Emily Holmes, November 02, 2020 (video)


Emily Holmes, November 02, 2020 (video)


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Emily Holmes was born in 1980 in Exeter, New Hampshire. She grew up on a dairy farm and eventually moved to Belmont, Massachusetts with her mom and two siblings. Emily obtained her undergraduate degree with a major in History and a minor in English at Smith College in 2002. She concentrated on American History and had a summer fellowship at Historic Deerfield, where she learned administration and curatorial work. After graduation, Emily continued at the Paul Revere Memorial Association, working part time.

Emily had a passion for Museum Education and visited various master’s programs across the east. In the fall of 2004, she applied to the Cooperstown Graduate Program to get her degree in Museum Studies. Emily describes her various experiences, such as living on Leatherstocking Street in Cooperstown, going to various town festivals, and interacting with the community. She also talks about her experience as a graduate student, such as impactful moments visiting museums, parties thrown with classmates, and her internship at The Farmers’ Museum.

Currently, Emily is the Education Director at the Paul Revere Memorial Association, which operates the Paul Revere House in Boston, Massachusetts. Emily looks back at her experience at the Cooperstown Graduate Program as consistently being applicable to the real world. She is now the President of the Cooperstown Graduate Association and talks about how enjoyable it is to stay connected with alumni and current students at CGP.


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EH = Emily Holmes
SB = Sydney M. Baker

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This is Sydney Baker interviewing Emily Holmes for the Research and Fieldwork class at the Cooperstown Graduate Program. The interview will be recorded over Zoom on November 2nd, 2020 at 4pm Eastern Standard Time. Thank you so much again for being here. Emily, I’d love to hear about the relationships that you built with other graduate students at Cooperstown.

I was so lucky when I was there. I was in the class of ’07 [2007]. The two classes ahead of us, the 05’s and the 06’s were really close to each other and made us feel super welcome. There were quite a few 05’s still in town when I started at Cooperstown and, of course, we met some at interview weekend. We had some nice overlap with them, the 06’s really had a tight, cohesive group and the 07’s also had a really cohesive group. We really meshed together and got along together. We had a lot of fun hanging out with each other outside of [classes] as well as in classes too. We had a lot of parties in those years. My class in particular was really into themed parties. The other classes around us also enjoyed that. We were instigators of those kinds of events. We had a mustache party, where everybody had to wear mustaches of whatever they wanted to create them out of. Mine was different colored pink foam hearts that I got at the General Store downtown. There was a shrine to Tom Selleck set up at that party. As I mentioned to you earlier, my class purchased a button maker as a group so we could make our own buttons for whatever we felt like, but also themed parties. So, there was a mustache button that you could get at that party that you could collect them all as a concept. We had a jungle party later in that year. We had Halloween parties every year. I hosted an Oscar party every year so we could watch the Oscars dressed up and have a little red carpet inside. We had themed food and guests who could win awards while all sitting around a living room together. We had a Barbie party, which everybody dressed as a Barbie character from the Barbie universe at the house that we referred to as “The Barbie Dream House.” I mentioned to you that Cindy Falk’s kids were able to participate in that. They were super little then compared to how they are now. I don’t even know that they were in elementary school yet. They were very into the theme as well. So, we had a lot of fun with the classes on either side of us.

What are some fun things you did in town with your friends at CGP?

We definitely attended all the available festivals, whether it was the Pumpkin Fest or the Harvest Festival, when we were working at The Farmers’ Museum as volunteers, or the ice sculptures or snow festival [Winter Carnival]. I don’t remember what that one was called but if there was a festival happening, we were at it. If there was live music around, we were going to check it out. We regularly spent time at the bars downtown on Pioneer Street. We would call it the Long Jump and go from the one bar across the street to the other bar [Cooley’s and The Pratt], dancing on Saturday nights, or Friday. I don’t remember what night it was, but one of the nights there was music with a DJ. We got to know him and be friends with him. Some of my classmates are particularly gregarious, outgoing people and would make friends with anybody with everybody else’s benefit for sure. We were regularly there dancing. As I said to you earlier, the partners of our class, people who were imported with us to Cooperstown, spouses or partners and people who we started dating while we were there, they formed a group they called the Ladies Auxiliary, even though they were mostly men. They would also attend these events too. They were frequently a whole crew of us at whatever was happening in Cooperstown while we were there.

Thank you so much for your time.

You’re welcome.



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