.N & G went to church. I wrote, read, etc. Rita & girls came over in late p.m. Bro't Christmas cards. Left Michele here.
29 Nov Mon. N washed. We got mail off. Moderate temp. I worked on rug.
30 Nov Tue. Ground white with light snow. Mostly melted. Geo came home early & got ready to go to a funeral of a fellow workman. We ironed. N baked bread & apple pie. Fred & Mary came up to supper.

1 Dec Wed. Mostly bright. 35 or so. I mended in a.m. N baked cake and did odd jobs. Richmond came down to supper at 6:30. He just returned from Fla and we visited about his trip mostly. He left at about 10:40. Moderate temp. Partly cloudy. Worked on rug.
2 Dec Thu. Partly cloudy. I wrote a letter. Worked on rug. Moderate temp. We washed some
3 Dec Fri. Mostly cloudy. A few sprinkles. N washed. Tuie came over and got Michel around 3 o'clock. Madolin called. Geo was home early and they went to Sidney to do errands. I worked on rug.
4 Dec Sat. Some storm. G & N went to Sidney to shop in a.m. Did not get back till 2:00 or so. I finished my rug. Worked on Christmas cards.
5 Dec Sun. Around freezing early. N & G went to church. Rita & girls were over. Left baby. I didn't do much. Dust mopped some. Wrote on cards.
6 Dec Mon. Cloudy just above freezing. N did some washing. I got a p'kg of Christmas literature off to Helen. N wrapped her p'kgs to mail. Later snowed some.
7 Dec Tue. Colder. Partly cloudy. N baked date.& nut bread, cookies. We both wrote notes. Colder to nite than it has been. I rec'd my first Christmas card.
8 Dec Wed. 14 degrees this a.m. A few snow flurries. N washed some. Orrin & Mildred called. Bright in a.m. We both worked on cards & notes.
9 Dec Thu. Not quite as cold. Norma did a lot of baking. I kept the dishes washed. Rita & a lady came up from the bank to fit a dress to Rita. They had lunch here. N got a p'kg off. I worked on cards & notes.
10 Dec Fri. Above freezing. Cloudy. I washed. Wrote notes. N went to McGills twice. She washed too. Tuie came over for Michele this p.m.
11 Dec Sat. A little above freezing. Cloudy. Rained off & on all a.m. N & G went to Sidney to shop especially for Christmas gifts. We're gone till mid p.m. I wrote notes for C cards and rested a couple of times.
12 Dec Sun. Same weather. N & G went to church. Then down to Fred's to spaghetti dinner. It rained during the nite then hard much of a.m. Rita & family came over in evening. Brought Michele to stay this week.
13 Dec Mon. Rained during nite. Mostly cloudy. N & I both cards and got quite a few mailed. Jessie called briefly in p.m.
14 Dec Tue. Began raining early. Cloudy & a little rain during the day. The couch ( or studio couch & large chair came to-day. G & N Christmas gift to themselves. We both worked at cards and got quite a lot off.
15 Dec Wed. Rain early. Cloudy. N worked at various things to be done before Alicia & family come by Fri nite. She cut.a Christmas tree and they went down & got it this even and have it set up. She brought down decorations and got some up. I got off cards and worked on some. Fred & Mary were up this evening.
16 Dec. Thu. Cloudy & cool a few sprinkles. We both washed. Poor day to dry. N did odd jobs. We went over to U to do errands in a.m.
17 Dec Fri. Light snow but above freezing, so soon melted off. Cloudy. N worked up stairs getting ready for Alicia & family. Tuie came over for Michele in p.m. Geo came home early and they went shopping in Sidney. I didn't do much.
18 Dec Sat. A snow flurry early. But melted off soon. Geo went to Oneonta to get truck fixed. We were busy with last min things. N & G went to Sidney for a little shopping. Alicia & family arrived about 4:30. Stayed a short time then went to her father's to supper.
19 Dec Sun. A few snow flurries early. More later in day. Alicia & family went to church. Walt & family came about 12:00 and we all had lunch together. Rita & family later to lunch. Joan & Manny. Also Jessie came in. Then Fred & Mary. Alicia & family left for near Philadelphia about 4:30.
20 Dec Mon. Only 3 or 4 above zero. Ground white. N got the rest of her cards off and I had a few to put in. Did up some p'kgs. Did little. Bro't down a garment to cut for a new rug.
21 Dec Tue. Not quite as cold. 8 or 9 above zero I think. N & I both washed. N baked Christmas cookies. I kept dishes washed, etc. Michele has a new tooth making 5 in all. She is nearly 7 mo old. We had letter & cards from Helen.
22 Dec Wed. Not quite as cold. 10 degrees, I think. Got up to 30 p.m. Norma isn't feeling as well as usual. But improved thru the day. Alice phoned they might come Fri. N baked rolls. I didn't do much. Worked on rug material some. Mr Dent called in late p.m. N & G 15th Wed anniversary to day.
23 Dec Thu. Milder. Mostly cloudy but no storm. N washed some and ironed. I , or we, got candy p'kgs for all the folks and put on tree. I dusted & cleaned a little up stairs. Jessie, Ruth, Miss Palmer & Mrs. Feider called and left a Christmas p'kg for me. I was resting so didn't see them. Worked on rug cutting strips. Carol er came & sang.
24 Dec Fri. Above freezing. No snow to be seen. N & G went to Sidney in a.m. N made dressing. I did little. Geo is about sick with a cold. Rob't & family came in between 6 & 7 this evening.
25 Dec. Sat. Christmas. Rained in the nite and quite hard in a.m. Very mild. UP to 50 degrees. Rita & children came about 1:30. We soon had dinner. Just as we finished, Walter & family came and stayed till between 5:00 & 6:00. The tree was loaded on & under. I had five boxes of candy, a utensil for warming food for N & me. Toilet soap from Cath Sisson, also Mark. Powder from Bob & Alice. Lovely box of goodies from p.m circle of UPW.
26 Dec Sun. Ground white. 12 above zero. Neither G & N felt like going to church. Bob & Alice went over to her sister Lena's for a few hrs. Fred & Mary came a while in p.m. Especially to see Bob. Stayed cold. About 10 all day. Colder to nite.
27 Dec Mon. Not too much above zero but moderated to 25 or so. Geo went to work and appears much better to-day than yesterday. Bobby & family left about 10 a.m. For home. We spent the day getting things straightened around. N washed a little. Teddy seems well.
28 Dec Tue. Cold but not as cold as it has been. 30 or so in a.m. N washed. I packed a box of candy for Helen also for Richmond & Steven. Betty came around 3:00 and stayed till 6:30. left after supper for Fort Lee. Fred & Mary came to supper too. Betty brought a box of birthday cards & $1.00 in stamps. And bro't a book (Missionary) from Richmond.
29 Dec. Wed. Around freezing. N & I washed. I wrote a couple of letters (thank you). Geo came home not feeling as well. We did some straightening up. I wrote this evening. Tuie brought milk and beef bones for Norma to boil up.
30 Dec Thu. Not as cold. 40 at 9:00. I believe up to 50. N spent the day boiling beef bones that Tuie brought. Jessie called a while in p.m. I did some more thank you notes. The last. I did my ironing.
31 Dec Fri. Warmer. Reached 56 or so in middle of day. I cleaned up stairs. N cleaned with cleaner down stairs. Geo came home early. Fri nite and they went for groceries. Rita came over about four to get Michele. Cloudy mostly all day. We rec'd a letter from Helen. N ironed some. Richmond came down in evening. Stayed the old year out.


Copy of 1966 diary, Age 88, 89

1 Jan Sat. New Year. Warm. Up to nearly 40 degrees and near 50 degrees later. Mostly bright. We were alone all day. Had little frozen pies & baked potatoes. All slept late. G & N went down to call on Mrs. Ruland in late p.m then on to the funeral parlors. Mr. Matt's mother died yesterday. Funeral to-morrow. I made a little start on a braided rug. Have strips all cut.
2 Jan Sun. A little colder. Cloudy and soon began to snow. A little over 32 degrees and it rained a little. N went to church. G still has quite a cold so didn't go. Rita bro't a lovely spray of white mums & glads from the funeral.
3 Jan Mon. Thawing. Cloudy. Rained some but drying. I did some writing in a.m. N put away C decorations & washed some & ironed. I worked a little on rug. Not much snow left. I got newspaper ready to go.
4 Jan Tue. 25 in a.m. Warmed up some. Around a little above freezing. N washed & ironed some. I got a good start on my rug. Got off some mail.
5 Jan 21 in a.m. Got up around freezing or so. I did my washing. N washed some. I worked on rug. Did not feel like doing much. Fred & Mary were in for a lunch I think in evening.
6 Jan Thu. Rainy for a while then turned to snow. Michele was uneasy and cried in the nite so N did not get much sleep. Took M to Dr. At a 1:30. Did some trading. Kept up storming and the temp got a little lower. I worked on rug.
7 Jan Fri. Rain & snow in a.m. Partly clearing in p.m. Around 32 degrees. N did some cleaning. Michele rather fretful. Seems to have cold and doesn't feel too good. Geo came home early. Went to Sidney for errands. I worked on rug. Mended some and N helped me.
8 Jan Sat. Snow during nite. Colder and growing cold all day. Geo went to town for gro & errands. Michele is staying here this week end. N has ear trouble, but is better. I worked on rug. Walter & family came in to a late supper. They are staying over nite.
9 Jan Sun. Around zero. All went to church except Walter & I. The sun came out by spells. Walt & family stayed to supper & evening.Walt working on book work.
10 Jan Mon. Ground still white, but milder. Got up in upper 80s. Partly bright. N washed (I did too). Made cookies. N baked apple pie and made sugar cookies. N sent package to Helen, Larry's. I worked on rug.
11 Jan Tue. Colder. Not thawing. I worked on rug. Madolin called. Lena Brooks brought lambs and made quite a call.
12 Jan Wed. Around zero. Got up to 10 degrees or so. I worked on rug. N mended mostly. Jessie came over in late p.m. For a short call. Fred & Mary called.
13 Jan Thu. Cold but moderated up to 20 or so. I finished cleaning in kitchen shelves, etc. Worked on rug some. Did not feel very ambitious. Got off letters.
14 Jan Fri. About 20 in a.m. Moderated 8 or 10 degrees. N cleaned. I worked on rug, etc. Geo was home at 3:30. They went to U for groceries. Rita did not come for baby Michele but did in evening. Sherry stayed.
15 Jan Sat. Some below freezing. N & G cut up & wrapped the lambs this a.m. In p.m went to Sidney on errands. I worked on rug. Dusted lots.
16 Jan Sun. A little below zero in a.m. 8 Degrees. Moderated up about 10 degrees later.
N. G, & Sherry went to church. I wrote 2 letters, read some. Quite a relaxing day.
17 Jan Mon. Cold, but not zero. Moderated to some over 20. We both washed. Also I got off letters & a Bible to Larry. Worked some on rug. Did not feel very ambitious. A very little snow early in a.m.
18 Jan Tue. Some over 20 degrees. Much cloudiness. Jesse and Irene Leon's daughter & grand daughter called briefly in p.m. I worked on rugs mostly.
19 Jan Wed. Storm during first part of day so Jessie did not want to take me to foot doctors. Madolyn took me. It stopped storming entirely. 20 degrees about. Moby & family came just as supper was ready. Fred & Mary came in later. I worked on rug. Michele is having eye trouble.
20 Jan Thu. Some light snow in a.m. Moby & Dottie went to Sidney to get laundry done. I worked on rug.
21 Jan Fri. Partly cloudy. In the 20s I think. Moby & family went over to Walters to supper. Fred & Mary came to supper. I worked on rug
22, 23 Sat/Sun. Bright N & G went to Sidney to trade in a.m. I worked on rug. Fred & Mary came for supper. Walt & family came in evening. All stayed over nite. All went to church but Fred & Mary. Walt & family spent the even. Rita & family came over in evening. Brought Michele.
24 Jan Mon. Snowed during nite. Snowed lightly in a.m. 4-6 in now. I wrote letters and worked on rug. Nothing special doing. Geo has quit work for a while. The children have been sledding. Temp 25 degrees in middle of day.
25 Jan Tue. Fair. Not much was done to-day. Just meals. I worked on rug. Moby & family went to Dr. Rapp with Jimmy in p.m as he hasn't been ok. From there they went over to Walter's. Are staying over nite. Colder. Nearly zero this evening.
26 Jan Wed. -8 this a.m. Moderated to 16 or so. Moby & family came from Walters about 11:00. I worked on rug. Fred & Mary came in p.m. Stayed to supper.
27 Jan Thu. A little below zero. But moderated in middle of day. Cold & windy toward nite. Moby & family left for Fla at 6a;20 this a.m. Geo went to U this a.m. N did some wash. I did mine. Worked on rug.
28 Jan Fri. Around zero. Did some washing. I worked and did some work up stairs.
29 Jan Sat. Below zero. N. Is having throat trouble. They went over to Rita's this p.m to take Michele. Moderated up in the tens. I finished the rug for Fred & Mary. Jessie sent over a box of clothing-church, curtains, etc yesterday. I used one strand in the edge of the rug (red) of the curtain used in the choir loft. The other two are- red old shirt and black pants.
30 Jan Sun. Snowed all nite I think. Comes in squalls. Let up toward night. N still feels not at all good so no going to church. I read & wrote a letter. Rita & family came over toward nite. Walter came in at 10:00 and stayed all nite. Is on his way to Ithaca. Got up at 6:30 and was on his way.
31 Jan. Mon. It is blowing very hard. About 15 degrees temp. N is no worse but not doing unnecessary things. I wrote letters (which didn't go out) and mended. Kept blustering all day. Road kept open. No mail. Walter found the meeting postponed a week. Came in between 6 or 7. Stayed for supper then on home. A regular blizzard to day.

1 Feb Tue. Quite calm. No wind. A few snow flakes early. Geo plowed with snow plow. Not very cold. 25 or so. N washed. She feels some better quite a lot really. I mended. Got off mail. Got more ready.
2 Feb Wed. Not very cold. No storm to speak of Geo went to Oneonta. May work or help Fred on apartment. Wrote letters. Mail came. N improving all the time. Geo is back on the job. I cleaned up stairs. N washed & ironed some. I worked on cutting pieces for rug.
3 Feb Thu. Weather about the same. N feeling better. I am mixed up on the time. Today is the day I cleaned up stairs.
4 Feb Fri. I ironed. Washed too. Worked on rug pieces. Stormed some in late p.m. Geo home early. Tuie came over for Michele late. His mother came with him.
5 Feb Sat. Moderate temp a few snow flurries. Geo & N went to Sidney to shop. I worked on rug material. We heard from Moby & Bob. N did some cleaning.
6 Feb Sun. Not much above zero. N did not feel like going to church. We were alone all day. Suppose Michele will be bro't over to night. I wrote a letter. did some reading. Seemed like quite a long day. Moderated to 20 degrees.
7 Feb Mon. -10 degrees in a.m. N did some washing. I worked on rug pieces and made a little start braiding. Michele has quite a cold. Maybe it's just cutting teeth. Mostly bright. I wrote Bobby and sent with N. My father's b day would have been 115.
8 Feb Tue. Larry's birthday. 16. Zero this a.m. Got up to 20 degrees. Very bright warm sunshine. Geo went to Sidney to do errands. Michele has a bad cold. I began braiding and lacing rug. Washed my hair.
9 Feb Wed. Not very cold. Partly cloudy. Got up to 40. N washed. Michele better but coughs even when asleep. I worked on rug.
10 Feb Thu. Mild 30 or so in a.m. 46 later. Geo went over and helped Geo across the road in a.m. In evening we had a letter from Helen to-day. We both ironed.
11 Feb Fri. Most have thawed all nit. Much bare ground temp got up to 48. Go & N went up to Fred's about 10:00 as Mary is not well. Stayed till about three. I worked on rug and did some little things. Talked with Nell. Am glad I did as she is worse and her nephew came and took her to a nursing Home. It is where May Clifford is. Rita & family came over for Michele this evening. More or less cloudy.
12 Feb Sat. Still thawing. We all went to Walters. Started at 10:00 and it was 5:00 when we got home. I took my rug, still small and the Readers Digest so wasn't bored. We had a nice dinner and a good time. Still thawing.
13 Feb Sun. Snow patches getting smaller. N & G went to church We had boiled dinner and I got veg ready etc. Rained much of the day. Rita & family came over late p.m. She brought some things for supper. Of course they left Michele. Jessie came over for a short time. Geo dug the first parsnips.
14 Feb. Mon. Still thawing. N washed some. Geo went to Oneonta in a.m. I wrote a letter to Helen. Worked on rug. Temp 38 or so. Rita came up for.a short time at noon hr.
15 Feb Tue. Ground white with snow. Below freezing for a while. Geo went to work at Oneonta. I worked on rug. N barbecued chicken. Expected Fred & Mary but they didn't come.
16 Feb Wed. Ground white with snow on this a.m. It kept snowing steadily & blowing by spells during forenoon. N mended and Bro't down clothing to be sent overseas after repairing. I worked on rug.
17 Feb Thu. 20 or so. Cold wind. I pressed used clothes for overseas. Also worked on rug. Michele's quite worrisome. Doesn't take her nap as good as usual.
18 Feb Fri. About the same as yesterday. N washed and ironed. I pressed used clothing. Cut strips & worked on rug. Geo came home early and they went to Sidney. Rita & children came in evening. took Michele & left Karen. Fred & Mary Called briefly. Bro't a poinsettia for me.
19 Feb Sat. Cold, a very few snow flakes. Colder toward nite. N & G went to Sidney to trade. I worked on rug some.
20 Feb Sun. -4 this a.m. Moderated some but was a cold, a. Little blustery, day. N & G & Karen went to church. I did some writing. In the p.m. Mary C, Pat, Ann, John & Scot * little Timmy came for quite a call. N got them ice cream & cake. Just as they were getting to leave Rita & her family came so they stayed a little. N got supper for them all. Mary bro't clothing and rug material.
21 Feb Mon. Not as cold, but 15 degrees or so early. Some wind. We washed. I, or we, did some writing. A little work on rug.
22 Feb Tue. About like yesterday. We both wrote. No mail. Mended Rita's rug. Worked a little on rug.
23 Feb Wed. A little below freezing but sun shone warm all day so thawed some. Animals went to check. N mended. I pressed used clothing. Fred & Mary bro't their puppy up on p.m. Then came at supper time for supper.
24 Feb Thu. Not quite as bright but around freezing then moderated. N mended. I pressed. Worked on rug.
25 Feb Fri. Snowing very hard early ad for some time. Then tapered off, but very cloudy. Geo went to work as far as Otego then trouble traveling so came home. He used snow plows. Maile came & quite a lot of traffic. Mr. McGill made a long call in p.m Rather mild. Rita & family came for Michele. She always knows them. I pressed clothing & cleaned a little upstairs. 14-16 in of snow. 21 in Walton.
26 Feb Sat. No more storm. Partly cloudy. Temp around 30 degrees. N & G went to U to shop in a.m. I dusted, etc. Worked on rug. N cleaned and she & Geo did some extra things in kitchen. In p.m. G & N went to get potatoes at or near Ninevah.
27 Feb Sun. Around freezing. Got up to 40s. Very bright. A lovely day. N & G went to church. In p.m. Geo took N & S to the Nursing Home to call on several friends & acquaintances. Especially May Clifford & Nell Myers. We saw Bess Knapp & Car Vinton. Norma saw others. Geo went down to Mr. Hovey's & waited for us. Fred & Mary called briefly in evening. Rita & family came over and bro't Michele. I copied part of the Family History for Betty in a.m.
28 Feb Mon. Partly cloudy. Above freezing. We washed. I pressed clothing and did some of my ironing. I got off mail.

1 Mar Tue. Thawing. Rained off & on all day. Turned to snow toward nite. I pressed. N did some. She mended and is doing some for Rita too.
2 Mar Wed. Thawing. I did pressing. Then worked on rug. Rita came over a while during noon hr. N worked at clothing.
3 Mar Thu. Mild. Mostly Sunny. I pressed for an hour. N mended. Jessie isn't feeling well and wanted to come over for lunch which she did. She & N were interested in seeing a mocking bird in the apple tree & back lawn. I worked on rug. Temp got up to 54 degrees.
4 Mar Fri. Thawing. A small am't of rain. I pressed. N finished her mending. I think Geo got home about the usual time I believe. I worked on rug. Will lay it aside now and finish Mary's corduroy rug.
5 Mar Sat. Cloudy & mostly rainy. We went to Oneonta. G & N had errands and I went to City Drug Store and was fitted to rubber stockings. Geo & N went to Sidney after got home which was 3:00 p.m. We saw Pat DAniels on the street and Ethel Goodspeed at the jewelry country.
6 Mar Sun. Frequent snow flurries. N G & H went to church. I wrote letter & read. Rita & family brought I held over. They took Henry home.
7 Mar Mon. A perfect Mar day. Geo went to work but they weren't pouring cement so he came home. I did not feel like pressing, so rested in bed a while. Worked on rug garments. Madolyn called in p.m.
8 Mar Tu. 14 in early a.m. Geo did not have work till 9:30. N went up to Sidney Center with Michele to have her shot. John McGill took her. I did an hrs pressing. N did some cleaning. I worked a little on rug garments. Temp in the 20s but sun hot so thawed. Much bare ground.
9 Mar Wed. A little below freezing. Warmed up some. N washed and I did mine too. Worked on rug material. N went up to see to Madolyn's a animals as they are away till Sun. I did some letter writing. Fred & Mary left their dog here a while then took G & N out to dinner to observe Geo's b-day (63) which is Fri.
10 Ma Thu. A lovely day. Warmer than it has been. N did quite a washing then some extra work in pantry. I cleaned up stairs. Did some writing. Read in the book Madolyn loaned us and worked cutting rug strips.
11 Mar Fri. Colder than yesterday. Some storm. Geo came back about two o'clock. I don't know why. Norma & He went shopping in p.m. I finished my strip cutting and am ready to start braiding. Norma made two kinds of candy and packed a box for G as it's his 68th b-day. Also made a b-day cake. Rita & family came over to get Michele and have ice cream & cake. Left David for wk end.
12 Mar Sat. Rainy most of the time. A little snow at one time. N cleaned. David helped her at different things. I worked on rug. Braiding now. Geo has a cold and not feeling at all good.
13 Mar Sun. Cloudy & a little above 32 degrees. N & G did not feel up to par. Didn't go to church. I read, wrote letters, etc. Rita & family came over in late p.m. I think N is making pizza pies for the family.
14 Mar Mon. About freezing I think in a.m. Bright & Spring like. Geo was not able to go to work. N washed. I worked on rug. Got letters off.Geo did not go to work. He took N & Michele to Sidney for her shot. I worked on rug most of the day. Madolyn called. We gave her the book, " A Gift of Prophecy,," by Ruth Montgomery.
16 Mar Wed. 26 in early a.m. I think it was above freezing in middle of day. Geo worked. N took me to foot doctor. She had to take Michele who was good waiting at Mrs. Harvey's. I worked on rug.
17 Mar Thu. 24 early but soon warmed up to 40 or so. I washed, worked on rug pressed & did my ironing. In p.m. Dawn Wright made quite a call.
18 Mar Fri. About 40 at 8 a.m. Warmed up to 56 degrees. I took a walk on the stone walks. Finished Mary's rug of corduroy. N ironed. I pressed garments to send overseas. Rita & family came over to get Michele and Sherry expect to stay over the wk end. Warm evening.
19 Mar Sat. About 40 degrees in morning. Warmed up to a little over 50. G & N went to Sidney & U to shop. I cleaned up stairs, dusted, etc. Worked on material to finish rug I started a while ago. I got outside again a while. It's so pleasant.
20 Mar Sun. Cooler. Stormed during the nite. mostly rain. N & G went to church. Henry fell from his bicycle yesterday and hurt his face & head. Rita was kept awake with him and she felt that Michele would have better care over here so G & N went over and got her in p.m. Fred & Mary called in late p.m. I copied addresses in a new book.
21 Mar Mon. A little colder than last wk. Up to 48 or so in p.m. N washed. I am braiding on my rug. It's Spring now officially. We saw the woodchuck for the first. Mrs. Palmer, George's mother, called as we were at supper.
22 Mar Tue. Some rain during the nite and much cloudiness. Rain by spells in p.m. Fred & Mary wee here early & left their dog. Then back for supper & evening.
23 Mar Wed. Temp 54 in middle of day. Some cloudiness. I did my washing. Pressed clothing. Worked on rug. Rita was up for lunch. I went outside for a walk. G & N went to U for gas.
24 Mar Thu. Some sunshine in a.m. Cloudy & rain in p.m. Turning to snow toward nite. It got two birthday cards & letters off. N ironed and did some cleaning.
25 Mar Fri. Ground white and still storming some. So Geo came home around 10:00. Temp 25 degrees and cold wind. G & N went to U to trade in a.m. I cleaned some up stairs. Worked on rug.
26 Mar Sat. 22 degrees. Sun warm so it thawed a lot. This p.m. Temp above freezing and started snowing in late p.m. Geo went to Dr. Stacy in a.m. I worked on rug. N kept busy at different things, did some washing.
27 Mar Sun. 14 in a.m. Cold not pleasant. The folks went to church. Walter & family came just before N & G got home from church. We had what was left of the roast turkey, dressing, etc. Bev bro't a birthday cake for dessert as next Wed is Norma's b day. Rita came over for Karen and to bring Michele over for the week. I helped which I felt like and wrote 2 letters. Read a very little.
28 Mar Mon. Temp 10. Thawed some. N washed. I got off mail. Jessie called in p.m. Fred & Mary came this evening to stay over nite. Geo went over to Rita's to help Tuie as it was too cold to work outside.
29 mar Tue. Geo did not work. Fred & Mary left at about ten. Geo took Michele & N to Sidney. Michele had another shot. Geo & N took me over to Dr. Rapp's at 3:30. He found all in pretty good shape as usual. I finished the rug for Dotty & Moby. Not as cold to day. But wind chilly.
30 Mar Wed. Norma's 54 birthday. Rita came up for lunch. G did not work. Beverly & the children called briefly in late p.m. G & N went to Sidney about that time to get a bed for Michele that had been ordered. Mostly cloudy. Thawing. I got mail ready all evening.
31 Mar Thu. . About freezing or a little above. Thawed. Some snow flowers. N got my rug and some things that Dottie left here ready to mail. I began working on material for the next rug. N did some cleaning in kitchen. They set up the bed for Michele up stairs.

1 Apr Fri. Cold and not pleasant. Geo went to work. But came home at noon. Tuie & children came over for Michele in even. Richmond came down in evening.
2 Apr Sat. Cold. Some storms. Walter came over in p.m to stay till tomorrow nite. Mark with him. G & N went to Sidney to get gro, mail the rug for Dottie, etc.
3 Apr Sun. Temp got up to 38 or so. Geo, N & Mark went to church. I finished the family history for Betty and did some reading. Rita & family came and bro't Michele. Walter & Mark went home in evening.
4 Apr Mon. A little sunshine. Good drying day. N washed. Geo worked. I did some copying on Family History. Worked a little on my material.
5 Apr Tue. Some snow (sugar). One real wind & "smother" as Jessie used to say. N did more washing. I pressed rug material and worked at cutting some. Fred & Mary left their dog here and came back for it and a lunch. I worked some on genealogy.
6 Apr Wed. About the same kind of weather . Some snow squalls . Temp between 30 & 40. Some sunshine. I copied Family History and got it mailed to Mary with a letter. Worked on rug pieces. G & N went over to church this evening as revival services are being held this week.
7 Apr Thu. Not as much storm, but a little rain. Some sunshine. N did some cleaning & baking also washing. I got a start braiding y rug. Electricity went off in kitchen. N called Tuie and he advised her. Also got new fuses and bro't over.
8 Apr Fri. Ground white in a.m but temp above freezing as it melted off. More snow came in squalls. I cleaned up stairs. Washed my hand washing. Just as we were ready to eat lunch, Betty, Cynthia & Brenda Daniels came. Were here for lunch. Left about 3:00. Rich sent tulips to me.
9 Apr Sat. Same kind of weather. Mostly cloudy. some snow. Cold. N & G went to Sidney to Dr. Stacy, gro, etc. & too. N has been busy all day getting ready for Easter Sun dinner. Jessie called this p.m. Fred & Mary came to stay over night and to morrow.
10 Apr Sun Easter. Not a very pleasant day. Sun showed once for a few min. Fred & Mary went early to the Episcopal church to communion then back in time to go to church with Norma & Geo. Fred bro't Easter lily. N took it & tulips to church. We had a good dinner. 2 roasted chickens, dressing, and lots of "fixing." Also lovely cake. Rita & family brought Michele over and had a snack. Fred & Mary left rather early.
11 Apr Mon. More or less cloudiness. God up to 40. N washed. I got mail off. Worked on rug. Geo worked.
12 Apr Tue. Bright a.m. Got up to about 50. I went out for a walk. Worked on rug. N took Michele up to McGills in p.m. Very pleasant.
13 Apr Wed. Above freezing but windy & cloudy. N worked some cleaning up stairs. I worked on rug.
14 Apr Thu. Got up to 50 but cold wind. N washed, cleaned up stairs. In getting out of bed to go to bathroom at 4 a.m. I fell and hit on my face above one eye. N & G heard the fall and both came up. Not serious. N fixed it up. Sprained first finger on right hand but doesn't hurt too much. I worked on rug.
15 Apr Fri. Fairly comfortable day. N washed some and cleaned. Did some work up stairs and I feel pretty good. Tried to get in touch with doctor. He's out of town. I cleaned a lot of parsnips. Some are for Rita. I worked on rug. Had a letter from Helen. Mr. Robertson called in evening. Lena Burrows stopped in to get parsnips.
16 Apr Sat. Quite a pleasant day. Temp a few degrees sober 50. G & N went to Sidney early for shopping & Dr. Ate lunch early and took used clothing to the church, then went to an auction. Walter & Keith Trask's wife and daughter were there and came here for a while. N & G are in the garden & flower garden to work. Put in peas, radishes & lettuce.
17 Apr Sun. A lovely Spring day. N & G went to church. Took clothing used for Mrs Fits to give needy children, also parsnips which we can spare. In p.m Geo took us down to Sid. N called on Mrs. Ruland. I took reading. On the way home we got ice cream cones. Rita & family came over and brought their supper, also Michele.
18 Apr Mon. Cloudy for a while. Lovely most day. N washed and I did mine. N got the first d greens. Two big messes. I got mail off. G worked at Cooperstown. I cut strips so am ready to do more braiding. Began to look & feel more like Spring.
19 apr Tue. Pleasant. UP to 50 or little over. We both made cookies. We ironed. I worked on rug. Started braiding.
20 Apr Wed. Rained during the nite and real hard in a.m. Good soaking rain. Just what we need. N worked up stairs at cleaning. I worked on rug.
21 Apr Thu. Bright in a.m. But some rain late in day. N cleaned up stairs. But Michele wasn't very good so she didn't do what she planned to. I did not feel very . Worked on rug & wrote a letter. Jessie came over to supper.
22 Apr Fri. Mild. Mostly sunshine. N worked up stairs some. Also cleaned with cleaner down stairs. Geo got home early but not in time to go to Sidney as they hoped. Tuie & children came home early to get Michele. I worked on rug. We are setting clocks 1 hr ahead Sat nite. Be sure and remember. I got a letter off to Nell to-day.
23 Apr Sat. Set clocks ahead. G & N worked in flower garden in a.m. Went for gro to Unadilla in p.m. Looking for Walt & Bev at 6 p.m. They were late so we ate.
24 Apr Sun. Rainy during nite but quite a nice day. N, Bev & children went to church. When I wasn't sleeping I wrote letters. Walt & family went home early for them. Around seven, I guess. Jessie made a short call. Said she'd come again soon.
25 Apr Mon. 50 or so. Cool wind. Madolyn came down and stayed with Michele while N took me to the doctor. We had a flat tire over the hill. A man took us over to the doctors & Jessie came and took us home. Madolyn took N over to the car which Mr. M had changed tires.
26 Apr Tue. A Spring like day but cool wind. I haven't felt like doing much but have done some. N transplanted tomato plant, got d greens. I helped clean them. She washed. Had had a busy day. Geo phoned late in p.m that he was having truck trouble. N phoned Tuie & found he could go up for him and I guess took the truck to Oneonta. Tuie stayed to supper. Geo drove to Sidney to get a spare tire so he could drive our car to-morrow to work.
27 Apr Wed. Spring like. Rather cool wind. Jessie came over at 10:30 and helped transplant tomato plants. Stayed to lunch. N got her ironing done and did some washing. I worked a little on rug and read in evening. I rested several times. Do not feel much if any different.
28 Apr Thu. Rainy during nite & some during the day. N has washed some, washed for me. One of my dresses and ironed it. I haven't felt good and been to bed more or less. No appetite. Have worked some on rug. Rita was over to lunch.
29 Apr Fri. Quite a fair spring day. I think I feel a bit better. have slept plenty. N has done some cleaning. Myrtle & Chas made quite a long call this p.m. Geo went down soon after coming home to go to bank. Had an appointment with Stacy at 8. Tena (cat) was hit in the road this a.m and killed.
30 Apr Sat. Cloudy and quite a rain in p.m. Rita & family came over and Rita stayed with Michele while N went for gro. Tuie & boys helped Geo set out 400 little trees before it rained much. They stayed til between 8 & 9.

1 May Sun. Not a pleasant day tho sun tried to shine once or twice. We relaxed. No one came. They did not go to church. I took numerous naps all down stairs. Wrote to Betty.
2 May Mon. Quite a fair day. N was busy with washing, etc. I really feel some better and eat easier. Was not dressed but wore a nice new house coat that Madollyn gave us. Went to bed several times. Janie was over for a short call. G & N set out a few more trees to nite.
3 May Tue. 22 early but was a pleasant day over 50, I think. N washed. I stayed down stairs all day. Felt a bit better and ate a little better. Wrote to Emily & Petty R. The folks went out a while after supper. Flowers are lovely. Such a lot of daffodils. At 10:30 tonight. Dottie called on phone, then Helen.
4 May Wed. Not as cold as yesterday a.m but not a warm day. Snowflakes in air early. I guess. I feel a shade better & eat more tho feel real weak. I worked quite a bit on rug. N did quite a lot of wash. Not good drying. I had letters from Carrie R & Alicia.
5 May Thu. Windy. Some cloudiness. Mild toward evening. 62 in at 8:30. I spent a lot of time on rug. Cleaned d greens, etc. N & G went to S Center in morning. I took a nap. Did several little jobs. Felt the best I have any day lately.
6 May Fri. Got up to 50 but cold wind. N did machine cleaning, etc. Richmond came betwee 4 & 5 and stayed for supper and I guess evening. I got off mail. Felt better than I have yet and food tastes better. Rita will be coming for Michele.
7 May Sat. Mostly bright but frost in a.m. N washed. Geo went to Oneonta to dentist in a.m. They went to Sidney & U to trade in p.m. I feel best I have. Took no extra naps. took bath in p.m. Worked on rug. N is caring for Madolyn's dogs & cats some. This a.m. When Madolyn left for Boston.
8 May Sun. Rained during nite. Cloudy, cold. G & N went to church. Jessie came over to dinner. We had a nice dinner and Mother's Day boughten cake. I wrote letters and read. Seemed like a long day.
9 May Mon.Snowing. Has snowed several in but melted some. To nite this evening is 32 degrees. Geo went to work but too cold for outside so he came home in middle of a.m. Joan & Mannie came in late a.m. Stayed to lunch. Geo rode back to Oneonta with them to get his car that has been being repaired. I have felt still better to day and hope I'll get back to usual
10 May Tue. 24 degrees but soon began to thaw. Snow mostly disappeared. Geo took N for Michele's shot early. Then to work later in O. I worked on rug. Repaired Fred's that he bro't here. Philip & family came in and spent the evening. Michele is feeling real bad. Probably the result of shot. Kept N awake all. Night (no sleep) tho she slept some.
11 May Wed. Around freezing early. Warmed up but cloudy & cool. N washed some. Michele very irritable but better in evening. Geo worked. I worked on rug. Felt best yet.
12 May Thu. Rained during nite and much during day. Geo worked. Went to Coop in p.m. To work. MIchele feels as good as new. I worked on rug. Also did hand washing.
13 May Fri. Cloudy, cold. Geo worked at Coop. N got d greens and I spent over an hour looking them over. Worked on rug. Rita came over in evening to get Michele. N & G took Mary Lou to Vet in evening. She has been quite sick for several hrs.
14 May Sat. Bright all day. Warmest day yet. I went out and walked--the first. G & N went to Sidney to shop in a.m. I kept busy at dusting, etc. Worked on rug. Jessie was over late in p.m for quite a call. N made b-day cake for Sherry.
15 May sun. Another bright, warm day. Norma had bowel trouble and G sick with cold so they didn't go to church. Quite a day of relaxation. Fred & Mary came briefly. I wrote letters mostly. Rita & family came over. We had bday cake for Sherry. 7 yrs.
16. May Mon. Cloudy, warm. Windy. Rain in evening. G worked in O. I worked on rug. N has bad throat. G hard cold. They took ML to vet to nite.
17 May Tue. Warm. Up to 60 degrees or so. N took Michele to Sidney Center for a polio shot. Geo appeared better to nite. Mary Lou is better. I worked on rug. Looked over d greens in p.m.
18 May Wed. Cloudy. Warm up to 60 or more. Geo seems better and the dog is better. N doesn't feel very good but kept working. I worked on rug. Joan & her friend stopped and left some things from the house as they are moving out.
19 May Thu. Rainy a.m. Ge came home from work at 11:00. A nice p.m. Bright. Temp 70 degrees. The warmest day yet. I went out for a walk. Tulips are blossoming, the early ones. I nearly finished the rug. G & N worked outside some. Got little plants in hot bed.
20 May Fri. Temp 70 degrees. I did my washing. Finished.the rug. Looked over d greens. Rita came over for Michele. Geo went to do some work for some on in U.
21 May Sat. Rainy (light). Geo went over to Mr. Morgan's to do the work but it rained so he came home around noon. Norma went to U to shop and I went along and stayed at Jessie's. the latter of p.m Geo went back to do the work. N went with him. I did some writing and worked on a garment for a rug.
22 May Sun. Not quite as warm as the past two days but pleasant mostly. G & N went to church. Rita brought Michele over early so they could go to the funeral parlor. I wrote letters & read some.
23 May Mon. A lovely warm day. Temp 75 degrees. N washed and did some things to slipping plants. She took Michele to Sidney to have her picture taken to put in the U paper. I worked on rug material.
24 May Tue. Warmer. 80 degrees. G did not work as he coughs so much. He went to Dr. Rapp. Went to hospital & had x-rays. Norma went along to U with him. Fred & Mary came in for supper. They brought something for supper. I started braiding rug.
25 May Wed. Warm. 70 or over. It is Michele's first b-day. They took her down to Sidney to have her picture taken for Sidney paper. N made a b-day cake for her. I got to lacing my rug. N froze her first asparagus. Trees are pretty well leaved out. Geo did not work and may not the rest of wk.
26 May Warm. 75 degrees I think. N & G worked in garden, planted corn, etc. I cleaned up stairs. Worked on rug, etc.
27 May Fri. Very warm. 80. David's b-day yesterday. We are having them all over to supper. Spaghetti & meat balls. She made a b-day cake. Geo went over to U to finish the job he worked at last week.
28 May Sat. High temp but cloudy, threatening rain. Geo went over to U and worked on the steps in a.m. And back in p.m. He finished. They went over to U to shop in p.m. I worked on rug. Walter & Bev came over in late p.m. Are staying overnight.
29 May Sun. There was a thunder shower during the night, and it's cooler. Mostly cloudy and windy to day. N Bev & children went to church. I wrote a letter and read, besides keeping more or less busy.
30 May Mon. Memorial Day Cold.We started at ten o-clock for Milford cemetery. They took flowers. There were a lot of pretty ones. They bo't geraniums to set out. We took our lunch. Got home at 2:30. N & G went to Bainbridge. To day is the canoe race starting at Cooper & ending at Bainbridge. Rita bro't Michele over in evening.
31 May Tue. Quite a frost but a fog came in so nothing was hurt we think. N washed. In late p.m it began to rain. Cold. Cloudy & windy. Geo worked in O. I worked on rug.

1 Jun Wed. Another cold a.m. Foggy late. N did more washing. She baked a pie. I worked on rug. Cloudy. Threatened rain.
2 Jun Thu. Another frost. No fog. N ironed. Geo is staying up to O to a meeting this evening. N worked on flower beds. I worked on rug.
3 Jun Fri. Frost. Warmer in p.m. Wind has changed. N cleaned. Washed. I worked on rug. The flowers are beautiful but getting past their best.
4 Jun Sat. Warm a.m. Must have gotten up to 80 degrees or so. Warmest yet. Rita came over and took Michele home. Left Henry for the wk end. Jessie called. N & G went to Sidney to shop in p.m. I worked on rug.
5 Jun Sun. Another hot day. N & G & H went to church. N had lunch ready for us before they went. We went over to Cope's picnic ground. Tried to call at the Gadsby's but they weren't home. Then we went to Gilbertsville then to Morris on the other side of creek. They tried to make some calls, but found but one home. Back home by way of Rootville. Called at Rolland Goodspeeds, but they weren't there. I took reading matter along when there was a chance to use it. It was 80 degrees when we started. We didn't mind the heat. Rita bro't Michele over in evening.
6 Jun Mon. A thunder shower during the nite. Thunder & looked like rain but not much came. We washed. No took me over to Dr. Rapp this p.m. As my legs are painful. He gave prescription. Have discarded rubber stockings for a time anyway.
7 Jun Tues. Another quite warm day. Threatened rain but there was little. N went to U to do errands. I went along. My legs feel some better. Have to rest in bed 1 hr each a.m & p.m. N has had a busy day. Fixed porch box, transplanted some flowers, etc. Cleaned Windows, etc
8 Jun Wed. Warm again tho I felt cold much of the day. N was busy at washing windows and other cleaning. Mr. Dent called but I was resting and N did not call me. N & G & M went to a supper at the church for the graduates. chicken barbecue. Much cloudiness.
9 Jun Thu. Bright early, but clouded up later. No rain. N was busy cleaning up stairs, ironing, etc. Helen & Larry arrived around 7:00 p.m. Larry went up to So Side Drive.
10 Jun Fri. Heavy thunder showers during the nite. Cloudy all day but little rain. I think I may be some better. Rest & sleep 2 hr each day. Helen went up to the farm. Came in at midnight.
11 Jun Sat. Cold a.m. Warmed up to 50 or more. Mostly bright. Helen went up to the farm soon after breakfast. N & G went to Sidney to shop in a.m. I feel some more comfortable. Worked on rug. Kept busy. G & N worked in flower garden to-nite. N baked cake & cookies..
12 Jun Sun. Cool a.m. N & G took lunch and went up to Philips then to Rich. Ate lunch outside with Rich & Helen. Got home between 3:00 & 4:00. Fred & Mary came about that time. N got supper for all. Rita bro't Michele over. Cool evening. My ankle hasn't felt as good to-day tho not too bad.
13 Jun Mon. Cold a.m. But turned out to be over 80. N washed. She took me to Dr. Rapp as my ankle isn't any better. Mr Davy called and Mrs Haynes was with him. I had a little visit with him.
14 Jun Thu. Very warm. Thunder showers in late p.m. N ironed & washed some. G & N went to Sidney this evening to see the pictures of Michele that were taken a while ago and if they are good, select the best.
15 Jun Wed. Cool a.m. Partly cloudy. Rained in p.m. A little. N went to U to see the pictures of Michele that were taken a while ago. Jessie called this evening. I worked on rug.
16 Jun Thu. Rained more or less all day. I finished the rug and have another started. Corduroy. N washed but had trouble drying. N baked cake & cookies.
17 Jun Fri. Cool. Clearing. I did my washing. Worked on getting garments ready for rugs.
18 Jun Sat. Cold a.m. Bright. Got up to 70. Cool wind. Geo went over to Walters this morning early. Got home a little before 4:00. N went to Betty at 9:00 to have her hair done. She went to Sidney to shop fin p.m. They are going to Oneonta to a supper in honor of a workman who is retiring. Larry bro't Helen down to stay over nite with me as they expect to be late from Oneonta. She came in time for supper.
19 Jun Sun. Foggy. Bright. Cool air. Rich & Don came down for Helen this a.m. Norma got breakfast for them. They are moving and not much left in their home. Jessie & Ethel Rolfe called. George's cousin from near Bing called. Walter & Bev brought food for our dinner. Fred & Mary are here to eat. Rita bro't Michele over. I wrote & read. Cool to night.
20 Jun Mon. Another cool a.m. Quite warm day. N has a back pain. Came on at 4:00 so Geo did not go to work as she could not care for baby. He went to Sidney to get his glasses fixed, bent bows. They have to plant some seeds again. Geo worked in garden.
21 Jun Tue. The longest day (day light) in the year. A thunder storm in night. But mostly thunder & lightning. Not much rain here. Threatened rain but didn't to day. N is better so Geo went to work. But her neck & back fo head hurt. N washed. I got a start on mending the corduroy rug.
22 Jun Wed. Cool a.m. But warmed up. N isn't very good so got Madolyn to take me to foot Dr. I worked on rug.
23 Jun Thu. Same kind of weather. N feels better. Did some washing. Not much extra. I worked on rug. Jessie & Chas called this evening.
24 Jun Fri. SAme sort of weather. N washed. I did mine too. Worked on rug. Geo went to Dr. Stacy this evening and N & I rode along. Rode around town some.
25 Jun Sat. Weather fully as. Hot or more so. G & N worked in garden while it was cool. In p.m. Went to U for groceries. I did some house work. Worked on rug.
26 Jun Sun. Warm again. They did not go to church as thought it too hot for Michele. We had a thunder shower at 6:00 or so. It cooled the air for a while then got up to over 70. I wrote a b card to Alicia and wrote to Emily.
27 Jun Mon. Warm. A little rain around noon N took the Palmer children to Bible School and went for them. Jessie came over about noon to get a recipe. N gave her some of our peas that have edible pods. We think they are good.
28 Jun Tue. Warm. Cloudy by spells. But no rain. N took the children to Bible school. Fred & Mary left their dog here and N got them a lunch. She picked the peas, pods & peas. Gave Betty, the Fitzgeralds some. I worked on rug. Sent a card to Adelia and letters. She has fallen and gotten hurt.
29 June Wed. Same kind of weather. Alicia's 37 b-day. N picked s berries and froze. Cooked the new kind of peas and froze some to try. Cooked the last of asparagus. I worked on rug. N worked in flower bed.
30 Jun Thu. Same weather. Tho not quite as warm and more wind. N froze the first peas. Madolyn came over for some. N took some over & left as Jessie's. We went over in p.m. And called on Adelia who has fallen and got hurt. We took new kind of peas to them. Rita bro't M to stay over.

1 Jul Fri. Cool again. Hot sun. 80 or so. N picked peas for supper and strawberries. N talked with Helen. I wrote a letter to her. Busy all day more or less.
2 Jul Sat. Cool early a.m. Hot later getting very dry. N picked new kind of peas for Rita and a few others. Rita & girls were over for supper. Bro't pie. Jessie called briefly. Brought s berries to freeze.
3. Jul sun. Hottest day yet. N & G went to church. Soon after dinner we went up to Philip's farm.
Joan & Mannnie, Ruth Ann were there. They were just eating dinner. We got back around five. mary Collins & her sister called in late p.m. Hot to nite.
4 Jul Mon. Very warm then cooled some. Probably rain somewhere. N washed a little, picked peas & froze. Also picked new kind all that were ready. Walter & Bev came around noon. They bro't clams to freeze. N made salad. We had peas. It got warm again but not as hot as yesterday. Rita bro't Michele over to stay till Thur or Fri. The girls came and they stayed to a picnic supper outside.
5 Jul Tue. Cool nite but warmed up as usual. I did my washing. N picked s berries. N took Michele to Sidney to have her picture taken. Cooling off to nite. Glen has the hay in except scattering.
6 Jul wed. A short thunder shower in the nite. N froze peas. I helped she'll. She also picked about the last of new kind. Washed some. I worked on rug.
7 Jul Thu. Cool nite. Warm day. Walter & family stopped a while on their way to W Vir. Barbara Ann Gould came over from Jessie's for lunch. N went to U and took her back in early p.m. Working on rug.
8 Jul Fri. Very cool a.m. Not quite as warm to day. Cool wind. N froze peas and kept busy at various things. I worked on rug.
9 Jul Sat. Quite cool a.m. Not as hot as some days lately. Rich bro't Helen down at 8:00 o'clock this a.m to stay a few days. H & N went to town to do grocery shopping. Got the car washed, G & N went to Oneonta early this p.m. Ate out. Came back in early even. Helen went with them to drive in theater.
10 Jul Sun. A short thunder shower early this a.m. G. N took lunch and started for the day around 11:00. We had Jessie here for dinner.Very hot. 85 or so
11Jul Mon. Quite.a comfortable day. We started about 10:30. Went to Otego cemetery, on down to the Filer's and made a call on Mr F and Carl. then on to Orrins, then cemetery (Gilberstville). Took flowers to both cemeteries. We undertook to call at Fred Gadsby's. Ben Wilburs, and Juna Richards. Found none at home but one of the Richards daughters was there. She wouldn't be home till 6:30. I called on Ruth
12 Jul Tue. Same kind of weather. Or perhaps a little hotter. Was 75 degrees before. We started some after 10:00. We went to Philip's place to get a little stove that Helen had. Ate lunch, went to Necia's. Did not find Minnie home. Called at "Bob White's." Jean Woodlands, then on to Myrtles. Got home a little after 4:00.
13 Jul Wed. Same kind of weather. Perhaps even warmer. H & N went to Oneonta to trade, then Sidney. I stayed home and rested.
14 Jul Thu. A little cooler. Quite comfortable. We started about 9:30. Went to call on Libbie Grodley. By way of Bainbridge. Found her in poor shape after having a stroke. We went to So New Berlin then. Had lunch. Had a flat tire which took time. Then went to Mrs. Butler's from there called at Mr. Savorys. Went on to Morris as Helen had an errand there. Then on home. Reached home about 4:30. Stopped in U for my capsules.
15 Jul Fril. Cooler. A comfortable day. I did my washing,e to. N cleaned and did many things after being away all week. She washed. I haven't gotten rested yet. G & N went to Sidney this even. He went to Stacy. Cool evening. I wrote to Rena-B-day letter.
16 Jul Sat. Cool. Warmed up to 70 or some more. N & G went to Sidney to shop. N baked rolls and many cleaning jobs. I dust-mopped up stairs & dusted. Do not feel too comfortable. Probably riding so much. Cool nite.
17 Jul Sun. Cool a.m. Warm later. Mary's family, the David's, came over from Hamilton to Fred's then came over here for chicken barbecue dinner at 3:00. Geo helped Fred barbecue. Fred furnished most of the dinner. Norma baked rolls, furnished lemonade & pickles. Rita & girls were over in evening. Sherry stayed.
18 Jul Mon. Cool a.m but is about the hottest day yet. N washed. I didn't feel very good. finished some letters I started yesterday and worked a little on rug material. Isn't cooling off as much this evening.
19 Jul Tue. A light thunder shower early this a.m. Then in p.m a hard one lasting over an hr. Geo worked at Cooperstown. They had more rain there. N baked cookies. Rita and children came over to-nite. Left Karen here. I wrote 2 letters and worked some on rug material.
20 Jul Wed. Much colder. Bright. In p.m. Mrs Bert Butler and daughter Betty, Gordon Goodspeed's wife and little boy came for a long call. Walter & family came at supper time from W Vir where they had been several days (prof Conference for Walter.AP). they stayed over nite. Left in a.m.
21 Jul Thu. Cool. Clouded up towards nite. Some sunshine to day. I did my washing. Worked on rug material.
22 Jul Fri. Cool a.m. Warmed up to 75 degrees or so. Geo still at Cooperstown. Karen. I did not feel usually good in a.m. But better in p.m. N baked cake & I made cookies.
23 Jul Sat. Cool. Warmed up as usual. Quite windy. The folks went to Sidney to shop. Rita & family came over. They had a cook out supper and are staying over nite. Plan to sleep out side. Just the boys did. Slept in their station wagon.
24 Jul Sun. Same kind of weather. N took the girls to S.S. We had a cookout. Rita bro't steak, and furnished sauce besides. It was a perfect day. They left about 7:00. David stayed.
25 Jul Mon. Same kind of weather, tho some hotter. N washed. David made cookies. I had an appointment with Dr. Hust at 2:45. We had to wait as Dr had to see to someone who had a car accident. Helen & Rich stopped a few min in late p.m. They plan to start on a trip to Penna in the a.m. It is sultry this even. Warmer than usual.
26 Jul Tue. Warm. Much cloudiness. N washed my hair. I haven't felt ambitious. Worked on rug. Started braiding--for N bathroom. N & David went to Bainbridge. Threatened rain and finally we did get a good rain while it lasted. Too short. We need more. Very much. Cooled off a little. Still warm nite.
27 Jul Wed. Cool nite. But soon warmed up. mostly cloudy and a light rain durin the p.m. Distant thunder. N is caring for Madolyn's dogs from to day till Sat or Sun. N washed. David helped her in flower garden. She made a pie. David a cake. I worked on material for rug.
28 Jul Thu. Began raining about 7:00. Or so. It has rained more or less all day. Some of the time real hard. N hasn't felt very good and taken it rather easy. I have started braiding on rug. Jessie called this evening..
29 Jul Fri. Cool. A.m. Not as warm as has been 75. I think. And much cloudiness. N cleaned up stairs & down with cleaner. I worked on rug, dusted, shelled peas, etc. Betty came in p.m. And is staying over nite. Cooling off (N got groceries at U).
30 Jul at. Cool a.m. Not as warm. About like yesterday. Betty left for Otego about 2:00 p.m. We didn't do much extra. N does not feel real well. They went to drive in theatre to nite. I worked on rug.
31 July sun. Cool a.m. Same weather. N & G went to church. In late p.m. They & David went over to Sid dam. Fred & Mary called but did not stay as folks away.

1 Aug Mon. About the same kind of weather. Bright till late p.m. Then clouded up. Mrs. Terpenning from the Palmer's called here this a.m. N washed. Jessie called this evening.
2 Aug Tue. Cloud. Threatened rain all day and began again toward nite. Had already rained a good lot. N ironed and worked in garden. Helen & Larry called briefly. Fred & Mary were here in p.m. And stayed to supper.
3 Aug Wed. Cool a.m and did not get hot. Some sunshine. Helen came down a while. She & N are making plans to go to Morris Fair to morrow. N worked in garden & flower garden. I worked on rug. Very cool evening.
4 Aug Thu. Very cool a.m. 40 deadly. Bright. Got up to 75 I think. N & Helen went to the Morris Fair. Got there about 12:00. N came home around five. I worked on rug.
5 Aug Fri. Cool. Mostly cloudy. Up to 75 or so. I had a fall in my room. Could not get up. Betty came over and helped me so we managed it. Not hurt seriously. I worked on rug. (According to Mothers diary, Gma fell twice today. So she decided to move Gma downstairs now).
6 Aug Sat.Cool a.m. But warmer day than we've been having. N & G have been busy all day getting the living room in shape for my bedroom. Disposed of some furniture, Bro't down bureaus including single bed, wardrobe. Helen & Richmond stopped in in p.m. & Rich helped on some heavy things. It all looks very nice. Not as cool to nite. I worked on rug.
7 Aug Sun. Very warm day. Walt & Bev came down & bro't barbecued chicken & soft ice cream. N furnished what was lacking. Jessie called in evening, also Fred & Mary. I did not feel well. Had another fall, not serious. (NOTE: My mother writes: "After Mama rested, she talked with Bev in the kitchen & fell straight over backwards & hit her head on the freezer. We put her to bed & she seems OK." AP).
8 Aug Mon. Quite hot. Over 80. I kept my room mostly. Had another fall in my room. Not serious. Rita bro't Henry up this noon to spend the week. She was here for lunch. I rested in bed quite a lot.
9 Aug. Tue. Carrie would have been 90 today. I feel still more lame. Have walked to kitchen 3 times for meals. Warm. Madolyn was down and got my capsules at drug store. Have rested in bed.
10 Aug Wed. Same weather. Had good shower in nite (Thunder). I did not rest in bed as much. Started a letter to Emily. Jessie called in p.m. We had our first sweet corn.
11 Aug Thu. Quite hot t-day. Some cloudiness. Showers in early evening. I feel about the same, I think. Wrote to Adelia. Read quite a little. N froze string beans ( pt). She bro't them in here and I helped her get them ready. We had Summer squash. 1st. N called Dr. And he said stop medicine.
12 Aug Fri. Sent letter to Adelia. Cloudy mostly. Rained some toward nite. Rainbow in early evening. I feel some better. Worked on rug.
13 Aug Sat. Cooler after rain yesterday. Bob & family arrived at 11:00 p.m last night. N & Alice went to town for gro. Walter & family came in late p.m. Bro't chicken to be barbecues & clams to be steamed. They bro't cake. N furnished chicken too. Made salad, sweet corn, etc. I fInished rug for N's bathroom.
14 Aug Sun. Rather cool and windy. Bob & family went to a family reunion (Alice's). Rita & family came over in p.m. Tuie put the lamp in the living room higher and fixed the curtain better the 2 rooms. I wrote several letters. Bob & family came back in late p.m. Fred & Mary came.
15 Aug. Mon. Cloudy. Rained a little early. G did not feel like working. made an app't with Dr. Hoyt who says arthritis ails his back. Bob & family left around 10:00 for home. I worked some on rug material. Rained gently in late p.m. Jessie called in evening.
16 Aug Tue. Geo did not go to work to day. Jessie came over at 10:00 and stayed while G & N went to town. Cloudy. A thunder shower and rain afterwards in p.m. I got material for rug ready.
17 Aug Wed. Geo worked. Rather cool. Mostly cloudy & windy. Betty came over and got sweet corn. N got a good start on making her curtains between my room & living room. I got a good start on a rug.
18 Aug Thu. Cool a.n. But got quite warm 80, I think. N washed. Good drying. N finished her curtains. Madolyn came down to see them & got sweet corn. Geo stood his day better. I worked all day on rug.
19 Aug Fri. Cool a.m. Warmed up to 70 or over. N cleaned and ironed. I took bath. Worked on rug. Geo went to to chiropractor in even and N & I went along. It was pleasant & comfortable. Our commode came today and we picked that up in Sidney from M Ward & Co.
20 Aug Sat. Cool a.m. Warmed up but not as hot as has been. Comfortable. G 7 N went to an auction in a.m near to Greene. Jessie came over and stayed with me. The folks got home about 3:30. They got gro. I worked on rug. N found a praying mantis on a geranium.
21 Aug Sun. same as yesterday. N went to church. I read & wrote letters. Rita & family called in late p.m.
22 Aug Mon. Very warm night. Last nite and to day. Cloudy, mostly sultry. N washed one load. Cleaned up stairs and straightened. We both got off mail. Geo is, and has been, painting outside of house. I worked on rug and walked alone in my room some. Feel much stronger. Fred & Mary came in evening to stay over nite.
23 Aug Tue. Very dark and we had quite a nice rain. Clears. Fred & Mary went home during the p.m. H & Rich, Marilyn and Arthur came around noon and stayed to dinner (or lunch). Randy Palmer came over to see me as I haven't seen him in some time. Stayed for lunch. I worked on rug as usual. Feel stronger all the time.
24 Aug Wed. Cool. Cloudy. Some sunshine. N washed. I am getting around alone quite a lot. N got upstairs ready for guests as we expect Alicia & family perhaps Sat this wk. N baked a Black raspberry pie. Jessie & Barbara's Kathy (8 yrs) called in p.m. Am working every day on rug. A phone call came from Alicia that Alicia & family aren't coming.
25 Aug Thu. Cool a.m. Warmed up to 70 or over. N ironed, wrote, mended, etc. Garden things coming on better since recent rains. I straightened drawers in small bureau. Went up stairs to see how N changed furniture and got things in nice shape. Geo painting. I feel better all the time. A letter from Betty.
26 Aug Fri. Rather cool all day. I get around better all the time. Took bath in plum. Worked on rug a little. This evening G & N went to Sidney and I rode along to Jessie's. We were gone about 2 hrs. N is seeing to Madolyn's dogs til to-morrow nite. Have been dressed to day for the first.
27 Aug Sat. Sunshine. Some cloudiness. Thunder showers toward nite. Heavy. G & N went to Sidney to shop and G to Dr. Hoyt. Jessie came over a little before 8:00 to stay with me while G & N went to movies.
28 Aug Sun. Cloudy but clearing. A nice day. G & N are invited to Trasks to a barbecue dinner around 2:00. I overslept as I had to take aspirin to sleep last even. The folks got home between 4 & 5 I think. Started at 1. I read and wrote letters. Time didn't go too slow. N bro't me a nice lunch before leaving.
29 Aug Mon. Cool a.m but got up to 80. Quite a bit of cloudiness and sultry. Rita bro't all the children but David over as their baby sitter is sick. They came at 10:30 and stayed till about 5:00. N washed and altered dresses for Sherry. I stopped work on the rug and am ready to start another similar. they are for Ruth & Joan.
30 Aug Tue. Some cloudiness. Warm. N washed. I feel stronger each day. Got up mail. Jessie & Barbara Gould's son Rob't called this p.m. I started the second rug for Ruth & Joan. Motts gave N cucumbers and she has started dill pickles. Gave us string beans too.
31 Aug Wed. Foggie a.m. A perfect day. N made dill pickles. Did mending. I began braiding my rug. N washed some.

1 Sept Thu. Foggy again. N ironed. Baked cake & cookies. I wrote letters and started b day cards & notes. I feel stronger all the time. N did some transplanting and got soil for slips she is taking off.
2 Sept Fri. Foggy, cool. But warmed up to 75 or so. N made dill pickles. did Friday's cleaning I got mail off. Worked on rug. Took a bath. G went down to Stacy to night. N & I rode along. It was pleasant.
3 Sep Sat. Cloudy. Foggy. Did not get as warm as usual. N & G started at 9:00 for Walters. Got home between 7:00 & 8:00. They went blackberrying. Got several qt. Jessie came at 12:00 and stayed till they got home.
4 Sep Sun. My Mother's b-day. It rained a lot through the nite and continued more or less to-day. N & G went to church. I wrote and read. Wilfred called this evening. A thunder shower this evening.
5 Sep. Mon. Cloudy in a.m. Some sunshine. Around 70. Labor Day. Rita & family came over around noon with some things for dinner and sweet corn to freeze. Michele is staying, we expect for the school yr. Karen is to start kindergarten and baby sitter Rude will be in school.
6 Sept Tue. Bright early. Some cloudiness. N washed. Around 70 or a little more. G & N went to Sidney this evening to shop.
7 Sept Wed. Cloudy early. Bright later. Hardly got up to 70. N made dill pickles. Canned a canner full of tomatoes. I helped peel. Worked on rug.
8 Sep. Thu. Cloudy. Coolest day. We have had. We, or N, canned a canner full of tomatoes. I cut strips for rug.
9 Sep Fri. Cool. Bright. 75. I think. Jessie brought Mrs. Facing over to call in a.m. N ironed & cleaned some. I worked on rug. Rita came for Michele.
10 Sep Sat. Cool. foggy. Geo went early to Sidney to have something done to truck. Then to Gville to help Jimmy Musson. N went to U to shop. She washed. We canned canner of tomatoes. Tuie called about noon. G & N went to movies. Temp 75 in warm part of day.
11 Sep Cool. Got up to 65 or so. N & G went to church. Tuie bro't Michele over around dinner time as the Motts were going to a picnic at Walton put on by Mason's, families invited. Cool to-nite. I read & wrote letters.
12 Sep Mon. Cool. Bright. In the 60's. We keep thinking about frost, but if any, very light. N made pickles, washed, ironed. I cut rug strips and started another color. Rita came in for lunch.
13 Sep Tue. Will would have been 100 to day had he lived. Much cloudiness. Norma canned a canner of tomatoes and boiled down to nice.
14 Sep Wed. Rained during the nite and continued all day some of the time quite hard. N made pickles. She took me down to Dr. Joseph at 1:20. She baked cookies and green tomato pie. I got mail off, worked on rug. Mr Philips a lawyer from Sidney called to get our signatures a heirs of the farm property.
15 Sep Thu. Still raining much of the day. N canned a canner of tomatoes. Froze sweet corn. They went over to U to nite. Geo to see Mr Hovey and N took cancelled envelops to Mrs. Fitzgerald. I worked on rug.
16 Sep Fri. Foggy. Pleasant. No frost. N cooked tomato juice down, thick. And froze it. Early in p.m. Marty Mott bro't over a bu of string beans. I cut off ends. N canned a canner full and froze 7 large (quart) p'kgs. Fred came in and ate supper. Rita & girls came over in evening. Took Michele. I worked on rug.
17 Sept Sat. Foggy, Warmed up to 70 in middle of day. N & G went to Sidney to shop. G went up to Walters in p.m. N washed & cleaned. R &T brought Karen & Michele over in late p.m. As they are going to E.T. Supper. M is not feeling well. High temp. I got outside for a walk.Worked on rug.
18 Sep Sun. Foggy. Got up to 70. Rita & Tuie came after their supper and stayed all nite. Rita took care of Michele. She is much better. Not much temp. Keeps feeling better. R, T & Karen stayed to breakfast then went home. Helen called in p.m. Jessie brought Nell Myers here for a call this p.m. Mild evening..
19 Sep Mon. We canned a canner of carrots. I scraped some of them. N washed. Very foggy. In late p.m clouded up but hasn't rained. Clothes dried. I made apple sauce. N made apple dessert. Am working on rug every day. Got mail off. I made apple sauce. (Repeated herself.)
20 Sept Tue. Cool a.m. Temp reached 60. I made a kettle of a sauce. Will morrow. Geo & Emily called for an hr or so in late p.m. Fred came in for breakfast during a.m. Had lunch here.
21 Sep WEd. Cold, cloudy. Rained during nite, and mor or less all day. N baked pie. I made sauce to freeze. Worked on rug. Fred stayed over Tue nite. Left at 7:00 for Bing to try Insurance test.
22 Sep Thu. Karen's 5th b-day. Rained off & on all day. Fred bro't Mary in during the a.m (animals too). She stayed till middle of p.m. I worked on material for rugs, and braided some. We peeled apples for pies (freezing) from apples they got from Clarks. I am canning apples (wild) for sauce as I can. They got a bu. Rita was over to lunch.
23 Sep Fri. Rainy. Some sunshine. I made sauces. N washed my hair. She cleaned. Margie Mott bro't over cucumbers. N baked, cooked. I worked on rug. Took a bath.
24 Sep Sat. Rainy by spells. Cool in the 50s. Geo went over to Walters to help. Michele Is staying here over the wk end. N went to U to gro shop in p.m. Jessie came over & bro't sewing (ripping) work to work on. Geo came home in time for supper. Jessie phoned that Nell Myers had fallen out of her chair and broken her hip. She is in Hosp. Finished one rug and got a start on second for Ruth & Joan.
25 Sep Sun. Cool. No frost. We did not go to church. I mean N & G as M had a a cold. About 2:00 p.m. I went with N & G to So New Berlin to get honey at Jerry Moore's. They stopped at Walter Savorys. I took sunshine magazines along to read as I didn't get out. We got. Home at 5:00. Seems cold enough for frost. N gathered cukes, bro't in flowers. I wrote letters.
26 Sep Mon. First frost of season. Not hard. Flowers not hurt too much. N washed. I made a sauce to be frozen. Worked on second rug. Got mail off.
27 Sept the. Some frost. Flowers not hury much. I helped N make tomato juice & pickles. She washed etc. I finished the 2nd rug for Ruth & Joan. We froze peaches. G worked at Cooperstown.
28 Sep. Not much frost if any. N had a letter from Alicia that they may come Fri night. We froze peaches. I got a good start on N's rug. G & N went to the Centre for gro.
29 Sep Thu. Mostly cloudy, Fog. Cool. Rained a little toward nite. We froze the rest of the peaches. N baked a double rule of rolls and cupcakes, angel food. Jessie called to say Nell 's hip wasn't set yet. She is in a super. Does not recognize any one. I began getting b day cards to day.
30 Sep Fri. Cloudy. A few sprinkles. Some sun shine. N cleaned with cleaner. Fred called. He passed his Insurance test. Geo went to Dr. Stacy. N went. They will get groceries. We expect Alicia & family during the nite. They arrived at 12:45.

1 Oct Sat. My 89th b-day. We had "open house" all day and evening. The callers were Rita & family. Helen & Richmond. Jessie, Fred & Mary. N, Rita & Helen all made b-day cake. N made cup cakes. Alicia & family went over to her dads a while in evening.
2 Oct Sun. Some cloudiness, also sunshine. The folks left at 10:30 for home. Mary & family came down in time to see them and stayed a while. Had lunch. In p.m. Wilfred & Mildred, Paul Howard & wife & son called in p.m.
3 Oct Mon. Bright. Foggy. N washed. Dried well. I wrote some and got mail off. Rec'd several long letter. Several cards. Have over 20. Worked cutting up a dress for rug.
4 Oct Tue. Helen's b day. Windy. Some sunshine. Norma went up to Helen's around 10:00. They went up on the hill of Phil's farm and cooked their dinner. It was not uncomfortable weather. I worked on material for Norma's rug.
5 Oct Wed. Bright early but cold. Windy later and occasional rain from NW. N ironed and did odd jobs. Made apple pie. I worked on rug. Still having sweet corn, tender & sweet.
6 Oct Thu. cold. Mostly cloudy. Rita and N went to Oneonta to shop in a.m. Got back about 4:00. N got a new electric singer sewing machine. I worked on rug. Michele stayed here. Helen phoned of Joan & Mannie's baby girl (Donna) to-day. Which makes five b-days close together around the first of Oct.
7 Oct Fri. Bright. Some frost. Not killing. Norma & I went by the way of Bainbridge to call on Libbie Gridley, then at Mrs. Fred Plumbs. A pleasant call. Libbie is in poor shape. Did not know us at first but seemed to later. We came home by Guilford. The autumn foliage is beyond description in its brilliance. Jessie called in p.m. Had no chance to work on rug.
8 Oct Sat. Same as yesterday only a little higher temp. I did my hand washing. N washed some. Geo went over to Walter's to work. Myrtle & Chas called in a.m on way to his brothers in Penn. I worked on rug.
9 Oct Sun. Same weather. Eunice, Glenn, Donald & wife & children called in p.m. N & G went up to Franklin in late p.m. I wrote a lot of letters. Read some.
10 Oct Mon. Rained during the nite and very cloudy until toward nite raining some during day. Cooler. Norma washed a little. Geo went to Sidney this evening to get a tire fixed. I got a lot of mail off. Worked on rug.
11 Oct Tue. Cloudy and some rain in early morning. N gathered the beets and pickled them. Cooked stems for trees. I got mail off. Worked on rug.
12 Oct Wed. Rained during the night. Cloudy & cool. N sewed on Karen's nite with new machine. Went up with Geo then stayed to supper. Got a letter off to Emily.
13 Oct Thu. No frost. N washed some. We made apple sauce to freeze. I had a bad spell at lunch time. Went to bed & slept. I think for two hrs. Felt OK. Worked on rug.
14 Oct Fri. No frost. N cleaned. I took bath. Jessie and Lois Teed came over to call in late p.m.
15 Oct Sat. No frost. Temp got up to 70. Geo went to Oneonta early. In early p.m. They went to Sidney to trade then on to Afton to get potatoes. We're gone til 5 o'clock as they picked them up themselves. Then went to movies. "Ten Commandments" in evening. I worked a lot of rug. N washed my hair. I did my washing.
16 Oct Sun. Cloudy, windy. N & G went to church. Maude McCabe and son Jack with a sister in law and husband from Sidney called in p.m. Rita & 3 girls came over in evening. Left Michele.
17 out Mon. Cloudy. Rather cool. N ironed. I pressed & cut rug material. Jessie and Louise white called in p.m. N made apple pie. I made sauce.
18 Oct Tues. Cloudy. N washed. It rained a little in late p.m. I tried to mend a little but did not make out much. Lay down a while. Worked on rug.
19 Oct Wed. Rained during the nite. Very dark. & cloudy and rained off & on all day. N cleaned cupboards and straightened clothes press. I worked on rug.
20 Oct Thu. Cold. Cloudy windy. A man from the singer sewing machine called to repair the old machine. Not much he could do. Just old age, I guess. He helped N about a fancy stitch she was puzzled over on her new machine. I worked on rug. My eyes are bothering some.
21 out Fri. The coldest morning we have had. 24. Bright. N cleaned, washed some. Had a letter from Helen asking us up to dinner Sun. I worked on rug. Am on the last rows
22 Oct Sat. Quite a frost. Not as cold as yesterday. Bright. Pleasant day. N washed. Washed Windows. Geo helped George across the way. N went to U to shop. I worked on rug. N baked cookies.
23 Oct Sun. Dark early, but turned out to be a lovely bright day. N went to S.S. Took the Palmer boys along. Geo went across the road to finish some plastering. We went up to Helen's to dinner at 1:00. Found they had a new trailer. Much larger and very nicely furnished with curtains, carpet, couch that can bake opened. Everything nice. We went over to Philips in p.m. Went to se their travel trailer. I bro't a rug of Pat's home to mend. I did quite a lot of writing in even. Ruth was at Helen's. Is having vacation. Rita bro't baby.
24 Oct Mon. Cold. Some frost. G worked at Cooperstown. N cleaned her bedroom. I did my washing. Worked on rug. Mostly bright. Mr. Johnson came with a truck to sell Geo if he is interested in it. Jessie & Mrs. Feeder called in p.m.
25 oct Tue. Frost. Pleasant. N did cleaning in my room. I finished Norma's rug.
26 Oct Wed. Quite a frost. N took me down to Dr. Joseph's at 10:40. N had trouble with her side so did not plan much. I am working on repairing Philips rug. N went to Sid Ctr for milk.
27 Oct Thu. Frosty. Some fog. Bright. N cleaned in my room & dining room. I mended o Phil's rug. My eyes are troubling me. Pat McGill called.
28 Oct Fri. Frosty. N finished cleaning. I worked some mending Philips rug. Eyes not comfortable enough to do much. Jessie & Ruth called briefly in p.m. We hear Nell Myers is not expected to get well. Michele did not go home.
29 Oct Sat. Cloudy. Rather cold. Geo went over to help Walter. N went to U to shop and I went along and stayed at Jessie's. Did not feel right while there. Rita came for baby after noon. N is getting ready for Trasks to morrow. I worked some on rug. Helped N in kitchen. Colder. A very little rain.
30 Oct Sun. Cold a.m. N & Geo went to church. Mr. & Mrs. Trask were here to dinner. Philip & family called in late p.m. On way to church. Children had Halloween costumes on. it's Henry's 10th b-day tomorrow. N made a b day cake for him. They were all over for ice-cream & cake in evening. Cold nite.
31 Oct Mon. Partly cloudy. I got off mail. Worked a little on rug but eyes still troubling. N washed H & R called on way from Sidney Hosp to see Mrs. Daniels.

1 Nov Tue. Cold Norma washed. I finished Phil's rug. Wrote in evening. Eyes no worse.
2 Nov Wed. Cloudy, cold. Some sunshine. Rain light. Mary Collins and a friend called about 11:30. This is the first day that I have no rug in the making. have washed breakfast & lunch dishes. Made apple sauce, peel potatoes, etc. Time hasn't dragged as I've imagined it would as I've given up rug making for now anyway.
3. No Thur. Rained hard thru the night. Cloudy but cleared off. Grew older. Wind. Sun warm and I went out for a little walk. Wrote a belated b'day to Carrie Roshirt. I did my hand washing. Prospect for weather-snow. N is defrosting the freezer. Has it well along. Michele is feeling well.
4 Nov Fri. Cold. 26 or so early. N finished the freezer. Got belated b-day card & note to C Roshirt. N cleaned.. I took bath as usual Fri. had letter from Betty. M some better. Is staying over wk end here. Karen has chicken pox. N went with Geo to Dr. Stacy this even.
5 Nov Sat. Cold, cloudy. Geo went to Sidney to had the car checked. Mr. McGill called early in p.m. I made apple sauce. G & N went to Unadilla to gro chop. On u and got eggs. Michele feels better to-day.
6 Nov Sun. Cloudy. Cold. N went to church while Geo took care of Michele. We had a pretty quiet day. On the whole I think my eyes are a little better, but I do not think best to use them too much. Wrote to F Cope and get off other mail or ready to send. Walter & family came about 6:00 for 2 hr.
7 Nov Mon. Bright ear.y. Later cloudy. N washed. I did my hand w. Windy. In early p.m. N went to Sidney for cloth. I rode along. Did some mending and some work in kitchen. Rather cold. Geo worked n Oneonta. Rained this evening.
8 Nov Tue. Election Day. G & N went to Sid. Cen after supper to vote. A bright, mild a.m. I walked out on walks. N washed my hair. I did some mending. Am not braiding rugs just now as my ares are not good. Am trying to find various odd jobs.
9 Nov Wed. Bright this a.m after good rain during nite. Not very cold. Cloudy p.m. I peeled apples. Got outside in p.m.
10 Nov Thu. Rather mild. Cloudy most of the day. N went to Sid Ctr for milk and I rode along. I wrote a letter and started a little mending. Helen phoned. If we do not hear from her she will come at 10:00 to take us to the Cope place. Fred made a long call this p.m.
11 Nov Fri. Cloudy. Helen came down about 10:30 and we went over to the Gadsby home to call, then to the Cope home to see Paul Howard's family, Ginnah & David. Then on up to the Halbert home to see the Neapolatanas' briefly. It has looked like clearing off several time, but hasn't made out much. Seems a little colder than yesterday. Tuie & children came after Michele in even.
12 Nov Sat. Cloudy. Cynthia Skulis asked me to come over to dinner to visit with her Aunt Daisy Hyatt. N & G went to Norwich to trade and I rode along and they stopped for me on their way home. They stopped in Sidney for gro. We got home between 3 & 4 o'clock I think. It was a pleasant change.
13 Nov Sun. Pleasant but cold. G & N went to church. Jessie called briefly in p.m. I spent some time looking over old pictures. Did little reading on account of eyes.
14 Nov Mon. 21 this a.m. I did my washing. Clothes froze still but letter dried. N washed one load. Baked & sewed. Rita came at noon hr and bro't things that were forgotten.
15 Nov Tue. 21 degrees. I did a little mending. Did some writing. N washed and sewed. G & N gathered things from garden as it is going to be a cold nite. I do not find much to do but sit on acc't of eyes. G did not have work, but went, then came home around noon.
16 Nov Wed. Cold. Bright early part of day. Cloudy in p.m. No storm. Geo took lunch. We do not know whether he found work or went to Walter's. Was not here for supper so suppose he went to Walters. N washed, sewed & did the ironing. I did very little.
17 Nov Thu. Rained during nite. Not quite as cold around 50. In paper we learn of Bertha Wilcox' death Nov 11. I did some writing, made apple sauce. Fred & Mary were here for supper. I got outside for a short time. Geo did not have work to day. G & N & M went up to Glenn Thompson's. He has cut the end of a finger off and had the rest of it taken off.
18 Nov Fr. We expected Helen to take me to Dr. Elliot but she phoned she was sick so N made plans to take me when G came from Oneonta just as we were about ready to start. We were so glad. We got home at 12:30. Fred & another Insurance man made a long business call in late p.m. Cloudy. 50 degrees or so. Rita & children came over for Michele.
19 Nov Sat. Rained a little in nite. Turned to snow but didn't am't to much. In the 20s and got up to 30. Then colder. G & N went to Sidney for gro. mr. Johnson called and I think Geo dealt with him getting a new truck and trading in old one. Cold to-nite. I cut rug rags.
20 Nov Sun. 14 degrees, the coldest yet. Did not get above freezing but for a short time. N & G went to church. I wrote a letter. Read some as Dr. Elliot said I could read & braid rugs. Fred & Mary invited themselves here to stay a over nite so Mary could be here in a.m to a Stanley Brush Party.
21 Nov Mon. Cold bright a.m. N had a Stanley Brush Co party at 10:00 this a.m Ten came besides N & me. Took in over $50.00. Several children who were being baby sitting by those who came. The youngest baby was 7 wk old. Fred & Mary were here for meals all day. mary was helpful at the party.
22 Nov Tue. Emily's 61st b day. N baked pumpkin pie and made cranberry sauce and many things to help toward Thanksgiving dinner. Thur nite cold.
23 Nov Wed. Pleasant. I did my washing. Worked at cutting strip for braided rugs. N baked rolls and date & nut bread. I helped what I could at little things.
24 Nov Thu. Thanksgiving Day. Not too cold. Mostly cloudy. I helped N some Peeled apples & potatoes. About 11:00 Geo & Michele took me up to Helen's for the day. Helen bro't me home around 8:00. Walt & family, Bob & family, Fred & Mary were there for dinner. We ate at Philip's. Helen & Pat both got dinner and we ate in Phil's house. Bob & family after dinner left for some of Alice's relatives and stayed till the next day. Did not come till evening.
25 Nov Fri. Cloudy all day. N isn't feeling well so did nothing extra. Bladder trouble. I pressed my material. Took a bath in p.m. We all wrote a note to Moby and got it off to-day. G went to U for groceries. N did not feel able to go.
26 Nov Sat. Fred & Mary Came to dinner to nite Bob & family came in the evening. They left for home around 11:00 a.m. Rained in even.
27 Nov Sun. Mostly cloudy. Mild. N did not feel able to go to church. I wrote letters & read.
28 Nov Mon. Cloudy. N doesn't feel as good as yesterday. Took it easy. Rained by spells. Geo worked at O. I got off a lot of mail. N baked pumpkin pies & made turkey soup.
29 Nov Tues. A few snowflakes in the air in a.m. Melted as it was just above freezing. Mostly cloudy, cool. A little sunshine. Norma felt a little better. Jessie called. Helen came in in evening bringing the Stanley Brush articles. I wrote two or three letters. Rich bro't her then went to his mother's. Came back and they stayed till 10:30.
30 Nov Wed. Ground white with snow this a.m. Snow melted some. Around 38. Mostly cloudy. Some snow during day. I did very little. Worked a little on rug strips.

1 Dec. Thu. Around freezing. Snow thawed off quite a lot. Did my washing. Fred & Mary bro't their dog while they went to Oneonta for the day. Got back just as we finished our supper. they ate. I worked at the rug material for a ru for Michele. Cloudy all day.
2 Dec. Fri. Snowed during last nite. Much colder. 21. Then got up 24. N feels best she has. She cleaned with cleaner. Tuie & children came over for Michele.
3 Dec Sat. Colder. 8 degrees Earl. Grew cold. G & No went to Sidney & U to shop. Went over later and took Taffy to Dr. Marlin to leave and have checked as he doesn't feel good. Mr & Mrs. Hovey came in p.m and delivered a fore quarter of beef. N is cooking the bones for soup. N got cards (Christmas).
4 Dec. sun. Zero this a.m. Cold all day. N & G went to church. I made a little start on the cards. Rita bro't Michele over this evening.
5 Dec Mon. Not as cold but below freezing. N did some washing. Did a lot of cookies. I did some sewing then worked on cards & notes. Temperature about freezing around noon. N made candy.
6 Dec Tue. Not as cold. Mostly cloudy. N made candy. I worked at cards. Mrs. McGill called at supper time. N & G went up to Sid Ctre to vote. The Palmer's called in evening.
7 Dec Wed. It rained during nite. Also did not stop raining all day. Let up some but steady. N sewed. I wrote notes and got cards ready.
8 Dec Thu. Some sunshine. Mostly cloudy. I did my washing. Temp up to o60. Jessie came over to lunch a little early. Did not stay much after lunch. I wrote some notes. Taffie came home to-night. He seemed glad to see us.
9 Dec Fri. Mostly cloudy. I got some cards off. N sewed, washed & cleaned. Geo & N went to Oneonta. Geo to Union Meeting. N shopped. David came over when Tuie came for Michele. He will spend the wk end. I got some cards off and worked at notes.
10 Dec Sat. Temp like the past 2 days. I got more cards off. G, N and D went to Sidney to trade. I worked at cards & notes all day.
11 Dec. Sun. Mostly cloudy. G & N went to church. I wrote notes & got cards ready. Got too tired. I guess and had a fainting spell--fell. My glasses cut my temple and they are bent so I do not use them. Fred & Mary came in early even and bro't steak to cook. I took 4 aspirin and had a good night's rest.
12 Dec Mon. Bright. Around 30 degrees. N & G went to U to take a box to mail. I got off cards. D60 in all. N washed a little, I think Worked at her cards. Helen & Philip's children came in late p.m. She is baby sitting for them. They stayed to supper. G has a cold. Did not work.
13 Dec Tue. Cloudy. Some sunshine. N worked at her cards. Got some off. Washed some. G did not work. Not feeling well. Cards are coming in.
14 Dec Wed. Ground white with snow. Thawed a little. I wrote notes. Worked a little on rug. Fred was up and stayed to dinner.
15 Dec. Thu. Cold 26. Warmed up some. N baked cookies. I wrote quite a lot of cards. N has finished hers. Geo worked.
16 Dec. Tue. Not as cold. I got off most of my cards. Did my washing. Took a bath, etc. Thawed some.

17 Dec Sat. Milder. Thawed 442 in p.m. N & G went to Norwich to trade. Jessie came over at e11:45. Had lunch with me. We took naps, then looked over old pictures. They came just as Jessie was leaving between 3 & 5. G & N got Christmas trim and trimmed it. I sent 80 c cards.
18 Dec Sun. Some sunshine. Geo worked at Rita's all day. N went over to dinner. I packed candy boxes for Walter's children and boys across the street. And a Christmas a box for Adelia. Read some. N brought all of Rita's children home with her but Michele. She Rita and Tuie came over and had lunch. Cake & ice cream. Rita's b day to morrow.
19 Dec Mon. Cold a.m. 20 degrees or so. Geo came home early p.m. N washed some. Baked cookies. I got p'kgs for Adelia and Palmer's boys. Wrote a card & Note. Not a busy day. Helped in kitchen. Two cards came. I had a mild bad spell after supper.
20 Dec Tue. About 8 o'clock it began snowing and has kept it up all day. Snow plows busy. Geo went to O but there was no work. We got p'kg off to Adelia. I didn't do much. Went to bed a while in a.m. Moderated since a.m. Worked on rug a little.
21 Dec Wed. Supposed to be the shortest day (light) in the year. Geo went to O. Came back in a.m. N baked rolls, cookies & candy. She washed my hair. I worked on rug. did not feel very good. N & G went to Bainbridge in p.m. To get fruit that Moby sent.
22 Dec Thu. G & N's 16the wedding anniversary. Geo worked. I worked on rug. N baked Christmas cookies & an anniversary cake (decorated0. Walt phoned that they are coming to supper with barbecued chicken & a salad anyway. Norma furnishes rolls, date & nut bread, plate of fruits, cookies, candy etc from Fl
23 Dec Fri. Cold. A very little snow. Geo worked. I didn't get much done besides bath. In evening Joan, Mannie, Ruth and Donna called. They brought David over. He stayed over nite.
24 Dec. Sat. Cold. N & G went to Bainbridge to get another truck. Did shopping. Rita came early to get Michele. N & G did shopping. Rita & children came in p.m. And N & R made popcorn balls. N stuffed & roasted a turkey.
25 Dec. Sun. Christmas Day. Quite a snow fell during the nite. Geo got his snow plow out and went up to McGills. The Palmer's had the McGills to breakfast. Also Geo & Norma at 8:30. I did very little. Just sat & rested. N was busy getting the dinner ready for evening. Walter & family. Rita & family. Fred & Mary. Cafeteria style for a change. 16 in of snow up to Delhi.
26 Dec Mon. A legal holiday. Walt & family stayed all nite. Left between 11 & 12:00. No one did much. I worked on rug, mended a little. Rich & Helen called His mother is much worse in Hosp.. Motts bro't Michele
27 Dec Tue. Snowed more or less but not any amount. G worked. I packed boxes of candy for H and family & Betty. She came in p.m. Went to Sidney Hosp to see her g mother but she was asleep. B came back. Was here to supper. Left round 8:00. Geo is plowing snow.
28 Dec Wed. Cold. 4 above zero. I spent most of my spare time writing thank you notes. It moderated some. Rain is expected. Geo came home from work as they lack material.
29 Dec Thu. Snowed about 4 in during nite. There was no work for Geo. H, N & M went up to McGills to call in a.m. I wrote some thank you notes. Dorothy, Howard sent a "Mission Pack." A couple of days ago. 4 lb box of dates. Some with nuts. Very delicious. I worked on rug.
30 Dec Fri. 24 degrees. Some few snowflakes by spells. G & N went to Sidney to shop. N did some cleaning. I did my bath. Rita came over in even to get Michele. The Palmer boys are here while their folks are out. N made popcorn balls. Mr McGill called in p.m.
31 Dec Sat. In the 20s. Bright by spells. Geo went to Sidney to get pieces of lumber the Van Cott Co are giving away. N cleaned up stairs & down. Bake cream pie for supper. Jessie came over about 4:30. Bro't a lovely lox of. Home made candy. She stayed to supper. Left about 7:00. Tuie bro't lumber too.


1967 COPY of DIARY of NELLIE CONVERSE Age 89, 90

1 Jan New Years Day. About 25 degrees. Some snow flurries. N & G went to church. I picked up my C cards and counted them (72) Read a little. N made spaghetti & meat balls. Fred & Mary came around 7:00 to eat supper. N made a chocolate custard pie.
2 Jan Mon. Mostly fair. I'd did a lot of writing,also worked on rug. N does not feel very well. We or G & N did not sleep well. had a late breakfast. So we had 2 meals to day.
3 Jan Tue. Geo worked to-day. Around 32 degrees. Michele isn't feeling well so N is not trying to do much. Mending some. I worked on rug. Orrin & Mildred called briefly in a.m.
4 Jan Wed. Around 30. Soon up to 35. Thawed considerable. Helen came in about 8:30 this a.m. Rich overslept so Helen had been to take him to work. She had breakfast here and stayed an hr or so. Plans to come to lunch a week from to-day. I have used all the corduroy material I care to use, so will lay it away till I get more material to finish. Did some mending. N did not feel good so did not do much early. I getting some mending done.
5 Jan. Thur. Around a little above freezing. Thawed some. Geo did not work as they lacked material. N & I both mended. A few flurries of snow.
6 Jan Fri. 20 in a.m. Bright. N is about sick with headache. Did nothing extra. N & G went to U for gro. Rita & 2 children came over to get Michele in late p.m. No work for G today. I am cutting material for rug.
7 Jan Sat. Some rain. Wind. Freezing. Tuie came over and helped Geo in a.m. Stayed to dinner. N cleaned with cleaner. I pressed rug material and worked on material.
8 Jan Sun. Thawed all nite. Some rain too. G & N went to church. Walt & family came over to church, then came here. I looked over Norma's cards and looked over my box of letters discarding a lot. Rita & family bro't Michele over. Both families left about 9:00.
9 Jan Mon. Some snow flurries. Much snow has disappeared. N washed some. I worked at cutting rug pieces. Madolyn bro't the puppy over that N. G liked. Geo went to work but came back about 12:00. Helen phoned that Mrs. Daniels died between 11 & 12 las nite. I wrote to Florence S.

10 Jan Tue. Pleasant, bright day. Geo did not work. N & G went to Oneonta. Jessie came over at noon. We had lunch. The folks came at 1:30 or so. Jessie left soon.
11 Jan Wed. Bright early. Some snow flurries. Rather cooled & windy. Michele coughed and both she & N had poor sleeping nite. Geo was called for work about 8 a.m. N washed some. I worked getting material ready for braiding the rug. I got mail off.
12 Jan Thu. Bright early. Cloudy & quite a lot of snow fell. Snow plow out. Michele had a better night and feels better to-day. Elma Daniels funeral was this p.m. Helen & Rich called in late p.m. And left 2' clusters of beautiful flowers from the funeral. Quite cold all day. I worked on rug.
13 Jan Fri. Quite cold. In the 20s I think. Some snow flurries in a.m. N cleaned with cleaner. Michele & N feel better. Rita is not good at all so N is keeping M over wk end. I'm starting to braid the rug for Alicia. N & G went over to Rita's. Bro't David home to help G to morrow.
14 Jan Sat. Some sunshine. Not very cold. Geo & David went to Sidney for a load of wood. later went to U for gro. I worked on rug. Rita went to see doctor. Stopped & took M home.
15 Jan Sun. Around freezing. Some snow but not much addition. N & G went over to Walters to spend the day. David spent the day here with me. I wrote letters, read a little. Tuie bro't Michele over and took David home.
16 Jan Mon. 20 in a.m. Bright but cold & windy. N did some washing & baking. I worked on rug. Got letters off. Rita not able to work to-day.
17 Jan Tue. 25 this a.m. Moderated some. Rita is supposed to be in bed for 2 or 3 days. N fixed dinner for them to-night and to morrow nite. Tuie came over for it. Michele swallowed 2 aspirins which made it quite exciting. They got induce with the doctor. G went to & for syrup of epic ac. She came out OK.
18 Jan Wed. 10 above. Stayed there. 8 for a while. Very bright in early a.m. N did not feel too good with a lame shoulder. She ironed and baked pie. I worked on rug. Much colder to nite. Blizzards in places. Cold as -33 in some place.
19 Jan Thu. Zero here but much colder in places. Cold to-night. A cold day. N has made doll clothes for Heidi. Cooks. G came home at noon. lack of material.
20 Jan Fri. G worked. N cleaned with cleaner. I worked on rug. Not as cold but bright. Warmed up to 30.
21 Jan Sat. Not as cold. Bright. N & G went to Sidney to trade. Got book for me to give David. Jessie called this p.m. Michele is staying over the wk end as Rita hasn't been feeling goo.d
22 Jan Sun. Not very cold. Bright. N & G & Michele went to church. I wrote letters. Rita & family came over in late p.m. We're here to 7 p.m
23 Jan Mon. Thawed all nite. old temp up nearly 60. N did some washing. I worked on rug. G working. Geo & Betty bro't flowers from her grandfather's funeral.
24 Jan Tues. Thawed all night. Some cloudiness. N ironed. I sent letter. Worked on rug..
25 Jan Wed. Same kind of weather. Thawed all nite. Not much snow to be seen. Mr. Filer, daughter, & Mrs. Leonard called in p.m to talk about parcels of land on our old place. I was resting so did not see them. Jessie came a little before 4:00 stayed for supper. We looked at some of my pictures. I worked a little on rug.
26 Jan Thu. Still thawing, but a little cooler to nite. We did some things to day that usually we do Fri as expect Helen to morrow. N did cleaning. I worked a little on rug. Geo came home about 11.00. No more work at present.
27 Jan Fri. Still thawing. Very cloudy. In p.m it started raining hard. Geo went over to Tuie's. They came back about 1:00 and worked in garage. Tuie stayed to supper. Took Michelle home. N made rolls. Made pie & cake. Colder.
28 Jan Sat. 25 in a.m. Windy. Beverly's grandfather's funeral is this p.m. She brought the children here to stay in late a.m. G & N took them back up to Trasks. G & N went shopping after that. There was snow on the ground this a.m. A few flakes fell during the day. I worked on getting material ready for rug.
29 Jan Sun. Cold. Stormed a little during the nite & forenoon. N & Geo went to church. Windy & cold all day. I looked all the pictures through, then copied some writing that I had wanted to get done. Michele came over to stay as usual. Rita & children perhaps Tuie came too.
30 Jan Mon. Cold 25 or so. A little snow in the nite. Windy. Bright. Tuie came over and helped Geo in a.m. In p.m he went to Bainbridge to have dentist work done. Came back to supper with David & Henry too. I worked some on rug. N washed some but had baking to do and extra cooking.
31 Jan Tue. Geo went to Sidney to see about unemployment. N did more washing. In p.m he went with Geo P somewhere to get lumber. I worked on rug. Rita is not feeling as well and did not work to day. Mostly bright. Got up to 30 or so. Sleeting about dark.

1 Feb Wed. Snowed some during nite. Mostly bright. Helen came down about 11:00. She hasn't been feeling well, but is better. She stayed till 3:30 or so. Michele had a poor nite. May have ear ache. So neither she nor N had a good nite
2 Feb. Thu. Not very cold. Quite a snow storm in p.m. Tuie came over to help Geo this a.m. Stayed all day here to supper. Michele did not rest well last night. Has temp. They have an app't with doctor for t-morrow.
3 Feb Fri. Quite cold. Tuie helped this a.m. And p.m too, but did not stay to supper. Took Michele home. G & N took Michele to the doctors at 2:30. Real cold to-nite. N did some cleaning to-day.
4 Feb Sat. 25 degrees in a.m. Moderated. G & N went to U to shop. Got some things at sale at Sturgess. Tuie came over to help Geo in p.m. Bro't Karen. She is staying over nite. Jessie called briefly in p.m. I worked a very little on rug.
5 Feb Sun. Around freezing. G, N & Karen went to church. Tuie came over as we were eating dinner. He ate coffee & desert. Then he and G worked all p.m. Rita came over with the children and bro't some thing for supper and they all stayed. I wrote letters and read.
6 Feb Mon. Not much above zero and getting colder. G went to O to look for work. N did some washing. Made cup cakes for the Stanley Brush Co to morrow nite. Karen stayed till this p.m. When Rita & Sherry & Michele came over a while. Michele is staying for the wk as usual. I worked on rug. Cold nite.
7 Feb Tues. Not down to zero. Moderated a little during nite. Snowed steadily most of am. Geo went to work. N cleaned and made dessert for Stanley Brush Party to-nite. I worked on rug. Madelyn & Mrs. Barnes were the only guests besides Helen. Very cold all day tho bright & sun warm. The blizzard was very bad in other areas. NY City and N.E. Coast. N got caught up on sleep & work. Cold.
8 Feb Wed. Geo started work. Cold.
9 Feb. Thu. N washed & ironed. I did my washing. Worked on rug. Quite cold but moderated. Nearly up to 30. Geo worked late near Delhi. Went to Walter's afterwords. Late home.
10 Feb Fri. Cold, but not as very cold around 20. N cleaned with cleaner. Rita came for Michele. Left Henry for wk. and I worked on rug. Talked with Dorothy Green. Could hear her & Judy too.
11 Feb Sat. Above freezing. Bright for a while then snowed hard. Colder. G & N went to Sidney to trade. Tuie & Dale came over to work with G. Both here to dinner. N cleaned and baked. I worked on rug.
12 Feb Sun. Around zero. Did not warm up much. G, N, & Henry went to church. I wrote letters & read. Tuie & Dale were over and did work for Dale in garage. Rita & family came over. Fred & Mary came in evening. All stayed for lunch or supper.
13 Feb Mon. -14 degrees in a.m. Warmed up slowly to 10 above or so. Geo worked. Tuie & Dale came over late in p.m. Bro't Sherry along. Rita came brought Michele. Took Henry home. Karen came too. I worked on rug.
14 Feb Tue. Above freezing. N washed, hung outside and they dried very well. N baked a valentine cake. I washed too. Worked on rug.
15 Feb Wed. Much milder. N did cleaning up stairs and aired rugs etc. Made rolls. Jessie called briefly toward nite.
((Here she skipped a page, but didn't skip any days of writing AP.)
16 Feb Thu. Much colder. Snow flurries. Windy. Helen came down at 10:30 or so. She had a Stanley Brush party at McGills. N & I attended. Went up with Helen. Helen came down and stayed to lunch and a while after. Most of the snow is gone. I worked on rug.
17 Feb Fri. Not as cold. Partly cloudy. Cleaned as usual on Fri. I worked on rug. Geo came home early and they went to Sidney to bank
18 Feb Sat. In the lower 20's. Moderated a little less. Snow flurries. Some sunshine. N & G went to Sidney to trade in a.m. N did some cleaning and baked b-day cake and as she expects Trasks and Walter & family to celebrate Mark's b-day (Tuesday). I worked on rug.
19 Feb Sun. Cold l20 degrees or so. N & G went to church. Walter & family, Mr & Mrs. Trask came to dinner and to help celebrate Mark's 5th b-day. Jessie called in p.m. And we looked over pictures. I wrote letter and read some.
20 Feb. Mon. Cold. Storming. Kept it up all day. Really accumulated a lot. N did not rest real good. Washed only one load. I worked a little on rug. Michele did not feel very good.
21 Feb Tue. Cold. Windy. Stormy. But not as much accumulated as yesterday. Michele seems to have ear trouble. N had to give her much attention. I didn't feel up to par. Rested more than usual. Had a spell at bed time. Faint, then fell and hurt my head near left eye. Nothing serious. Geo here as always to pick me up.
22 Feb Wed. Cold. Some sunshine. No mail. I didn't feel real good. Tho' not much pain near my eye. Fred called in p.m. Michele did not feel good. Needed attention. N ironed some. Helen called briefly. Plans to start for Fla with a Mrs. Young. Is driving her down. Will stay 2 wk or longer. Come back on bus. Leave car. She (Mrs Y) owns a house down there as well as up here by Briar Creek. Ruth has a baby boy born Feb. 22. Quite a snow storm.
23 Feb Thurs. (Gma wrote Feb 21. AP). Blustering. Cold. some snow flurries. Michele feels better. I feel better, but have kept quiet & rested in bed more. N ironed.
24 Feb Fri. Cold. Blustery. I feel a bit better. Have been quiet. Worked a little on rug. Mildred Cope & little David Howard called in p.m. Brought rug material and new pieces. Rita came over for Michele and bro't David to stay the wk end.
25 Feb Sat. 8 degrees above zero. Moderated to 10 degrees. Some snow blistering. N & G went to Oneonta. N to have a lesson on her S. Machine, then to U for groceries. I did not feel very good but worked a little on rug nearly finished & looked over clothing & lots pieces that Mildred bro't yesterday from Emily, Mil & Ginnah
26 Feb Sun. Cold but moderating more than yesterday. Geo & N went to church. David read aloud from the Story of the Bible and wrote & read. Jessie was coming over but couldn't start her car.
27 Feb Mon. Cold. N washing. I haven't felt very good and kept mostly in my room. Got off mail that I wrote yesterday. Worked a little on rugs for Alicia (not quite).
28 Feb Tues. Not as cold. Snowed during Nite. N did Mon washing. I feel a little better. Nearly finished rug. Sent b-day card to Jessie. She should have rec'd it yesterday. She called briefly this p.m. Is having back trouble. Quite blustering at times.

1 Mar Wed. Cold, I feel the best I have since the bad spell the 21st. N ironed. I had a letter from Helen. Mailed in N.C also one from Ruth Phetteplace from Norwich.
2 Mar Thu. Cold. I feel about as yesterday. Michele has some cold and one eye looks bad. I got quite a start on braiding a new rug.
3 Mar Fri. Not as cold. Rained some and thawed. N cleaned. I worked on rug. Tuie bro't David over to stay over wk end. Took Michele home.
4 Mar Sat. Not cold. Thawing. G & N went to Oneonta. N for sewing lesson. Some errands, then Sidney for groceries. Jessie called briefly in p.m. We finished looking at pictures. I worked at rug.
5 Mar Sun. Around freezing, icy I think. Norma did not feel well so they didn't go to church. Fred came over for dinner and helped Geo in p.m. Rich came down and made quite a stay in p.m. Rita & children came over at nite. Brought Michele to stay.
6 Mar. Mon. Not very cold. Geo did not have work but went to Norwich and had work done on truck. N and Michele both feeling better. I cut material strips for new rug.
7 Mar. Tues. Snowed during the nite and continued thru the a.m. In all 11 in. Or so. Expect more in p m but it seems to be clearing and quite cold. Geo went to Sidney in a.m. N did some cleaning with dust mop. I worked at rug.
8 Mar Wed. We expected Dr. Joseph at 8:00 but he didn't come till around 11:00. I surely was glad to have him make my feet more comfortable. N. Has a bad throat. Geo was home all day.
9 Mar Thu. Just below freezing in a.m. Warmed up to 40 degrees in p.m. Geo went over to help Tuie in late p.m. Is staying to supper. N thinks she feels a little better this p.m. I worked on rug. It snowed 2 in or so in a.m.
(Gma turned 2 pages again so there is an empty space, but continued diary. AP)
10 Mar Fri. Mild a.m. 40 degrees. Warmed up to 50 degrees. Sloppy. N does not feel good yet. One eye looks bad as if infected. I had a letter from Helen. David came for weekend. Michele went home.
11 Mar Sat. Mild. 40 degrees & soon high in 50s. N did not feel able to go for the last sewing lesson. N & G went for groceries. Mrs. Trask came with some corned beef for us. I worked on rug. Am feeling better all the time. George's b-day (64).
12 Mar Sun. Colder 30 degrees early. Warmed up to 40 degrees. N feels some better, but not able to go to church. Geo & David worked in garage about all day. David read aloud in the Bible book for children. I wrote letters and read some.
13 Mar Mon. Around freezing. Geo worked to day. N feels better, but not well enough to do any thing but the necessary things. I dyed cord for my rug making & worked on rug.
14 Mar Tue. A thunder shower during the nite. Warm. Up to 40 degrees later. N feels better. I worked on rug. Jessie called briefly in p.m. Cloudy all day.
15 Mar Wed. Snowed during nite and continued a good deal of the day. Temp around freezing. Cloudy. I worked on rug till Fred bro't 2 rugs to be repaired. Will be quite a job. N is much better. Did some washing. I did mine.
16 Mar. Thu. Snowed during the nite. Geo blowed (snow blower, AP) before he went to work. N feels better each day. 15 degrees in early a.m. I repaired one of Fred's rugs and started taking the other to pieces. Will need to take it about all apart. Will give myself a month to do it. Hope it will not take that long to do it. Had a letter from Helen.
17 Mar Fri. Cold 10 degrees and did not moderate much. N cleaned with cleaner. Baked cookies. I worked on Fred's rug and mine. Rita bro't Henry over to-night to stay over wk end to help here especially Norma.
18 Mar Sat. 10 degrees below and cold all day. Geo & Henry went somewhere in a.m. N cleaned with cleaner. She feels much better. They all went to Sidney to shop in p.m. N baked 2 kinds of cookies. Henry helped her also up stairs. I did a lot on Fred's rug. N helped me some. It's quite difficult.
19 Mar Sun. Above zero. Bright. N did not feel like going to church. I wrote letters and read. Walter & family came around five o'clock. Are staying to supper & evening. Came over with the children. Will take Henry home and leave Michele.
20 Mar Mon. Not as cold. A little above freezing. N feels better. Did all the washing. I worked quite a lot repairing Fred's rug. A big job.
21 Mar Tue. Not as cold. Around freezing. Snow flurries all a.m. Tuie came over at 10:30 and took N to Sidney to have driver's license renewed. Tuie stayed for lunch. I worked on Fred's rug.
22 Mar Wed. A little above freezing. N ironed and cleaned up stairs. I finished Fred's other rug and he got it to nite. Have not felt very good. N seems to be very good and has done a lot of cleaning and work up stairs.
23 Mar Thu. N has been very busy getting ready for Moby & family. We did not expect them till to-morrow. They came in late p.m. I have felt quite miserable, but did take a bath, then was in bed a good deal. Felt faint, so was in bed a good deal.
24 Mar Fri. Between 2 & 3 Joan & Mannie with Ruth & their babies came and stayed 1 1/2 hr or so. (See photo at end of 1967 diary. AP) Moby, Dottie & Jimmy went to Syracuse for the day. Rita & family came over and got Michele. I feel pretty good. Worked on rug. Fred & Mary came over to nite.
25 Mar Sat. Not very cold. Got up to around 40 degrees. Bright. Moby & family went over to Walters in late p.m. I worked on rug. Feel fairly good. Faint at spells. N baked a cake. Made preparation for dinner to morrow.
26 Mar Sun. Easter. Bright. Not very cold. Every one went to church but mg Services were short. So we had dinner early. Cold sliced ham. Candied sw potatoes. Salad. Cake. Ice cream I think. I eat in here mostly. (Must be she is not eating with the others in kitchen but in her downstairs room. AP) In late p.m. Fred & Mary and her family came in for a call. Jessie for a late, short call. Fred Mary & David who came with them were hear to supper. (Note: misspelling "here" Unusual for Gma). I wrote quite a few letters.
27 Mar Mon. Bright again. It has thawed a lot. N & Dottie went to Sidney to shop this p.m. I worked
28 Mar Tue. Rained some during the nite and has some during the day. Not hard. 40 degree temp. Cloudy. Moby & family went to Syracuse and rather expect to stay over nite as have a lot to see too. Have to be on the base at S. Mon next. N did some washing. I did mine. Do not feel free from the faint spells. Not as severe as when I have a spell. Worked quite a lot on rug. Am getting along toward finished. Snow disappearing.
29 Mar Wed. Thawing. Rather Spring like but cold. Birds singing. 40 degrees or nearly. I spent some time getting hit & miss material ready to finish rug. Several runs around. Moby & family arrived from Syracuse between 3 & 4.
30 Mar Thu. Norma & Lori's b-day. Lori 6. N 55. Still thawing. Robin's singing. Moby went to Sidney this a.m. Dottie made a b-day cake. We had chicken cooked a different way. Bo't "shake & bake." It was very good. I worked on rug.
31 Mar Fri. Mild temp to 60 degrees. Moby & family left at 7:00a.m. For Syracuse as he has to be a the base Mon. N washed cleaned some. Very little snow left. I worked at rug. Did not feel good at supper time, and went to bed a while. N had b-day card from Helen, a picture post card & several others. 60 degrees temp. Rita & children came in evening. Took Michele home.

1 Apr Sat. Still thawing. N & G went to Sidney to do errands. N did cleaning. Cloudy. Temp up to 70 degrees. I worked on rug. Fred called around noon. Richmond came for the evening. I had gone to bed.
2 apr Sun. Warm. Got up to 74 degrees. Geo did not feel like church. So they didn't go. I wrote to Minnie & Adelia. Read some. Rita & children came over. Left Michele.
3 Apr Mon. Not as warm. Rained a little in nite. Windy. We had an app't with Dr. Hust. Tuie came over and took N & me & M over. Dr. gave prescription and check up. N was about sick in a.m. Took medicine & felt better latter part of day. She worked some.
4 Apr Tue. About freezing. I slept well and felt good all day. Finished Minnie's rung. N feels much better. Washed some.
5 Apr Wed. Not quite as cold. N did not feel well. Washed one load. I slept well. Got my breakfast but felt bad and could not eat. Went to bed for1-1/2 hr or so. Ate a little. Mended Rita's rugs, but do not feel good as usual.
6 Apr Thu. Rained during the nite, and kept on off & on. N did not feel like like work to day. (Note wrote 2 "like"s. But doing so many things. Busy! AP,) Kidneys & bladder, but ironed etc. Rested some. I cut strips to work on Michele's rug that I began some time ago.
7 Apr Fri. Rained considerable during the nite. Later hail & snowed. I felt better and took my bath. G & N went to Sidney bank after work. Rita & Tuie went I suppose to an affair by bank people as Michele did not go home to a.m.
8 Apr Sat. G & N framed kitty pictures. Quite Spring like tho cool. N appears better. Did some cleaning. G went to Norwich in a.m. Jessie came over a hr or so in a.m. Brought me some raw dandelion greens which I had for supper with a pancake & sausage, some pineapple sauce and 2 cookies. Walter & family came in evening & stayed all night. N & G went for groceries in p.m.
9 Apr Sun. Bright, early. Clouded up later. Bev & children & Geo went to church. I wrote to May Clifford. Read quite a little and rested several times. Walter & family left about nine. Rained in p.m.
10 Apr Mon. Only one small patch of snow to be seen on a hill. Windy. Some sunshine. N did not wash. She has an appointment with Dr. Hust this evening. I have felt quite good. Worked on rug. Bev brought some material.
11 Apr Tues. In the 20s. Windy & cold. N feels fair. Dr. thinks she is getting about over inflammation of bladder. Gave medicine. N washed one load. She got d greens. I cleaned them. She washed them. Rita came up for lunch. I worked on rug.
12 Apr Wed. Cool a.m. But not as windy. 25 degrees or so. N mended, and worked on n gown for Heidi. made a pin. Went up to Madolyns. Feels better. I do too. Worked on rugs.
13 Apr Thu. Not as cold. 40 degrees at 8 o'clock. N sewed & ironed. I finished Michele's rug for the time being as haven't enough material. Daffodils are in bloom (some of them). Snow drops have been in blossom.
14 Apr Fri. Mild. Geo did not have work to day. Plowed some garden and planted peas. Did G. Palmers too. N sewed and cleaned. G went to Union Meeting and N went along and attended a movie that she heard was real good. Tuie came over & got Michele. Brought David to stay here. Cloudy partly. Helen phoned. She got home yesterday. She (N) got greens and I looked them over. I cut material to start another rug.
15 Apr Sat. Warm a.m. Rained during the nite. Mostly cloudy. Rained very hard and hail in some places in later p.m. G & David went some where in a.m. In p.m went to Sidney to do errands. Walter & family came down to supper. Left the children here while they went to Oneonta to a movie. Will be back to stay over nite. I cut more material and got a little start on a rug.
16 Apr Sun. Warm. Bright. Got up to. 60 degrees or so. G, N. Bev & Heidi went to church. Rita & family came over in p.m. Left Michele. Fred & Mary & Jerry Curtis called in evening. Walter & family left about 8 p.m. I wrote letters and read some.
17 Apr Mon. Began raining in a.m. Geo went over to help Tuie. Was there to lunch. N mended some. I worked on rug.
18 Apr Tue. Cloudy. Around 40 degrees. Some rain. N & G went to Sidney in a.m to shop. This evening they went to Mr. Babcock. I worked on rug. Got a good start and did some cutting material.
19 Apr Wed. Cold & cloudy. Some rain. I worked on rug. N boiled up bones that Tuie gave her. I wrote to Helen. N added.
20 Apr Thu. A lovely bright day. Norma did a big washing. I worked on rug. Looked over d greens and helped in kitchen in p.m. Have a a little cold.
21 Apr Fri. Temp up to 60 degrees. Geo worked at Sherburne. N went up to Madolyns to ask about Joh . He is in bad shape. Isn't home.Jessie called late in p.m. Rita & family were over to supper to spaghetti supper. I worked at rug.
22 Apr Sat. Cloudy. Thunder shower in p.m. I had a poor spell in later part of a.m. Dressed. Breakfast. Went back to bed till noon while G & N went to Sidney for shopping. Then again in p.m. Felt better. Helped look over d greens. Worked on rug. Read a little.
23 Apr Sun. 38 degrees early, but rather cold & windy. Cloudy. Helen & Richmond came down from church to dinner. Rita & children came over in evening. Left Michele. I wrote letter & read a little. Fred & Mary bro't their dog over to stay much of the day as she bothers their kittens. They came for her at night.
24 Apr Mon. Ground white with snow, but thawed later in day. Fred & M bro't the dog up and Fred took Mary to hospital. Is having frequent pains. They think the position not right. Fred here to supper.
25 Apr Tue. Bright. Windy. N washed. So did I. Took Mary to delivery room. Her parents came this p.m. They bro't Betty & baby Alice up here. I worked on rug. No news at bed time. I do not know what time Mary's baby was born. Some time this p.m. Or evening (7:00). Weighed 7-1/2 ,b. Julia Jennings Collins. All seems OK. N & G are going down to-nite to call. Bright. 52 degrees. The highest. Mary's parents went home this evening.
26 Apr Wed. About the same weather. 52 degrees highest. N & G went down to hospital to see Mary & Baby. Julia (Judie) Jennings. They are doing well. I have a cold and do not feel real well. Am getting quite a start on rug.
27 Apr Thu. Mostly cloudy. some sunshine. Myrtle & Chas made quite a call this a.m. Michele & Henry were outside quite a lot. Raked leaves, etc. Geo went some where this evening.
28 Apr Fri. Mostly bright. Bev & children came at 10:30. After lunch the children took naps and she went to hospital to see Mary & baby and do shopping. N didn't get much cleaning done. Expect Rita to get Henry & Michele. I worked on rug.
29 Apr Sat. Bright. Cold. N & G went to Sidney to trade early. Stayed late. I worked on rug. G plowed & dragged garden. They got in more onions etc. We are to set clocks ahead (1 hr). I do not feel ambitious, but cold some better.
30 Apr Sun. Warmer, not as windy. Jessie came over after church to stay with me while H & N went to Sanataria Sps to call on cousin Geo Whitcomb. She left soon after they came to attend the meeting at the church at 8:00 at the .... Of the New Minister Mr. Shultz. They went to Ninevah for dinner, a place where they are entertained with several bands.

1 May Mon. A lovely warm day. Over 70 degrees. N washed. She got d greens and I cleaned them. I went round the triangle and saw the hyacinths & daffodils which are lovely. N & G went over town this evening.
2 May Tue. Rather warm but windy. N did Mon washing. Geo had part of a day at Earlsville. I did not feel very good. Cut strips for rug and worked on it a little. N cleaned and worked up stairs some. Expect Moby & family for weekend.
3 May Wed. Some colder after a good rain during nite. Geo did not have work. N washed. More worked up stairs. Dr. Joseph came at 5:45. Jessie called to get her jacket which she left here Sun. G, N & M went to Sidney to trade & call at Fred's. I cut strips for rug.
4 May Thu. Windy. Sunny. I did my washing. N cleaned and did things to get ready for Moby's folks to-morrow. I worked on rug.
5 May Fri. Rained a little during the nite. Hard frost. Cloudy. N isn't feeling well. Nauseated. Head ache. Feels better to nite. Helen, Pat, two of Pat's children & 2 she baby sits for. Helen came for tomato plants. They did not stay long. Geo did not work. Helped N some about work. Moby & family came around 3:00 for the weekend. Walter & family came about 7:00
6 May Sat. Very cloudy in a.m. Bright in p.m. G & Moby went to Ruland's auction. N feels much better. Some of the family went for groceries. Moby & Dottie called at Fred's to nite.
7 May Sun. Not a pleasant day. Moby & Dottie & Jimmy went to church. At the dinner I got sick and got to bed. Moby & family left for home about 3:00. They gave me a box of candy for Mother's Day. Really (next Sun).
8 May Mon. I didn't feel well all day and spent much time in bed asleep. Jessie was here a while in p.m. (Gma's writing is disoriented with repetition after not feeling well, but is OK again when she feels better again. AP)
9 May Tue .I didn't do much but go to bed.
10 May Wed. I slept very late. Felt better. Helen came before I was up & dressed. M. Kilsby's daughter Nicia & granddaughter Michele came. Nicia drove and they didn't stay long. Jessie came about the time H left in late p.m.
11 May Thu. Rainy all Day. Geo had work to-day. It is about 40 degrees but feels damp & cold. I didn't accomplish much. Worked a little on rug. The flowers (daffodil & hyacinth) are lovely & lots of them. The red roses. Minnie left red rose buds and they are opening (some of them) very sweet. Fred & ... Little Julie called this evening.
12 May Fri.. During the a.m. The sun came out. No rain to day. N did some washing. I took bath. she did some cleaning. Feel better each day. Geo worked at Oneonta to day.
13 May Sat. Bright. Got up to 54 degrees but rather cold. N & G shopped at Sidney. Philip & family came in just as we finished lunch. N got some for them. Fred, Mary, and Julie came in late p.m. We made more and they stayed to a late supper. Fred took pictures.
14 May Sun. I got up early and after breakfast began to clean d greens. N helped. We had them for dinner. We expect H & Rich to dinner. They went to church first. N & G went too. N got greens salads. Helen bro't chili. N made a nice cake. We had ice cream. Rita is coming late with Michele. Rained this even.
15 May Mon. It did not rain early this a.m. So Geo went to Oneonta to work. But it rained so he came home about noon. Geo P (Palmer. AP) was going to Syracuse and asked Geo to dinner and to go with him. He did not get back till early evening. Jessie called in late p.m. I worked on rug.
16 May Tue. dark but did not rain and cleared off in p.m. Geo worked. Bev & children came over this a.m. Bro't her ironing and got it done. N washed and it dried. G & N took the clothing we had over to the couch. Four boxes I think. I worked on rug.
17 May Wed. A lovely day. N baked cookies she stirred up yesterday, transplanted pepper plants. she & Geo transplanted Pansy's plants she & G gave me for Mother's Day. I slept more than usual in day.
18 May Thu. A lovely day. Temp 70 degrees. N washed my hair and did some cleaning & odd jobs preparing to leave for Moby's this wk end as we expect Helen to come for week end.
19 May Fri. Cloudy all day. A thunder shower in p.m. N cleaned. We cleaned greens in a.m. Cooked & had for supper (part). Geo got home early & went to Unadilla to bank & get gro. I have been in bed quite a lot as haven't(n't) (repetition.AP) felt well as usual. Rita came for Michele late this even.
20 May Sat. Rainy last evening. N busy all day, quite busy for Helen to day. N & G went to N. Syracuse to visit Moby & family. It is Jimmy's 4th bday. Helen came before the folks came, before G & N left about 6 a.m. It was pleasant for several hours, then cloudy.
21 May Sun. Bright. Cold. 45 early. Helen & I looked over pictures. Did not get up very early. H & I took good naps in p.m. We looked at pictures (Photos) in p.m again, and I gave her some that she did not have. N & G came at about five o'clock. Jessie came over about six o'clock. Rita. Family came over at 6 o'clock. Cool evening.
22 May Mon. Bright. Rather cold. N did some washing. Geo worked. I haven't felt good and been to bed quite a lot. I did a little washing too. It clouded up and rained a little.
23 May Tue. Up to 58 degrees. Bright. Michele woke up at 12:20 and cried off & on. N bro't her down and was kept awake off & on. Had trouble swallowing, took aspirin, but was pretty good and had a good nap in p.m. I slept well and rested & slept extra. Worked a little on rug for the first in some time
.24 May Wed. Another pleasant day. I do not feel well enough to do much. Have to rest quite a lot. Jessie came over in late afternoon and stayed to supper.
25 May Thu. Michele's 2nd birthday. N made her a cake and decorated it with red & green. N is working out side in flower beds as she can. I don't do much. Rest quite a lot. Cold. Frost last nite. Cloudy till sunset. I wrote cards & notes & letters.
26 May Fri. David's 12th b-day. N made an angel food cake for him. she invited Rita & family over & Fred & Mary. Had spaghetti & Meat balls. Mary helped about the sauce. N had a real busy day. They had a late supper. G went to Sidney to bank.
27 May Sat. Bright. Cold. Frost last night. Walter & family came over some time after one I guess and are staying the wk end. Fred & Mary are here too for dinner to night. N & Bev went to Sidney to shop. I worked a little on rug and did quite a lot of note & letter writing. The folks brought the tomato plants down and put out to hot bed & planted geraniums down to porch.
28 May Sun.A bright day but cool. Norma, Bev & children went to church. Walter worked at book work which he came over to do, most of the day. I got caught up on letter & note & letter writing. Michele is sick and not coming over to nite.
29 May Mon. Cloudy. Rather cold. N did a little washing. It rained in p.m. G worked. N transplanted little plants. Rita took Michele to see the doctor. Her temp has been 105. But Rita reduced it with aspirin & rubbing alcohol. She is better. I got a lot of mail off.
30 May Tue. Memorial Day. No one here went to any cemetery. We all went over to Rita's. Got back about noon. Found Fred & Mary here with baby for Norma to care for this p.m. Rita got part of the supper (most of it) and they all came over. Michele much better. They left her. Bright. Fred & Mary came for Julia. Every thing outside so pretty.
31 May Wed. Bright but cool & cool wind. I did not feel very peppy. Worked on rug some. Jessie came over a while in late p.m. N. Sharpened both pr of my shears. They work fine and I appreciate it.

1 Jun Thu. Bright. Up to 70 degrees. I had a poor nite, but felt fair to-day. No ambition. did some letters. N mended etc. Made pie.
2 Jun Fri. Bright. Up to 76 degrees in p.m. 84 degrees in sun. I did not have a good nite. But have had a fair day. Rev, Mr. Stilts called this p.m. We liked him. Very friendly.
3 Jun Sat. Bright. Still warmer. I did my washing. Rested pretty good, but did not have.a very good day. Short of breath. Worked on rug some. Getting well along. Michele came over this a.m. So N could shop this p.m. Came over again about m. Took her home.
4 Jun Sun. Bright. G & N went to church. A missionary spoke. Rita & family came over in their camper and had dinner near the place to heat things that Moby built. Then stayed & had their supper (picnic) down there. The new minister Mr. Stunts and Bob Johnson came at 3:00 p.m and we had communion in service, a new experience. Norma joined in. Mr. Shultz invited any of the family who are to join. Norma did. Michele stayed.
5 Jun Mon. Bright. Got up to 84 degrees. I didn't mind the heat and sat on porch some. N washed. I had a rather poor nite, and day. Geo did not have work all p.m. They set out more tomato plants this evening. I've not felt like doing much
6 Jun Tue. Some of the time bright, sultry. Up to around 80 degrees, I think. I had an app't with the dr at 1:30. Geo did not work. He took us over and took care of Michele while N was with me. Dr. Gave me a new kind of med.
7 Jun Wed. some cloudy. Very dry. Geo no work. They went to Sidney on errands. Jessie & Pauline Strobeck called this p.m. Not as hot as the past few days. N worked making curtains for truck.
8 Jun Thu. Cloudy mostly. 75 degrees. I did not feel at all well. did little . Slept or rested in chair. N finished curtains.
9 June Fri. I wasn't feeling usually well. Larry & girl friend came down to bring H but I didn't know the young folks.
10 Jun Sat. (Gma crossed out writing, and her penmanship has been irrational the past several days.. AP). Helen came down early to stay with me while she... the , the folks go on a week end but they came back Sat as Geo was lame.
11 Jun Sun. No one went to church. Rich came down to dinner. H & R went home in late p.m.
12 Jun Mon. Bright. Hot. N washed some. I wrote to Dot yesterday and we got it off. Laurene Murphy called this noon or ...just before... Rita came up for her dinner. Geo didn't work.
13 Jun Tue. The news about Lurene & Rita is for today. Geo didn't work.
14 Jun Wed. Colder. Some sunshine temp 50 & 70 degrees. Fred stayed her over nite. Geo went up to O but did not work. There has been some rain but enough to brighten things up. N washed some. N baked.
15 Jun Thu. Comfortable day. N cleaned some, including my room. Washed some by .. Hands.
the Baptist insisted & wife called this p.m. & she called briefly on me. N gave them spinach. I started a letter to Minnie. Temp got up to 90 degrees.
16 Jun Fri. Emily phone this a.m of the death of Uncle Walter yesterday. Funeral Sun p.m. At 2:00. At Moore's any time Sat evening. I finished Minnie's letter & got it off. M & family about 6:30. I took my bath with a little help.
17 Jun Sat. Another hot day. I do not mind it too much. I had a poor nite and feel short of breath and nauseated. N has head ache. The children bro't flowers - Norma's. H & R came down & H & N went to Moore's funeral parlor as Uncle Walter's body was there.
18 Jun Sun. Rainy. Has rained quite a lot. Cool. Around 11 am Emily, George, Donald, Wilfred & Mildred called. After church Moby & family. Walter & family came and they had an indoor picnic. Mostly furnished by Bev as it wasn't pleasant out. I wrote to Winnie, was in bed some but felt quite good. Rita & children were over. Left Michele for a while, anyway 2 days, I think. Jessie drove over.
19 Jun Mon. Cloudy. Rather damp. Geo worked. N did some washing. Dorothy, Emily & Wilfred called briefly this p.m. The Rochester folks go home to nite. Michele seemed very happy here. I have written to Myrtle. Have felt about the same as yesterday. Had a good nite.
20 June Tue. Not quite as warm. Cloudy all day till nite the sun came out for a short time. N washed everything. I wrote to Maude. Temp around 70 degrees. Michele is staying over till Wed when school will be out ad they can have the baby sitter they have had. Had letters from Ruth & Mrs. Lyons to day.
21 Jun Wed. Mostly a pleasant day. I slept well and had a long nap in a.m. N baked 3 kinds cookies. I wrote to Mrs. Lyons and got it off. N had a a letter from Alicia that they plan to come early Fri and stay til Mon. I feel some better every day. Not strong yet. Michele went home. Fred, Mary & Julie came.
22 Jun Thu. A thunder shower in p.m. Teddy came & got in my lap scared. N cared for baby while Fred & Mary went to Oneonta. The flowers are lovely. Best ever. M brings them in. She did some cleaning. Started to reply to Adelia a letter that came to day. Just warm. Haven't done much of anything today. Took a bath.
23 Jun Fri. I think it has rained some early but has been a good bright day. Fred & Mary left before night as Alicia & family are expected around noon. They came at 12:30. 7 hrs on road. I wrote to Adelia after hearing from her yesterday. Had a letter from Winnie and will mail hers to morrow. The flowers are lovely.
24 Jun Sat. A bright hot day. Everyone was out doors a good deal. Fred Mary & Julie came to bid us good bye as they are leaving for Fla to-night. Rita & family came over in p.m. We're here to supper. N & G went to Oneonta to a Union affair supper at 7:00 and dance but they will not stay. I feel so much better to day. I got my rug out & did quite a lot.
25 Jun Sun. A thunder shower later in day. Pleasant early in a.m. People slept late. No one went to church. They had an early lunch & Alicia & family went over to Neil's to a picnic meal in p.m. I wrote to Ruth and got a a belated bday card ready for Alicia
26 Jun Mon. Alicia & family started for home at 8:30. It takes about 7 hrs. Geo worked. I feel fairly well. Worked some on rug. Cool but got up to 70 degrees. N washed. Good drying day. Garden growing. Got out letter to Ruth and b card to Alicia. Check for H. A batteries.
27 Jun Tue. Bright. Cool. Got up to 72 Windy. N served froze spinach. We had the first real peas for supper. I helped shell. They did not taste good as usual because nothing does. Had letter from Mildred & Myrtle. Have a lovely bouquet inside --peony, daisies, etc. heliotrope. Nearly finished rung.
28 Jun Wed. Bright. Windy. Got up to 80 degrees for a while. Rita came up for lunch. Bro't Henry up for a couple of days. I did my washing. N washed my hair. N & H went for wild & cultivated straw berries and she made a short cake for supper.
29 Jun Thu. Mostly cloudy, damp. I finished the rug for Minnie which makes the 53 since coming here to Norma's nine years ago. Jessie came over a while after supper. N & Geo & Henry are calling at MGills this evening. Rained a little late p.m. A letter from Florence. N washed my hair.
30 Jun Fri. Cool like yesterday. I took my bath. N cleaned. They picked strawb. N made a short cake for supper.

1 Jul Sat. Mostly cloudy. A little rain toward nit. Rita bro't the children over to stay while she went to Oneonta. Michele will stay to morrow. The Greens called this p.m with Patty. Michele stayed over to night. (Gma's handwriting is a bit shakey AP)
2 Jul Sun.Cloudy. Mostly till night then rained. The Motts stopped from coming home from comming over from Neil's. No one went to church. Michele went home. David played to help freeze peas. They all stayed all even. (Spelling problems and scratching out words. She is have problems writing at this time. AP)
3 Jul Mon. Writes: Mon July 3, '67. Cloudy. I think did rain in and was pleasant latter part of day. Norma & David froze 14 pt peas. I helped shell a few.
4 Jul Tue. Cloudy, damp. A holiday. G, N & David went over to Mr Motts. Found Rita & family there. Went to Sidney for gro. In p.m. Jessie came. N asked her to stay but she didn't as she promised to get back so Louise wouldn't be alone. Then Joan, Mannie, Ann and Cathy also the two babies came. Then Betty & Helen and not for long as B has to work to morrow. She is not driving. Her car seen its best days.
5 Jul Wed. Cloudy. Geo went to work but there was no work. He came home. N did not sleep well so went back and got some sleep. David helped her . Made 2 pies and a crust. She made cookies. I guess I feel some stronger. (Gma's writing is good today. But rather messy the 6th and misspelled words on the 7th. Good writing on 8th and after that AP)
6 Jul Thu. Cool early. Geo worked. Warmed up to 71. N felt bad with bladder trouble till late in p.m is better. N took David to Sidney to the ball game and he phoned when ready for her to come for him. We expect Moby & Dottie and perhaps children late to nite to get the truck to move their goods. Have got some mail ready.
7 Jul Fri. Bright. Comfortable. Moby & family came to Walter's last nite and this a.m. Walter & Moby came here and loaded goods they (Moby) had stored in Geo's garage. This p.m them to N Syracuse. David helped load the furniture. I shelled a few peas toward supper. I took bath, with N's help. She did some cleaning & washing.
8 Jul Sat. Bright day. Moby & Walter came in a.m. To get goods in the garage. The boys will take them in Walter's truck I think to N. Syracuse. The children & Dottie stayed at Walter's. In late a.m. Moby & family came and stayed to Norma's party to make out two more people.
9 Jul Sun. We all slept late. I the longest till about 11. That meant a late breakfast. We had lunch about 3:30. The day is warm and sultry. Has thundered. No rain, cloudy. The Palmers are over. The folks cooked hamburger & baked potato outside. Also to-nite I didn't want anything.
10 Jul Mon. Geo worked. N washed, but couldn't do many white ones as water is rusty. She ironed some. some thunder in late p.m. No rain here, but G said some on his way home. I got two letters off. Very hot & humid.
11 Jul Tue. Another hot day, but not as hot as yesterday. Not as humid. A late hard soaking shower. Got Glen's large am't of hay wet. N says we need sunshine more. I seem to feel better and got some b-day cards ready to mail not due yet this mo. I shelled peas ready for peas & new potatoes like Geo & I remember having years ago. David is not sleeping well owing to medicine he takes to prevent wetting the bed. Then sleeps all the a.m.
12 Jul Wed. Heavy rain late p.m. Gut another hot day. N baked cookies. Palmer boys went fishing with David.
13 Jul Thu. Cool night. I had a poor nite. Slept in chair much of nite. N & D froze red root. Helen & Marilyn called early this p.m. Right after her party. Mr. Shultz made quite a call this p.m. I bo't the large lettered New Testament & Psalm of him $1.26. David went down and played ball (Sidney). Norma took him and went for him. Not as hot & humid. (Geo went to U meeting and N went along. Fri)
14 Jul Fri. It was to night that N went to Union M. Rita came up for lunch. I took my bath. David stays with me. N & G is busy getting ready to leave tomorrow p.m. To leave in the camper. Helen is coming here to stay.
15 Jul Sat. N busy all day getting ready to leave when Helen & Marilyn come to stay with D & me. It has rained hard. N & G went to S to shop.
16 Jul Sun. Very cool night so N & G had a hard time getting warm. They went to a place near Oxford for campers. Jessie called this p.m. Rita & children are over. Larry is down for Helen about 7:15.
17 Jul Mon. I did not get up tho staid till 12 o'clock break fast at one :30. Dinner at 1:30. Ronnie was over to play with David. Pleasant day. (This day and following several days for about a week. Gma must not have felt good. Her writing is messy and uneven with scratching out words. AP)
18 Jul Tue: Pleasant day. N & G worked in the garg or gan. (Very mixed up writing..AP)
19 Jul Wed. Tui.e. was over a while this p.m. Or about noon, but he did not take David home. Everything growing. I slept till noon to-day. If Norma will call me I'll get up ...Geo was home early and they had a picnic outside. N said it was beautiful outside.
20 Jul Thu. Rather muggy about 3:30 a then a thunder came. It didn't rain much. ...feels cooler.. We had peas to night.........they some of them were large yet sweet & tender.
21 Jul Fri. Foggy. Around noon a thunder shower. It rained hard but not long. After supper the folks went fishing. Jessie came over soon after they went so I wasn't alone long.
21,21,(scratched out. AP) 23. Jul Sat. Geo went over to Irelands to do some work for Mr. Ireland this a.m. Home to lunch and did not go back. The 3 of them went to town for gro. Walter & family came over about 5:00. Bro't clams and he & Geo are barbecuing chickens. N picked peas and I shelled them. They are going to have a picnic outside. I'll eat in the kitchen. Walter & family spent the even. Went home. Rita was over. David went home.
23 Jul Sun. Bev did her & Norma's hair. Hot day. Cloudy. Looks like rain-thundered. N went to church. Soon after lunch Lawrence Gridley & wife made quite a call.
24 Jul Mon. Began raining (thunder) about 9 o'clock. Kept it up several hrs. Hard. some sunshine this p.m. Geo worked. Came home real early. Ernest Pearce called this p.m. Early.
25 Jul Tue. Thunder shower at 9 a.m. But was fair so Norma dried a load of clothes be fore another T shower in late p.m. I went out doors to see flowers & gardens then looked or helped gooseberries. Geo & N went up to Dunshees to deliver Stanley goods this evening
26 Jul Wed. Norma did a load of clothes and they got dry. She ironed them this p.m. I got a letter off to Florence enclosed one from Emily. Soon after lunch. Myrtle & Chas with Winnie & Ben came and made quite a call. A week from to-day Winnie goes by bus to Detroit to be with Carrie while Clayton & wife go on vacation. I shelled peas & washed potatoes.
27 Jul Thu. Bright a.m. A little foggy. No rain. N ironed, all of it. I have not felt very well and slept quite a good deal, some in my chair. N has worked quite a lot in garden as it has dried off a lot tho some cloudiness. The days are noticeably shorter.
28 Jul Fri. Foggy. Followed by lightning & quite heavy rain. Geo came home early and a young man soon came and the three of them are figuring at nearly 7 o'clock and we haven't had supper. Geo has to go to U Meet. He ate, and left, then N & I did.
29 Jul Sat. Quite warm. I slept till about 8. G & N went to Sid to do errands. I had breakfast, then went back to bed & slept till (12:30) they got back. They took a chair out back this p.m.and I sat out & enjoyed the flowers in 3 cornered bed. Rita & children came over in evening. D stayed over to be with me to morrow while G & N went for the wk end (Just Sun). (She scratched out a beginning of Jul 30 as she must have written the rest of Jul 29th on the 30th. Then realized it. AP) A picnic dinner with the Palmer family. They were back a little before 4. Went to "Echo" Lake where they heard county music and a noted singer for about 2 hr. G & N took David home. Jessie came as they started. Soon, then Walter Collins family came then Walter soon phoned Rita and S & N came. They stayed a while. Sherry is staying.
30 Jul Sun. A picnic dinner with the Palmer family. They were back a little before 4. David did some work and read to me a little from the "Story of the Bible." I slept a good deal. It was a dark a.m. But mostly a pleasant day. I wrote a short letter to Adelia. Made enclosures. Slept quite a lot.
31 Jul Mon. Norma did some washing. Sherry helped about washing dishes etc. The insurance man is back about 5:30. We ate supper first. It was the first string beans we have had. I cut the ends off. Haven't felt well. Slept quite a lot.

1 Aug Tue. I slept late and did not feel well. Will not go to bed.. a....bad...but ate a good dinner in the a short note to Minnie enclosing one to closing one to Kenneth & Lola started c.cumbers. ( Is symbol for scratched out writing. AP)
2 Aug Wed. Pleasant. I couldn't dress this a.m. Without N's help....Helen rode along with Mrs. Young & 2 ladies to here to expects to get lunch in Sidney.
3 Aug Thu. I took a fall and and am pretty lame but took aspirin and man.ann..dedn( to get some sleep. Madolyns did gro & banking and other errands for N so she won't need to go to-morrow. Sherry rode down with her. I took ends off string beans which I took which we had for supper.
4 Aug Fri. I didn't rest very well. Slept then woke but could not get up as it hurt so I called N and she pulled me up. We got some pillows & I took an aspirin in and I slept some. She put my truss on and I put on some thing. She called Dr. H as there might be a cracked rib. He tho't not but advised a heating pad & exercise. Both helped. Quite dark to nite.
5 Aug Sat. A fairly clear day. N has been busy doing cleaning and getting ready to go on their wk ender. I feel better to night that this a.m. Geo & Sherry went to Sidney for gro. The flowers are ....xx?xx... Each day. Helen came to night & G & N left and went to night for a place near Dear..near.
6 Aug Sun. Helen & I started for Oneonta about noon to deliver a deliver a deliver a letter at Oneonta. Before there getting before there I got quite a good, long, night and we had our supper. They got home. ( is quite repetitive on this day. AP)
7 Aug Mon. Helen went home last night. We had sweet corn for supper. N washed.
8 Aug Tue. It rained thundered & lightened in night, but not thru the day. Geo Johnson & Emily stopped in and stayed an hr or so during the a.m.
9 Aug Wed. It rained some during the night so N had to wait until the beans got dry before picking. Madelyn came down and helped & had part. After lunch I helped cut stems off a while. Nor went on, had 24 pt. Got all thro' be fore time to get supper. Nearly supper time it began to rain so she could not go out & get corn. So made corn pancakes.
10 Aug Thu. Dark a.m. But did not rain till later. I got some letters off. Betty phoned that Helen will now be bringing her down and Norma hopes she will stay over night and she can stay with me while Betty stays with me while Nor takes veg to Adelia. Betty came down. Helen brought her but did not stay. Betty got some supper for herself as N was getting veg for Adelia then she & Geo took them to Adelia and did not get home till 9:00. ( (Gma repetitive. AP).
11 Aug Fri. Bright and has stayed nice. Norma picked & froze 9 pt p'kges corn and got icicle pickles started. Betty went home in a.m. H came for her.
12 Aug Sat. Geo was away all a.m. N picked & froze 10 pts corn. Rita was coming over to help but was about sick. N didn't feel real good but it's partly a cold and she is doctoring it. Feels a little better tonight.
13 August Sun. Betty's b day. I gave her card to her yesterday. It has been bright some of the time. I wrote to Florence S. N has a cold & they did not go to church. G & N have gone up to Clarks for egg & milk. They may be getting apples. They went down to Mr Hovey's & I went along & we went in parts that used to be the camp-meeting grounds. Very pretty.
14 Aug Mon. Fairly pleasant day. Norma picked & canned 7 qt string beans for Tia and froze 4 pt for us. We had corn for supper and potatoes & St beans for supper. Also s. Squash. I've felt pretty dull all day. Slept well.
15 Aug Tue. Foggy a.m. Norma began freezing corn for Rita as soon as it got dry. Tho't there wasn't time t do more till evening. I think Geo is helping her. It is a bout to get too large if not taken care of. Nights are cool. I wrote to the Gridleys after a nap.
16 Aug Wed. Mostly pleasant. Norma picked & froze 7 pt & 3-1/2 pt corn this a.m. Geo worked in Lauren's and was late. Geo got home at 7:15. N & I ate at 6:15. I have not felt very ambitious. Slept quite a lot.
17 Aug Thu. Bright at times. N did some cleaning & baking in p.m. Madolyn went to Boston to see Jane. Norma went up to see to animals and again in p.m. she did some washing. I dozed in my chair much of the day. N had to help me dress. I had to have breakfast at 12 lunch at 3 and supper at 3. Geo is late. It is about 6. W & M have come and all of us had supper but him and he is staying over time as he did last night (from Laurens). (This corn is for Walter) as we can not use it all even frozen. Geo came after all the corn was done and they all ate together then then W & M went home quite late.
18 aug Fri. Bright early then cloudy. N picked and froze & canned string beans. I helped cut off ends. N went up to McGills to attend to animals. Geo got home early.
19 Aug Sat. Bright early, cloudy later. Geo went to get gro. Jessie phoned she & Chas and Lois may be over after supper. N is getting corn for supper. I have dozed most of the day after sleeping a long nite. Sprinkled a little. Helen called. Is a little better, so is R. It is virus.
20 Aug Sun. Cloudy. The Ruland's called this a.m. Geo called on the Palmers and Geo & the boys came home with him shortly. Of course no one went to church. I ate breakfast & lunch together (brunch). Pat & children & Betty called a while this p.m. Helen & R both sick with virus. We had supper (dinner) at a little before six. Jessie came in just as we were finishing eating so she sat down and ate a little chicken & corn etc. Her appetite isn't as good as mine. Madolyn got home to nite so N will not need to go up again.
21 Aug Mon. Bright early. Later a little rain. N did some cleaning. N picks potato bugs off tomato vines each nite.
22 Aug Tue. Bright early. Rain later. N called at Dr. Joseph's place. I took my bath. N found we can get a wheel chair for a short time for me to-morrow night at Sidney and they have gone for it. Chas & Lois are visiting at Jessies. They called briefly here this p.m.
23 Aug Wed. The Palmers family are away on vacation and a Mr & Mrs Terpennico are doing chores for them. Mrs T. Called here briefly. N took me out in the wheel chair to see the garden and flowers. Dr. Joseph came Aug 23.
24 Aug Thu. Bright. Madolyn took N Sid to do errand's in a.m. Jessie came over in p.m to get corn to freeze. I was taking a nap so did not see her. Cloudy toward night.
25 Aug Fri. Cloudy, a very little rain. I over slept. N made dill pickles for Rita. She did Sat cleaning. Baked cookies. Gladys bro't over huckleberries. N gave her veg before. Walt was to have op on spine this a.m. If he did, Geo & Bev plan to see him at Alb Hos to morrow. Alicia & family came about 9:30.
26 Aug Sat. A very little rain. Geo & Bev went to Albany to Hos to visit Walt. Alicia & children called at Rolland's in a.m. Pier & Lee did not come. Rita & children came over and all helped freeze 70 ears corn for Rita. She took it home.
27 Aug Sun. Some rain during night. Alicia & Janice went over to Motts for J to ride the ponies in a.m. Took lunch for picnic lunch. Got started at 1 for Museum at Cooperstown. N bro't my lunch before they went. I did some writing and wrote p cards.
28 Aug Mon. Norma and Alicia & children started for museum Cooperstown. (A very mixed up writing today. AP)
29 Aug Tue. Bright Alicia left for home at 10:10. Rita was here for lunch and Rich bro't Helen down this even. The girls have plans for to-morrow. H & R stayed all night. R is having vacation this week.
30Aug Wed. Norma had planned when Geo went to work to go with him and do things and eat lunch with him & H stay with me so both had upset stomachs. H stayed all nite. H rode along with G and we expect they went to Syr Fair. It rained a little early.
31 Aug Thu. H went with Geo and will meet R in Otego. N feels much better. Getting ready for sister Grace & relatives Sat nite. (George's sister? AP) Baking etc. I had my bath.

1 Sept Fri. N is cleaning. I had bk fast things my chair & had a nap all the time N went to town on errands with Madelyn.
2 Sep Sat. I put in safe $68.00. Bright all day. The sister & relatives arrived about three. About 4:00 Orrin, Gordon & Betty & children called briefly.
3 Sep Sun. Quite cool so they tho't would not be comfortable for an outdoors picnic. All but Grace went to church. The Sanateria Spa people came before noon. Some of this w folks went to E Sid dam early in p.m. Inez mother came with her. Is not very well and Grace isn't. Whitcombs went home early.
4 Sept Mon. My mother's 117 b day. Pleasant day. The folks started home at 8 o'clock. A holiday so Geo had no work. N washed. She & Geo worked in garden this p.m. I did some work on letters getting them ready to mail to morrow.
5 Sep Tue. Bright day. Norma ironed. We expect Michele to nite to stay the rest of the wk anyway, probably the rest of the school yr. N & I got off mail, both of us. Geo worked. I had had upset stomach. Had milk toast for lunch. Better at supper time. Took pink med. going care ful. Rita is sick. Geo went over & got Michele.
6 Sep Wed. Bright day. N is canning a canner of carrots for Rita. I feel better. Still eating care ful. Weak. Michele happy here. She tries to help me get around.
7 Sep Thu. Nice bright day. Norma took Mad to Sidney to get gro as they have no available car. Helen stopped around noon briefly. Rich and the other 3 b-days to-day and May's Sat. All sent. N is doing beet greens, Jessie stopped to ask about icicle pickles but no doubt I was asleep. I didn't see her.
8 Sep Fri. May (Clifford) b-day. Card & letter sent. Bath taken. Had a poor nite. Got up around 1:00 and moved into my chair and dozed till 9:00. Partly dressed and in my room had bkfst in her. N washed. I had a pain. I tho't the truss was out of place so we changed it and in time it stopped (pain). I took ends off green beans for supper. Rita was here for lunch. Works. Will take Michele home for week-end. Jessie came over in even, and stayed with me while he folks went to out-door movies. After 12:00 when they reached home, I worried.
9 Sep Sat. Cloudy. I took ends off green beans. N froze them. I was awake quite a lot of the night and slept till 12:M. Meantime the folks went to U for gro, etc. N is out getting soil for slips. It's very dark. I had "brunch." N & G went up to all on C Hoyt this even. H came in & stayed till they came, about ten.
10 Sep Sun. Rained early. Stay cloudy for a while anyway. I had a rather poor nite. Think I may have eaten too much variety for supper. Am eating care fully to-day. The folks left me sleeping. But I was awake for lunch. We had Johnny cake and potato soup.
11 Sep Mon Foggy. My flowers do not...... Squash vines touched. I'll eat care fully. N froze 2 p'kgs s. squash. G working in Cooperstown.
12 Sep Tue. I haven't felt good to day tho slept well. N washed and was busy with garden stuff in kitchens. I took ends off string beans.
13 Sep Wed. Will's 101 b-day. Pleasant day. No frost tho' cold. N taking care of care of of carrots and beet greens. 10 pt of carrots, 2 qt beet greens. Geo working at Cooperstown. Geraniums lovely to-day. N covers them at nite. Jessie was over for a brief call.
14 Sep Thu. I was up in fair season then slept in my chair till after 11:00 a freak dahlia (white) is in bloom in my room. Mr. Stults made a short call. N is making sauce of over ripe tomatoes. Lovely Bright days. The ..??.. goods came to day and we are trying one of the shirts on to-night. It fitted.
15 Sep Fri. Foggy. Not much damage. Palmers starting cutting corn. I took bath p.m. N did some cleaning. I keep writing my name for practice. Am not improving so will do more here. I suppose Rita will be over for Michele for the week end later, but do not know. N dust mopped & dusted my room.
16 Sep Sat. N & G went to Sid for errands this a.m. I slept while they were they were away. G took a load of wood over to Walter in the truck and N went along. Jessie & her friend came & stayed with me till they were about to come. G had to go to Sid to get the Whistle (car) fixed before they ate their supper. I ate mine first. (Note: more & more repetitions although Gma's writing is quite clear. whistle may be car horn? AP).
17 Sep Sun. I was up at the usual time. After breakfast lie down and slept in chair while the folks went to church. After dinner they took me outside a while in wheel chair a while, then in car around the square by Young's Station. Then I took a nap & feel like taking another. Could not sleep. Slept well so moved across into my chair at 12:00 & slept till a.m.
18 Sep Mon. N washed. I took ends off string beans this p.m. Could not sleep and got up & slept in chair at midnight. So one night-night's sleeps nite. Norma's potting slips and take care of tomatoes.
19 Sep Tue. Bright day. N canned tomatoes this a.m. Canner full (7 can). I slept till after till between 12 & 1. H called a while on the way by this p.m.
20 Sep Wed. Foggy early. Bright. Cloudy later. Norma cleaned d some. I slept well & some to day. Getting ready to leave with H & R for wk ends. No frost damage to mention to speak of. Thunder shower this evening. Quite cool.
21 Sep Thu. Cloudy. N cleaned. The day lily is in bloom for the first in a long time.
22 Sep Fri. Cloudy. Temp in the 40s. I took my bath.
23 Sep Sat. Cloudy. No rain. Geo went to Sid to get gro. Margaret Coon came down during the a.m. N & G went to the S. Centre trailer camp just before noon. Margaret got my lunch.
24 Sept Sun. Cloudy a little rain. No frost but cold 38 degrees. I slept in chair till time for lunch. We were up in fair season. The folks N & Geo came between 3 & 4. H & R went on home. Margaret drove on home. Very dark. The folks went fishing. Cooked some for their lunch.
25 Sep Mon. Pleasant day. Myrtle & Chas made a long call in a.m on N. Showed her pictures of Nova Scotia and called a while here. Geo working. N getting ready for Bob & family some time to day. Say they will not stay long.
26 Sep Tue. Pleasant. Bob & family came at. 5 a.m. Norma says she isn't trying to do anything but the necessary things to day. G working in Cooperstn Bob & family left for Lena Brooks after supper.
27 Sep Wed. Pleasant. I have slept most of the day after a rather poor night. N washed and did some ironing. I got 2 b day cards from church ladies. I sat in my chair as could not sleep.
28 Sept Thu. Fair this a.m. Rain later. I received cards to day. Norma washed my hair. She cleaned my room.
29 Sep Fri. I had a bad day. Dark early. Jessie came over a while in p.m. Helen came over and stayed all not. Got up with sick head ache and soon as it let up started for home as she had a busy day. Bob & family came back for a short time ( may have stayed all night).
30 Sep Sat. Some rain light. Some sunshine. A real lot of mail (90). At 3 o'clock or so George & Emily & some guests called. She bro't me apples. I had 3 pots from Wades. (Florist. AP)

1 Oct Sun. MY 90 BIRTHDAY. Some rain. World Wide Communion. We had our meeting here on Mon. Mr. Stultis & Mrs. McWhinney came at 12:30. We had many callers and very glad. H & R here for dinner. We had chicken for dinner.
2 Oct Mon. Many lovely flowers from hot house from --Pagano family. Wil & Mil. 2 Fr Emily-Clark family. Bouquet 2 lovely yellow flowers that Mr D said they had been saving for my b-day.Betty Daniels. Oraline's Greens, Tillsons. M Trask.
3 Oct Tue. --
4 Oct Wed. Helen's birthday. She came down to dinner and will come again soon to help get out thank you notes. H & R went with N & G to Sid to theater and Jessie came and stayed here.
5 Oct Thu -
6 Oct Fri. (Gma just wrote the date. AP)
7 Oct Sat. G & N went to Sidney to shop. I stayed in bed. I had a bath first. They did not start till nearly noon.
8 Oct Sun. Fair cold. They were late getting up and did not get to church. Norma got off a lot of "thank you" notes and other writing. Wilfred & Mildred called this p.m.
9 OctMon. Mon Oct 9 9 9 Rainy. Tuie bro't Michele over this a.m. Geo came home this a.m.
10 Oct Tue. Dark rainy. Geo came home at. I had several more belated birthday cards

This is the last page of her writing in this diary. I will write just what she wrote on this page.AP

M Oct 11
Thu Oct 12- Jessie was over a while this p.m.
Fri Oct 13- Took a bath this a.m
Sat Oct 14 (..xxxxxx..) Dark. Cold & Rainy
Helen Came t'tween one one & two to stay
We had the Dr. Tues the the 17
Sun Oct 16Sun Oct 22. David came over
Mon " 23
Tues " 24
Wed " 25
Thu " 25
Thur 26
(....xxxx) Helen called this a.m Wed 25
Wed Nov 8. Norma is iromed. (She misspelled ironed. AP).

THIS IS THE FINAL WRITING IN GMA CARR'S DIARIES THAT I KNOW ABOUT. She died peacefully at home about 5 months later- April 24, 1968. She is buried along with her husband William Carr and some other family members in the Flax Island Cemetery, Otego, NY. Gma Carr is lovingly remembered by many including myself.

Gma was always my role model and after reading all of these diaries since she was 11 until a few months before her death, I find that I love and respect her even more. She has shared her life with me and bequeathed to me her memories. How beautiful!! I am thankful. I have written a short piece about her that will be published by Sloan Kettering in their "Visible Ink," Anthology 2017.
Alicia Pagano, 3 February 2017



Nellie (Helen) Converse Carr, “Diary of Nellie (Helen) Converse Carr, 1878-1968 (cont'd),” CGP Community Stories, accessed November 17, 2018,